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K&M LOUDSPEAKER STANDS - Monitor floor stands

K&M (Koenig & Meyer) offer a range of stable, steel, floor-mounting stands for monitor loudspeakers complementing the existing range of loudspeaker stands. All models are manufactured with a telescopic steel stem and have a black finish. Stem height is adjustable by locking screw and safety pin or spring-loaded knob with clamp.


A steel stand with a fixed, screw-in, three-leg base, height range 680-1140mm. The top mounting plate is 205 x 245mm, with four rubber knobs on the upper surface. Internal cable routing through the stem is available. Maximum load capacity: 0 35kg. Weight: 5.35kg.


This has a circular cast-iron base, diameter 450mm; height ranges from 950-1430mm. The top is 205mm x 245mm and incorporates four threaded support points and four rubber knobs on the upper surface to provide a degree of acoustic decoupling. Monitors with a 3/8 inch threaded insert (minimum depth 12mm) may be mounted directly onto the stand without use of the mounting plate. Maximum load capacity: 35kg. Weight: 9.88kg.


An elegant, steel stand with a 420 x 420mm cast-iron base; height ranges from 1100-1700mm. Specifically for use with the Genelec 8000 monitor series - the loudspeaker is mounted to the stand by means of a mounting plate and four M6 x14mm screws. The loudspeaker, complete with mounting plate, is then suspended from a bar at the top of the stem, with the weight of the monitor holding the unit in place. Vertical tilting of the monitor from -10 to +10 degrees is also possible, with it's position being locked via a large, knurled, locking-screw. Internal cable routing through the stem is available. Weight: 12.84kg.


Similar in design to the 26785, with a 480 x 480mm cast-iron base this is suited to holding heavier loads. It has a telescopic steel stem combination of 76/60mm in diameter ,with a height range from 800-1350mm. Internal cable routing through the stem is available. Maximum load capacity: 70kg. Weight: 5.35kg. Designed to work with the K&M 26792 bearing plate which is available in three sizes (240x200mm, 320x280 and 420x380) depending on the size of the monitor loudspeaker.

For a range of accessories for use with these floor mounting stands see K&M LOUDSPEAKER STANDS - Accessories.

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