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A version of the XX series with crimp contacts instead of the usual solder types. The crimp termination is with the standard 'B-crimp' tool (IEC standard IEC 60352-2). The contacts are fitted onto the cable, and then inserted into the connector housing. They can be removed if necessary by rotating them through 90 degrees. Spare crimp contacts are available in packs of 50.

Whilst standard crimp tools can be used, Neutrik type HX-R-BNC together with die set DIE-R-HA-1 are suitable.

They are easy to assemble, with only four parts and no screws. The contact block is hard plastic (polyamide), and is inserted from the rear of the shell. The female contacts are a unique cage design, with seven independent contact springs for low contact resistance and high integrity. The female connector has an improved solid metal latch which is larger and easier to handle, plus a new feature of additional ground spring contacts for better shell ground continuity. The male has an improved locking recess for more secure mating retention. The Neutrik chuck design gives secure clamping onto all cables 3.5mm - 8.0mm diameter, and now provides a higher resistance to pull-out. An improved ratchet lock helps prevent accidental opening of the strain relief while in use. Glands with polyurethane strain reliefs give high protection to the cable against bending stresses.

Glands with moulded coloured flashes for identification (BXX series) are available - see Neutrik XLR Cable Connector Glands - XX series. Colour coding rings are also available - see Neutrik XLR Cable Connector Rings - XX series.

Ordering note

Type codes with no suffix denote nickel plated shell, with silver-plated contacts (standard type). Type codes with BAG suffix denote black shell, with silver-plated contacts.

  Description Price (£) Add to basket
NEUTRIK XLR NC3FXX-HA Female cable, crimp
1+ £3.08
10+ £2.79
50+ £2.62
100+ £2.28
NEUTRIK XLR NC3MXX-HA Male cable, crimp
1+ £2.58
10+ £2.33
50+ £2.19
100+ £1.91
NEUTRIK XLR NC3FXX-HA-BAG Female cable, crimp
1+ £3.18
10+ £2.88
50+ £2.70
100+ £2.35
NEUTRIK XLR NC3MXX-HA-BAG Male cable, crimp
1+ £2.76
10+ £2.50
50+ £2.35
100+ £2.04
NEUTRIK HA-3FXX Spare crimp contact for NC3FXX-HA (pack of 50)
1+ £10.82
10+ £9.79
50+ £9.20
100+ £8.01
per pack
NEUTRIK HA-3MXX Spare crimp contact for NC3MXX-HA (pack of 50)
1+ £7.58
10+ £6.86
50+ £6.44
100+ £5.61
per pack
NEUTRIK HX-R-BNC CRIMP TOOL (without die-set)
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