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This range of rack slides, manufactured from cold-rolled steel finished in clear chromate-coated electro zinc plate, features great strength and precision. The ball-bearing motion provides extremely smooth operation. For simplicity of choice, only a single version of the extensive range is offered but these are suitable for a wide variety of equipment. The 305 series is a three-section slide, with a profile of 35.1mm ×19.1mm and over 100% extension. This range also offers full extension lock out and front removal. They are unhanded and supplied in pairs.

Attachment to racks requires a kit consisting of a front bracket and a long rear bracket. The brackets are supplied in pairs complete with fixing hardware (screws, nuts, washers and fixing bars). The brackets are held in position by fixing bars, which in turn are fixed by screws fitted through appropriately positioned cage nuts in the front and rear rack strips. (Note: Cage nuts should be ordered separately to suit the rack in use, see index: Cage nuts). These screws sink into the captive nuts so that their heads are flush with the rack strip. As a result, the sliding equipment may be pushed back until it contacts the rack-strip, avoiding unsightly protrusion.

Stock code Type Slide length Travel Slide weight Load rating
(mm) (mm) (kg/pair) (kg/pair)
16-007 305/22 559.0 581.0 4.48 45

Type selection

Firstly check that the width of the equipment to be mounted plus twice the slide profile width does not exceed the available rack aperture (which in standard racks should be 450mm). Second, from the distance between the insides of the front and rear rack strip (dimension ‘A’ in the diagram opposite) subtract 10mm. Ensure the slide length is equal to or less than the resulting figure. An adjustment of between 28mm and 220mm is offered by the long rear bracket. The front bracket is fixed.

Note that all the slide fits within 1U, but may of course be used for rack equipment of greater than 1U height. Also note that the load ratings shown assume that all fixing points of the slide are utilised.

In summary, to fit a pair of slides to a rack, you will require

1 pair of slides
1 mounting brackets kit
8 cage nuts

Other versions from the extensive Accuride range may be available to special order. Contact Technical Support for details (minimum order quantities may apply).

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This item is discontinued. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.

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ACCURIDE RACK SLIDES Mounting brackets, adjustable (full kit)

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