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Penpal - HD

Housed in a convenient pocket-sized case with pocket-clip, the Electronic Visuals Penpal-HD is high quality, high definition, broadcast-standard, video test pattern generator operating in SMPTE 292M serial digital environments. It offers 32 video test signals in 18 HD formats as well as four stereo pairs of AES embedded audio. All processing takes place in the digital domain, preventing degradation, regardless of pattern repetition.

The cylindrical case has at one end an inline female BNC connector for output. The other screws off to fit a lithium battery which has a life of three hours run continuously; a battery saving feature will shut the device down if not used for 17 minutes. Alternatively there is an optional AC adapter for extended use. Four LED indicators are used to show the current setting of video lines, scanning, field or frame-rate, audio pattern. These settings are manipulated by a pair of multi-function push-buttons.

The video test patterns are arranged in groups - 100% colour bars; 75% colour bars; SMPTE HD bars; 100% bars & red. SDI checkfield matrix; aspect ratio check/active picture markers 4:3; ARC/APM 16:9; Y pulse & bar; UV pulse & bar. Five-step Y staircase; five-step UV staircase; limited YUV ramp; shallow Y ramp. Y sweep, 60%, 30MHz, with markers; UV sweep, 60%, 15MHz , with markers; Y multiburst ; UV multiburst. SD Pluge on black; Convergence; Tartan bars; one field in eight white bar. White; Black; Red; Yellow fields. Green; Blue; Magenta; Cyan fields. Moving Y-zone plate; stationary Y-zone plate; moving Y vertical bar; moving Y diagonal bar.

Formats - SMPTE 274M, 1080 lines: 60, 59.94, 50Hz, interlaced; 30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98Hz, progressive scan; 30, 39.97, 25, 24, 23.98Hz, segmented frame. SMPTE 296M 720 lines: 60, 59.94, 50Hz, progressive scan. SMPTE 260M, 1035 lines: 60, 59.94Hz, interlaced.

Audio tones- Off; 1kHz tone on pair one only; continuous 1kHz on pair one plus continuous 444Hz on pair two plus broken 1kHz on pair three plus broken 444Hz on pair four; 1kHz tone on all four stereo pairs, left channels continuous and right channels broken.

Video: 10-bit, 1.485 Gbit/second, 800mV +/-10%, return-loss better than 15dB, jitter less than 0.2 UI. Audio: 20-bit, embedded according to SMPTE 299, 48kHz sampling, -20dBFS. Environment: 0 to 40°C. Power source: DL/CR123 lithium battery, or optional AC adapter. Dimensions: 172 x 22 (length x diameter) mm. Weight: 175g without battery.

Included accessories: Manual, two lithium batteries.
Optional accessories: AC adapter 110/240V AC 50/60Hz. IEC inlet, order AC cordset separately if required. See Cable Assemblies, AC power cables. For BNC-MUSA cables to inject signals into a patchbay, see Cable Assemblies, Musa Patchcords.

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This item is discontinued. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives or see the product page for suggestions.


This item is discontinued. Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer a suitable alternative.

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