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All-in-one multi-functional, multi-purpose, portable sound systems designed for use both indoors and outdoors, the Smart series may be powered from internal battery or AC power. The different models offer wired microphones, wireless microphone and auxiliary sources. One offers an USB MP3 player. When used in wet surroundings, such as beside swimming pools, the battery powering and wire-free operation offer clear advantages in terms of safety.

Smart 300

A 10 watt amplifier and speaker are contained in a moulded enclosure with a standard 3/8 inch thread for mounting on microphone stands. A wired microphone input uses a 6.35mm jack socket, an auxiliary input uses a 3.5mm jack. Each of these inputs has a volume control together, and a separate level control is unused in this model, but used for a radio microphone receiver in the other models. A tone control affects the overall mix.

Guide coverage: Up to 50 metres sq. Power: 10W RMS. Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB. Power source: External 230V AC power supply or internal batteries offering up to six hours music, 10 hours speech. Dimensions: 140 x 247.5 x 152.5 (w x h x d)mm. Weight (basic unit): 2.7kg.

Included accessories: AC power supply and charger. Charger has IEC inlet, power cable included.
Optional accessories: SB-11 Carrying case with pockets for accessories. The thread in the enclosure will fit to standard microphone stands, which are to be found in the ‘Microphone accessories’ section.

Smart 300VHF/USB

As the Smart 300, but with VHF radiomic receiver and USB MP3 player fitted. Radiomic frequency: 174.600 MHz only, deregulated, no license required in UK. The MP3 player uses the auxiliary level control. Files recorded on a standard USB flash memory (on a PC) can be replayed. USB2 memory keys of up to 1GB capacity may be used. The player has buttons for play/pause, track select up, down, and mode, which provides four preset tone settings.

Included accessories: As Smart 300. A radio microphone is not included.
Optional accessories: As Smart 300, in addition the following. Q1002 single channel hand-held radiomic. M1002/MC-16X single channel belt pack radiomic transmitter complete with MC-16X tie clip microphone. Both transmitters require a single 9v PP3 battery.

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