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For many reasons, the plug-top power supply has become ubiquitous, providing a convenient, economical source of DC power for many manufacturer’s equipment. Once the user has more than a few of the devices in use, however, the “convenience” becomes rather less so; often the result is an untidy, unreliable mess! This product has the potential(!) to replace fourteen “wall-wart” devices, (as well as the fourteen mains sockets required to plug them in), with a 1U height rack-mounting case.
The mains input on the rear panel is a single IEC 320 inlet, with an adjacent IEC outlet wired directly in parallel, perhaps for connecting another unit to give further capacity. Within the case is a DC power supply which provides multiple outputs, one of which feeds the “power-on” LED on the front. There are four supply circuits which are connected to a mixture of outlets: The rear panel has four 2.1mm co-axial connectors which are connected to the 6 volt supply, four similar connectors connected to the +12 volt supply, and a further four connected to the 24 volt supply. In addition there are two 6-pin DIN connectors which are fed by both the +12V and –12V supplies. The unit is supplied with six mating 2.1mm plugs (44-211 ) and one mating 6-pin DIN plug (43-324).

Application Note:

Whilst the power supplies are NOT electronically regulated, (as is the case with most plug-top devices), the components have been chosen to provide a more stable power source than is often the case. As a result, inspection of the ratings of the user’s equipment and careful comparison with the specification below will reveal that the unit offers a suitable supply for a much wider range of equipment than is immediately apparent from the nominal voltages provided.

Technical Specification:

Nominal supply output voltages: +6V +12V –12V +24V
Off-load voltage (240V AC input): +9V +17V –16V +31V  
Voltages at rated output (220V AC input): +6V +12V –12V +24V  
Rated maximum current: 2A 2A 0.5A 1A  
Maximum continuous total DC output: 40W
Power requirement: 230V AC, 70VA max. 50/60Hz (for 40W output)
Dimensions: 1U x 200mm deep, excluding plug-in connectors
Weight: 2.5kg
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This item is no longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.

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