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Unique manufacturing capabilities

What has always made Canford different from many distributors within our market sectors is the significant investment in our own products and manufacturing facilities. For over 40 years we have not just been listening to our customers but developing and producing quality solutions to meet their demands.

At a dedicated metalworking factory on the Isle of Portland in the south-west of England,  we design and manufacture our extensive range of 19” rack mount panels, wall boxes, rack shelves, AV plates, Panamic carbon fibre boom poles and many other related standard and custom products. The workshop at our Washington headquarters in the north-east is responsible for the production of the Canford Mains Distribution Units (MDU), Canford breakout boxes, Tecpro communication systems and a wide range of electronic devices and accessories typically used within the Broadcast, AV and Pro Audio sectors.

The Washington, Tyne and Wear site also incorporates our specialist cable cell for manufacturing bespoke or standard cable assemblies and our recently launched Fibre Termination Service, which offers a short lead-time service for the termination of LEMO, Neutrik and other fibre connectors, repair service and specialist testing facilities.

Our aim has always been to not only identify and produce the widest scope of standard products and processes to best satisfy our customer needs but also retain the capability to develop custom solutions if required.

Having these capabilities is however of little benefit without the people and skill sets required to utilise them to the best advantage. What makes Canford truly unique is that over 40  years we have built a team that not only understand the manufacturing processes but who have also gained significant specific industry knowledge. Our current team, which includes two of the original members, possess 1,793 "person-years" experience. This massive knowledge base means when you approach us we generally know what you are talking about and can offer the most suitable solution, be this a standard product or custom design.

Finally we also fully understand that delivery times can be critical so, with this in mind, we always aim to try and keep our most popular products on the shelf whilst manufacturing non-stocked or custom product within the shortest possible lead times.

We are proud to say Canford designed and manufactured product now accounts for over 40% of the group turnover and are installed daily in major projects worldwide, which is a testament to both the quality of our ranges and Canford’s excellent hard earned reputation.

Our commitment to quality and reliability is demonstrated by the two-year guarantee
on all Canford manufactured products.


Latest stories

  • Canford announce new Mains Distribution Unit for Outside Broadcast, Touring and Fly Away Kits

    Designed and manufactured by Canford, MDU15 is intended for applications prone to vibration or where equipment is regularly re-positioned.

  • Construction Product Regulation (CPR) …Are you ready?

    The new Construction Product Regulation (CPR) will become effective from 1st July 2017. The CPR determines mandatory performance characteristics of all installed cable.

  • Installation cables – CE marking has arrived

    The Construction Products Regulations (“CPR”) are fully in force from 1st July 2017 for all installation cables, whether they are data, audio, video or power, copper or fibre. For the purposes of this legislation, “installation” is defined as “any cable put on the market for incorporation, in a permanent way, in construction works”. Cables for deployable applications are not within the scope of the legislation and are not affected.

  • Canford to perform CPR for the Institute of Theatre Consultants

    The Institute of Theatre Consultants have invited Canford to their June 2017 members meeting aboard the HQS Wellington in Central London. The meeting has been scheduled ahead of the introduction of the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) legislation, which becomes effective from 01 July 2017.