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K&M 211/1 MICROPHONE BOOM ARM Two-section, 470-770mm, T-bar lock, chrome 

K&M (Konig & Meyer) 211/1

K&M 211/1 MICROPHONE BOOM ARM Two-section, 470-770mm, T-bar lock, chrome


This range of single-piece and telescopic, microphone boom arms are designed to work with K&M microphone stands.

Unless otherwise stated all types have steel tube sections, 3/8'' connecting threads, silent and scratch-free angle joints with a secure retaining clamp and 3/8" threads for microphone clamps. All types are supplied complete with locking washer and plastic handgrip with the exception of the 21231 and 21431 products.

Spare parts are also stocked. See K&M Spare Parts

211 Single-piece boom-arm, non-scratching, sliding through, swivel joint. Easy tightening with T-bar locking-screw. Supplied with locking washer and plastic grip. Length; 800mm. Weight: 0.676kg. Nickel and black finish.
211/1 Two-piece, telescopic boom-arm. Silent, non-scratching, swivel joint, with easy tightening, T-bar locking-screw. Boom extension range 470-770mm. Weight: 0.65kg. Nickel and black finish.
21140 Two-piece, telescopic boom-arm, complete with locking-washer and plastic grip. Silent and scratch-free adjustment of swivel joint via a large wing-nut. Boom extension range: 425-725mm. Weight: 0.58kg. Black finish.
21160 Short, one-piece, boom-arm. Smooth adjustment. Easy tightening with large wing-nut. Supplied with locking-washer and plastic grip. Length: 395mm. Weight: 0.49kg. Black finish.
21231 Two-piece, telescopic boom-arm, adjustable counterweight, 1/2 inch connecting thread. Boom-arm extension range: 1100-2000mm. Weight: 5.32kg. Black finish. Specifically for use with the 20811 and 21411 floor stands.
21431 Mini, microphone boom-arm, with 3/8 and 5/8 inch threaded connectors. One-piece design, which can be positioned and locked both in length and angle with large wing-nut. Length: 290mm. Weight: 0.31kg. Black finish.
240/1 Microphone arm, complete with swivelling and adjustable boom. Arm clamps to stands with tube diameters 15-30mm. Boom length: 605mm. Arm height: 340mm. Weight: 0.94kg.
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