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These tools offer measurement of sound pressure level for noise measurement, audio line up, and acoustic testing, as well as screen brightness for display luminance set-up and audio to video delay for the adjustment of audio and video monitor signals. A test DVD set provides suitable test impulses. They can measure 'lip sync' directly off the video screen, and align loudspeakers and displays to international standards; they work on all systems, HD or SD.

Smartlips Handheld Meter - Photometer, Sound Level Meter and Off-Screen
A/V Sync Meter

The battery powered instrument measures the visible brightness of surfaces in candelas per square metre, with a narrow field of view and a corrected eye response, for applications such as display luminance set-up. The sound level meter measures sound pressure levels using an integral microphone, and may be used for noise level measurements, multi-channel audio line up and acoustic testing. When in A/V sync mode. the meter indicates whether the audio signal from loudspeakers arrives early or late, referenced to a 'flash' on the video screen. The test signal consists of a simultaneous audio 'blip' and visual 'flash', such as SMPTE headers, VT clock, or test signal from the TSG DVD.

The front panel has a back-lit, three-digit LCD display, a single control button and six -backlit indicators. The power button activates the instrument, and steps between the following functions and off. Photometer, SPL in dBC, SPL in dBA, audio visual sync. The two remaining indicators show 'audio early' and 'audio late'. Powering is two AA batteries, not included.
Sound pressure: 60-130dB SPL, either A or C (low) weighted. Photometer: 0-1999 candelas per square metre. A/V sync: +/- 0-800ms, referenced to the video 'flash'.

Optional accessories: AA size alkaline batteries.


This DVD set offers set-up and alignment sequences, and professional video tests, including audio and video alignment signals which may be used with the Smartlips meter. Apart from the obvious applications in setting up post-production, or playback display facilities, there are many audio-alone applications of these unique broadcast-level 5.1 audio tests.

Video chapters in both 16 x 9 and 4 x 3 formats include production checks, 100% bars, VT clock, pluge and safe areas. alignment, geometry and display tests, 601 active picture, grey scales and flat fields, ramps and ANSI checkerboard. test and analysis, with frequency bursts, zone plate and moving bars (MPEG test). Audio chapters in 5.1 format include production checks, EBU line-up, level ident and set-up, A/V sync. Alignment, frequency response bands down to 8Hz, phase and crossover, image pans and dynamic range tests. Test and analysis: critical BBC studio recordings at ITU levels, with and without limiters. The A/V Sync test track is a loopable sequence coded in both DTS and Dolby Digital.


Included accessories: The DVD set is supplied with a substantial manual explaining the standards and tests, and this provides linking with the international standards used in professional broadcasting.

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BPR SMARTLIPS HANDSET Photometer, SPL meter, audio-video off-screen lip sync meter, HD, SD

This item is no longer manufactured. Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer a suitable alternative.

BPR TSG DVD SET Pro-video and audio test signal generator
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