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A range of mounting solutions for flat screens which have VESA compatible mounting threads. Minimal thickness 'flat to the wall' types, tilting plates, tilting and swiveling straight and articulated arms, as well as ceiling adapters are available designed for screens up to 23 inch diagonal size.

All models have fixing holes on both 75mm and 100mm VESA mounting pitch. By using the adapter plate BT7502, other mounting pitches may be accommodated.

BT7510 LCD Mount

Designed for LCD screens with weight up to 20kg. Minimal thickness; rear of screen is positioned only 20mm from the fixing surface. Locking screw for security. GS/TUV approved. May be fitted to B-Tech poles using BT7035, BT7042, BT7160 adapter collars, and thus suspended from ceilings or walls or mounted on trolleys. See B-Tech Mounting System.

BT7511 LCD Mount - with Tilt

For screens up 20kg weight. Allows a tilt up to 17 degrees. The rear of the screen is positioned 55mm from the fixing surface. Hex-head screws and key provided for security. It may be fitted to B-Tech poles as described for the BT7510.

BT7512 LCD Mount - with Tilt, Swivel

For screens up to 15kg weight. The rectangular wall plate is connected to an arm which can swivel through 180 degrees horizontally. The outer end of the arm connects to the bracket to which the screen is fixed. This joint allows the screen to swivel through 240 degrees horizontally and tilt through 17 degrees up and down. The screen can thus be stored close to the wall, or pulled out for use. Spacing of rear of screen from fixing surface 75mm minimum, 280mm maximum. A cover fits over the wall plate to hide fixing screws.

BT7513 LCD Mount - with Tilt, Swivel, Articulated Arm

For screens up to 15kg weight. The rectangular wall plate is connected to an articulated arm, hinged at the plate, hinged at the middle and hinged at the rear of the screen. At the plate there is 180 degrees of rotation; at the centre and at the rear of the screen 240 degrees; all horizontal. The screen bracket allows up to 17 degrees of tilt, both up and down. The screen can thus be positioned from 95mm to 450mm from the fixing surface. A cover fits over the wall plate to hide fixing screws.

BT7502 Adapter Plate

To adapt the mounts to alternative VESA mounting pitches. It has fixing holes on standard VESA 100mm pitch to fasten to the mount, with further holes to mount a screen with VESA FDMI MIS-E fixing threads, either 200mm x 200mm or 200mm x 100mm, as fitted to larger screens. The mount is still restricted to the 20kgs maximum weight; for mounting heavier screens see B-Tech Large Flat Screen Mounts.

For details of additional mountings from B-Tech, go to www.canford.co.uk and type 'B-Tech' into the search box.
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