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Coles Electroacoustics is a very long established manufacturer of specialised microphones and other acoustic transducers. The most well known are the legendary 4038 studio ribbon microphone, and 4104 and 4115 lip microphones.


Studio quality ribbon microphone, with bi-directional polar pattern. The frequency response is 30-15000Hz, and impedance 300ohms (30ohms to special order). Distortion is less than 1% at an SPL of 125dB. The stem incorporates cable eyelets for suspended applications, and a Western Electric 4069 type mating connector. Dimensions:197(h) × 83(w) × 61(d)mm. Weight 1.08kg.

Included accessories: 4069 mating connector.
Optional accessories: 4069/XLR is a connector/adapter which converts the 4069 style plug to 3 pin male XLR. 4071 is a complete stand mounting and connecting cable unit comprising stand adapter 4070, connector 4069 plus 150mm cable terminated in a 3 pin male XLR.


A new studio quality figure-of-eight ribbon microphone combining fifty years of tradition with the latest magnet technology to produce greater output, wider frequency response and no discernable stray magnetic field. The ribbon/magnet assembly has its own shock mounting to separate it from the main body. The microphone has XLR input, and is supplied with foam-lined rigid plastic case, soft cloth protective bag, swivel mount and a selection of thread adapters. A stereo mounting bracket is available separately, which allows two mics to be placed head to head vertically on one stand at any angle between zero and ninety degrees.

Frequency response is 20-20000Hz, impedance 300 ohms, distortion less than 1% at 125dB SPL and sensitivity -65dB (re 1V/Pa).


Broadcast quality noise-cancelling ‘lip’ microphone, specifically for commentary work in environments where the level of background noise requires that the microphone be used very close to the mouth. It is a gradient ribbon unit with a high degree of acoustic damping, fitted into a special case equipped with nose and mouth breath shields. The talking distance has to be controlled accurately in order to maintain the correct frequency response (avoidance of variation of proximity effect) and this is done by positioning bars which contact the user’s upper lip. Noise reduction is achieved partially through the polar response and partially through the substantial LF roll-off characteristics of the free-field response of the ribbon unit (which is optimised for a flat near-field response). The speech quality is good, mainly due to the correct balance being obtained between the nose and the mouth tones - any deficiency of the former gives a ‘stuffy’ and unnatural speech quality.

The breath shields are corrosion free stainless steel mesh, and the microphones incorporate a high degree of shielding against sources of electromagnetic induction, such as television monitors.

The frequency response is 60-12000Hz, and impedance 300ohms. Distortion is less than 1% at an SPL of 120dB. An XLR 3 pin male connector is incorporated in the base of the handle. Dimensions:200(l) × 57(max.w) × 76(max.d). Weight 283g.

A plastic clip-on hygiene screen is available for this microphone, which can be washed and reused, or thrown away.


4104 lip microphone with press-to-talk (“PTT”) switch in the handle, for occasions when a continuous commentary is not required. Switch contacts are normally closed across pins 2 and 3 of the connector to mute the output. Operating the switch un-mutes the microphone without clicks.


Communications quality noise cancelling ‘lip’ microphone, for applications where broadcast quality is not required. Typically this would include commentary work for telephone services (UK 0898 system) or for PA systems using restricted bandwidth loudspeakers such as re-entrant horns. It also has applications for intercom and other specialised paging work.

Construction is similar in principle to the 4104, though the design of the microphone head is slightly different. The lip bar feature is retained. Frequency response is 80-8000Hz, and substantially flat 200-6000Hz, with a small presence boost at around 5000Hz; other details are as for the 4104.

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COLES 4038 MICROPHONE Ribbon   Stock code:

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COLES 4040 MICROPHONE Ribbon   Stock code:

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COLES 4104 MICROPHONE Lip   Stock code:
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COLES 4104PTT MICROPHONE Lip   Stock code:

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COLES 4115 MICROPHONE Lip   Stock code:

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COLES HYGIENE SCREEN For 4104 microphone   Stock code:
COLES 4069/XLR XLR Connector adapter for 4038 microphone   Stock code:
COLES 4071 Stand adapter and connecting cable for 4038 microphone   Stock code:
COLES 4040 Stereo microphone bracket   Stock code:

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COLES Spare carrying case for 4104/4115/4038 microphones   Stock code:
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