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CANFORD VIDEO ISOLATOR Analogue video isolation transformer, single channel 

CANFORD VIDEO ISOLATOR Analogue video isolation transformer, single channel


These analogue video isolators are useful in both broadcast and CCTV applications, where there are differences in earth potential between video circuits, such as between different locations on a site, which can cause disturbance to the video signal with the introduction of supply frequency noise or 'hum' and, at worst, can be a safety issue.

A special transformer is used with very wide band-width performance, and a capacitor in series with the input prevents saturation that might be caused by a DC component in the signal.

They are a portable design, housed in a standard Canford extruded box with protective ABS bezels, for life in the tool-kit ready for trouble-shooting. Alternatively they may be fixed to a flat surface using an Extruded-box mounting kit, stock code 16-722.

Single and dual channel versions are available, with BNC input and output connectors.

Technical Specification:
Turns ratio: 1 : 1.
Primary impedance: Greater than 3500ohms, 300Hz, 7V rms, no-load.
Frequency response: 20Hz-11MHz +0, -3dB. 1Vpp sine, source and load 75ohms.
Signal loss: 0.5dB, source and load 75ohms.
Isolation: 2kV RMS, primary - secondary.
Static impedance: 1000uF + 4.5 ohms in series, primary.
Static impedance: 4.5ohms, secondary.
Dimensions: 93 x 107 x 55(w x d x h)mm, over bezels.
Weight: 300g, single, 400g dual channel.
Technical Note:

Whilst the transformer is capable of broadcast-class performance, by it's very nature it blocks the DC part of the luminance information, which has negligible effect on picture quality in most circumstances.

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