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BEACHTEK BALANCED INTERFACES - Camcorder and Camera Audio Adapters - XLR

These interfaces convert between professional balanced XLR connectors and the domestic audio inputs on camcorders and digital SLR cameras. The range includes passive and active units, some with phantom powering, metering or features to 'disable' automatic gain control on cameras. Includes hardware to secure the interface to the base of the camcorder. Two year, limited, manufacturer's warranties are included with all adapters.

DXA-2T - Universal camcorder, passive, robust

A passive device for small compact camcorders. A threaded screw and retractable azimuth pin connects the box to the camcorder, and a tripod bush is provided in the base. Two XLR inputs are transformer balanced. An auxiliary input is provided as an unbalanced 3.5mm jack socket, which injects signals, such as radio microphones into the right channel. The output is unbalanced, at microphone level; a 3.5mm stereo jack socket and supplied output cable, terminates in a right-angled, 3.5mm stereo jack plug. Each channel has a switch to select microphone or line level, and a mono/stereo switch allows the connection of a mono input to both channels. A ground lift switch assists in removing annoying hum components.

Inputs: Microphone -35dBu nominal, -6dBu maximum (ideal), for low impedance microphones. Line: -10dBu nominal, +4dBu maximum (ideal), high impedance. Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB. Chassis: Die-cast aluminium, with shaped plastic bezel offering protection of controls and switches. Dimensions: 95 x 64 x 38 (l x w x h)mm. Weight: 280g.

Included accessories: 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo output cable.

DXA-SLR PRO - Universal DSLR camera, active, peak LCD meters, playback monitoring, phantom power

For use with any DSLR camera that has a microphone mini-jack input, this variant is similar to the DXA-2T, and has all the same features except it uses active circuitry to allow more sensitive recording. In addition a pair of 8-stage VU meters on an LCD back-lit display are added for monitoring output levels. These are calibrated to indicate levels between -16dB and +3dB, and are useful to ensure optimum levels are sent to the camcorder inputs. Also a headphone amplifier with volume control is added, for monitoring camera input level, as the camera may not feature this function, or the playback from the camera via a 3.5mm 3-pole minijack socket. An AGC DSBL switch disables the automatic gain control on a camera that might employ AGC but without a bypass, using an inaudible tone to reduce 'the wild swings of the Auto Gain Control that plague most cameras', dramatically reducing noise during quiet moments of recording. A pair of red, LEDs indicate when a switchable, fast-acting limiter is activated by high levels, which can help to avoid signal overload. Other features are switchable 48V phantom power, high/low channel gain switches and a low battery indicator LED.

Power source: PP3 9V alkaline or lithium battery (typically lasts 3 hours (alkaline), 8 hours (lithium).

Inputs: Microphone -3dBu, Line: +14dBu. Gain: 'Lo' gain 0dB, 'Hi' gain 20dB. Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/-0.5dB. Other performance is similar to the DXA-2T. Chassis: Die-cast aluminium. Dimensions: 152 x 95 x 44 (l x w x h)mm. Weight: 510g.

Included accessories: 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo output cable, 3.5mm stereo to dual RCA phono AV output cable for camera playback monitoring.

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