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Hire terms and conditions

1. Acceptance
All bookings are accepted and equipment supplied subject to the following express terms and conditions and no additions or alterations shall apply unless specifically agreed between Canford Audio PLC and the Hirer.
2. Bookings
Bookings will be accepted over the phone but only guaranteed if a fax or written confirmation follows within 24 hours. Acceptance of a telephone booking by Canford Audio PLC constitutes a hire agreement between the parties.
3. Extra costs
In the event of any variation or suspension or orders through the Hirer's instructions or lack of instructions, prices may be increased to cover any extra expenses thereby incurred by Canford Audio PLC. Carriage charges are added to each invoice at cost. Value added tax will be added at the current rate to all domestic (UK) hire invoices.
4. Cancellations
Cancellations of a booking may be accepted or refused at the discretion of Canford Audio PLC and any such acceptance shall be subject to payment by the Hirer of a cancellation charge according to the scale of percentages below. This charge may be waived at the discretion of the Seller.
Number of days of cancellation before start of hire booking Percentages of total hire charges payable as cancellation charge
15 days or more No penalty
10-14 days 10%
7-10 days 15%
4-6 days 25%
2-3 days 30%
1 day 50%
5. Extensions
Any extension of hire beyond the original period must be agreed with Canford Audio PLC. Any not agreed may be charged the full daily rate without discount, and the hirer may forfeit any discounts previously agreed.
6. Equipment failure
In the unlikely event of an equipment failure, Canford Audio PLC undertakes to effect a repair as quickly as possible, or to provide alternative equipment. If neither of these alternatives are possible and the failure is due to malfunction of the equipment not associated with the electricity supply, Canford Audio PLC will refund or credit the hire charge, or a proportion of the hire charge representing pro-rata the remaining period of the booking, and Hirer will have no further claim on Canford Audio PLC.
7. Loss and damage
If any equipment is stolen or damaged during the period of a hire Canford Audio PLC reserves the right to cancel the contract. Any monies received up to that date will be retained and Canford Audio PLC will require payment up to that date. The Hirer will be liable to pay the replacement cost of equipment stolen or damaged within fourteen days of the incident. Canford Audio PLC also retain its common law rights in respect of loss or damage caused as a result of its property being stolen or damaged during the period of hire. In respect of this liability, the Hirer should comprehensively insure equipment for the full hire period from despatch from our premises to safe receipt. Insurance values will be supplied upon request.
8. Recovery
Canford Audio PLC reserves the right to recover the equipment at any time if any part of the contract is broken, if the hire charges are not paid as due, if the client is insolvent or declared bankrupt, or in the case of a client that is a corporate body, is subject to winding up proceedings in respect of which a receiver is appointed.
9. Hire termination
Canford Audio PLC reserves the right to terminate the hire at any time. Any equipment must be returned within 48 hours of such a termination. Failure to return within this time period will render the Hirer liable to pay full retail price for the equipment.
10. Title
All equipment remains the property of Canford Audio PLC at all times, and unauthorised interference with the equipment is not permitted. Any costs incurred as a result of damage due to unauthorised action shall be borne by the Hirer.
11. Power supply
Mains powered equipment is intended to operate on 230V AC 50Hz and is supplied with cables to 13 Amp BS1363 plugs. The Hirer shall be liable for any damage whatsoever caused by deviation from supply defined above. Attention is drawn to Condition 16 "Retermination".
12. Delivery claims
All systems will be carefully checked before despatch, but all claims for missing items or faulty operation on receipt must be made by telephone or email within 24 hours of receipt of the equipment. Hirers' are advised to check systems carefully on receipt.
13. Returns shortages
Items found to be missing on the return of equipment will be charged for at cost in accordance with their current sales list price, so Hirers should check equipment carefully before despatch, paying particular attention to accessories.
14. Re-coiling
All cables must be returned neatly coiled. For any cable returned in an unsatisfactory condition. The Hirer will be liable to a recoiling charge of £1.50 per cable, subject to a minimum charge of £5.00.
15. Retermination
For any cables returned with connectors changed or removed, the Hirer will be liable to a retermination charge of £5.00 per connector, plus the cost of the new connectors, if these are required, in accordance with current sales prices.
16. Terms of payment
Where credit terms are allowed, terms of payment are strictly nett and payable by the 14th of the month following month of invoice. If no credit terms are given a Visa or Mastercard credit or payment card must be used. Invoices for hire periods of less than one month will be issued at the end of the hire period. For hire periods exceeding one month invoices will be issued monthly and at the end of the hire period.
17. Force Majeure
Canford Audio PLC shall not be liable for any delay in or failure to perform any of its obligations hereunder if the delay of failure is caused by circumstances outside the reasonable control of Canford Audio PLC.
18. Legal construction
These conditions and the contract to which the document relates shall in all respects be construed and operate in accordance with English Law. These conditions do not reduce or diminish any statutory rights in force at the time of agreement of the contract of the sale of Common Law rights of either party. All contracts concluded with Canford Audio PLC shall be governed by English Law. These conditions override and supersede any previous conditions of hire issued by Canford Audio PLC, and override any Hirer's own conditions of purchase.
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