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Canford 2016 - In summary

It is hard to believe that an entire year has passed so quickly - Wow! Day-by-day it can seem like nothing much is happening, but reflecting back over the past year I realise just how busy we’ve been.

We have made a strategic investment and launched our own fibre termination facility and successfully completed LEMO’s SMPTE Fibre Termination Training Programme. We designed and are now manufacturing our new Mains Distribution Unit (MDU) with Current Meter to provide active metering and alert system integrators and rack builders to potential overloaded circuits, excellent for load balancing and aiding good system design.

We’ve strengthened our Technical Support, Product Management, Internal and External Sales teams. Dalia Senvaityte has joined the technical team from the University of York, as has Paul Power from the University of Salford. Ian Winter joins us from Amazing Media to manage many of our product ranges, and Martin Greenwood joins our external sales team, based in the south of England.


We bid a final “Au Revoir” to Ray Kin who joined Canford and helped form the French subsidiary back in 1988. With that we congratulate Thomas Nicolle who accepts the role of Directeur Général and looks to continue developing the Canford brand in France.

We celebrated Canford’s 40th anniversary in July, with a brilliant week long schedule of events. You may have seen some of the “intriguing” photos @CanfordGroup on Facebook.

I made a head count and realised that we are a team of over 100 who collectively possess 1783 years experience – that’s years’ service worked here, at Canford! All of that experience contributes to the immense and unrivalled knowledge base we have here, whether about the products, our manufacturing skills, or ensuring that our order processing and fulfilment systems run as smooth as they do.

This year we also witnessed the Brexit vote, and are dealing with the challenges created from the political uncertainty it has caused. The only immediate impact of course is the significant fall in value of the pound, heavily impacting on imported product ranges – but I think everyone is now well aware of the short term pain as we have to get used to the new situation.


We continually challenge ourselves to improve, to design distinctive, innovative product and develop better ways to serve the most important people in this relationship - you, our customer.

On behalf of the entire team here at Canford, thank you for your business in 2016 and we look forward to supporting you in 2017.

Stephen Gallagher, Marketing Manager

Latest stories

  • Canford announce new Mains Distribution Unit for Outside Broadcast, Touring and Fly Away Kits

    Designed and manufactured by Canford, MDU15 is intended for applications prone to vibration or where equipment is regularly re-positioned.

  • Construction Product Regulation (CPR) …Are you ready?

    The new Construction Product Regulation (CPR) will become effective from 1st July 2017. The CPR determines mandatory performance characteristics of all installed cable.

  • Installation cables – CE marking has arrived

    The Construction Products Regulations (“CPR”) are fully in force from 1st July 2017 for all installation cables, whether they are data, audio, video or power, copper or fibre. For the purposes of this legislation, “installation” is defined as “any cable put on the market for incorporation, in a permanent way, in construction works”. Cables for deployable applications are not within the scope of the legislation and are not affected.

  • Canford to perform CPR for the Institute of Theatre Consultants

    The Institute of Theatre Consultants have invited Canford to their June 2017 members meeting aboard the HQS Wellington in Central London. The meeting has been scheduled ahead of the introduction of the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) legislation, which becomes effective from 01 July 2017.