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The EXO2 stereo monitoring system combines full-range monitoring for desktop applications with the convenience of a desktop remote control hub. Low frequencies are handled by a sub unit, and the mid/high frequencies by satellite speakers. The overall volume of the system and the level of the bass can be controlled from the desktop remote hub, which also has an input for a personal music player and headphone jack. Professional connectors on the rear of the hub accept simultaneous inputs from a professional mixer or DAW and a soundcard or CD player.

The EXO2 2.1 system comprises two EXO2 satellite loudspeakers, one EXO2 sub-unit, which contains the amplifiers for the satellites and the sub-bass driver, and the EXO2 Hub controller and interface.

EXO2 Satellite Speakers

The satellite speakers are housed in MDF enclosures with a lacquer finish front baffle. This is extended at the lower face to angle the speaker upwards, to point at the user when desk-mounted. The speakers are magnetically shielded for use near video monitors and each have a 76mm hemispherical driver and a 25mm soft-dome tweeter, both using Neodymium magnets. Speaker connections are made via binding-posts to the 35 watt amplifiers in the EXO2 sub unit. There is a threaded insert on the rear compatible with Omnimount type 10 wall and ceiling brackets.

Satellite low-frequency crossover: 140Hz. HF crossover: 2200Hz. Response: +/-2.0dB, 200Hz-10 kHz, +/-3.0dB 140Hz-20kHz, when using the EXO2 Amplifier. Dimensions: 181 x 127 x 121 mm. Weight: 1.36kg.

Included accessories: Two speaker cables.
Optional accessories: See Index: Omnimount Universal Mounting Systems for wall and ceiling brackets.

EXO2 Sub-unit

Specifically designed to complement the EXO2 satellite speakers, the MDF cabinet houses an 203mm cast-aluminium frame, forward-firing, driver with 38mm voice coil fed by a dedicated 90 watt amplifier. It is magnetically shielded for use near video monitors. The rear panel has an IEC power inlet, power switch, two pairs of binding post for connection of the satellite speakers and a multipin connector for the EXO2 hub.

Response: 35 Hz -140 Hz +/-6 dB, anechoic. Typical in-room response: 20Hz-200 Hz, 1500 cubic foot (42 cubic metres) room. Power source: 230V AC, 50 Hz, 240W maximum. Dimensions: 229 x 239 x 259 mm. Weight: 9.07kg.

Included accessories: Four removable spiked feet, manual, AC mains power cable.

EXO2 Hub

This connects to the sub-unit with a multi-core cable to plug in and monitor an assortment of peripherals via the selection of inputs, control the gain of the system, and adjust the sub level, all without needing to crawl around under a desk!

On the front there are two gain control knobs, a headphone outlet and an input for such sources as personal music players. Both connections are 3.5mm stereo jack sockets. On the rear are two combination XLR and 6.35mm jack sockets providing balanced inputs for professional equipment, each with a sensitivity switch. A pair of RCA (phono) connectors provide unbalanced inputs. All inputs mix together. The cable to the sub unit is captive, and 2.6 metres long.

Balanced inputs: +18 dBu / +30dBu maximum at 0dBu/-12dBu sensitivity settings, 50kohms or greater. Input balance: 40dB CMRR typical, 60 Hz. RCA(phono) inputs: 0dBu nominal, +18dBu maximum, 30k ohms. Miniature jack: +12dBu maximum, 15kohms.

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