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PS-24V2 24Volt Universal Power Supply

A 24 volt, switching power supply with universal input. Although intended for use with Radio Design Labs products, it may also be used wherever a convenient source of DC power is required. A range of mounting accessories are available.

Built in a plastic case, the supply has a captive output lead fitted with a co-axial connector which will interface directly with many RDL modules. This is a ground-referenced power supply. AC supply is by IEC inlet. It has short-circuit, over-current and overload protection. Output: 24V DC at 2.0A. Line regulation: 1% maximum. Load regulation: 5% maximum. Ripple and noise: 1% p-p maximum. Temperature: 0 to 40°C, ambient, at full load.

Power source: 100 to 240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1.11A (115V AC); 0.49A (230V AC). Dimensions: 120 x 50 x 34 (l x w x h) mm.

Optional Accessories:

FP-PSB1A Power Supply Mounting Bracket

Mounts an RDL PS-24V2 power supply to any flat surface, or in an RDL Flat-Pak series rackmount panel, with a FP-PA20 audio power amplifier mounted directly to the FP-PSB1A.
Also includes a provision to mount four Stick-On modules by adding the ST-PBR4. See RDL Stick-On Mounting Accessories for further information.

RC-PS5 Power Supply Tray

A 1U, rack-mounting tray, which will mount up to five PS-24V2 supplies.

RU-PSB1 Mounting Kit

Accepts one PS-24V2 supply and two RDL Stick-On modules, such as ST-PD5U power distribution modules, and has a cover.
The RU-PSB1 itself will mount in RDL hardware intended for Max Rack-Up modules, providing a convenient means of powering a rack-mounted set of RDL modules.

DRA-35P DIN Rail Adapter

Mounts a single PS-24V2 supply to a flat surface or 35mm 'top-hat' DIN rail.

PS-24AX 24 Volt Universal Power Supply - 500mA

This is also a switching power supply, but in plug-top format. It has interchangeable plug contacts for the AC input and a captive power lead with coaxial connector for the DC output, compatible with many RDL modules.

Power source:100-240V AC. Output: 24V DC, 500mA. Dimensions: 46mm x 70mm x 35mm nominal. Efficiency: Energy Star level IV

PS-24KX 24 Volt Universal Power Supply - 1Amp

Similar to the PS-24AX, this is slightly larger, and has increased output capacity

Power Source: 100-240V AC. Output: 24V DC, 1A. Dimensions: 46mm x 93mm x 36mm nominal. Efficiency: Energy Star level V.

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RDL PS-24V2 POWER SUPPLY Universal, 24Volt, 2A   Stock code:
RDL PS-24AX POWER SUPPLY Universal, 24 volt, 500mA, UK plug   Stock code:
RDL PS-24KX POWER SUPPLY Universal, 24 volt, 1 amp, UK plug   Stock code:
RDL RC-PS5 Rackmount tray, 1U, five PS-24V2   Stock code:
RDL FP-PSB1A Mounting bracket, single PS-24V2   Stock code:
RDL RU-PSB1 Mounting kit, single PS-24V2 in Rack-Up   Stock code:

This item is discontinued. Please see the product page for suggested alternatives or email Technical Support for further advice.

RDL DRA-35P DIN RAIL ADAPTER For 1x PS-24V2   Stock code:
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