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The Paglight is the original PAG ENG/EFP lighting unit. Originally a halogen or arc/HMI camera light, the design uses interchangeable plug-in lamp-holders which fit into the back of the lamp body, allowing different types and different powers of lamps to be exchanged without handling the lamp. The Paglight is now available supplied with a Paglight LED Dimmer Unit, which may be interchanged in the field for the halogen and HMI lamp-holders if required. The LED unit has an output of 850 lux at 2m; power consumption is a mere 11W.

The output can be controlled to produce a steady and clean transition from spot to flood. The dimming facility provides precise control of light intensity. The spot and flood feature of the Paglight reflector can also be used to control the light intensity; it floods out to 62 degrees from a spot angle of 22.6 degrees. The intensity of light over distance has been achieved in the LED version by focusing the output of the emitters using an integrated bulls-eye lens, and suspending this system within the parabolic reflector of the Paglight.

The colour temperature of the output is a 'perfect blend for daylight' and can be converted to match halogen light by using a conversion filter, incorporated in the 9959D LED Rotatable Accessory Kit. The 9998 filter is also available separately to retrofit to an existing rotatable accessory kit . The unit is designed to dissipate heat from the finned emitter probe using heat-transfer chambers, avoiding the use of heavy aluminium heat sinks. Even after prolonged use the Paglight lamp head and the LED unit can be handled comfortably.

Each LED Paglight consists of a the LED Dimmer Unit, a Power Base with lead and connector, a camera-shoe plate to fit the camera, and a male-to-male stud adaptor (1/4-inch BSW), to fix the shoe-plate to the Power Base. The Power Base is a low-profile, pre-wired, hot-shoe base, to mount the light to the camera. It is available with a range of connectors.

Included accessories: Lamp protector.
Optional accessories: 9959D LED rotatable accessory kit, 9998 LED conversion filter, see above. The rotatable accessory ring holds any combination of snap-in barn-doors, dichroic filters or soft-light effect diffuser. The Softlight diffuser and filter kit fits onto the barn doors; super-soft lighting or special effects with colour gelatine filters can then be created. See PAG Paglight system components for these accessories, additional lamp-holders and other accessories. See PAG Paglight mountings for alternative fixing methods.

For details of the halogen and HMI models, please see PAG Paglight Location Lighting Units - Halogen, HMI.

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PAG 9964LD PAGLIGHT CAMERA LIGHT With LED, dimmer,  PP90 lead, 500mm   Stock code:

Special order product. Order cancellations may incur charges.

PAG 9965LD PAGLIGHT CAMERA LIGHT With LED, dimmer, D-Tap lead, 500mm   Stock code:

Special order product. Order cancellations may incur charges.

PAG 9966LD PAGLIGHT CAMERA LIGHT With LED, dimmer,  D-Tap lead, 150mm   Stock code:
PAG 9956LD PAGLIGHT CAMERA LIGHT With LED, dimmer,  XLR-4 lead, 1.5m   Stock code:

Special order product. Order cancellations may incur charges.

PAG 9959D Rotatable accessory kit with LED to halogen filter   Stock code:
PAG 9998 Conversion filter, LED to halogen   Stock code:
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