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Traditional ‘duct rods’ have been used for many years, to assist in routing all types of cables in a wide variety of applications. Super Rod have developed a comprehensive range of rods and attachments, to significantly increase the usability of this system. Strong metal end fittings are designed to withstand the rigours of professional use, and screw together with a unique friction lock, with a smooth shape that reduces risk of snagging.

All rods and attachments are fully compatible and inter-mateable. Several kits are available, each packed in a strong, durable carrying tube. The full range of components are available separately to extend the scope of a kit or as replacements. Several specialist attachments are also available, these should be ordered separately as required.


These are offered in four degrees of flexibility, because a rod that will go around pronounced bends will not be stiff enough to span a large void or push through obstructed routes.

5mm rods

The basic rod, designed as the best compromise between flexibility and stiffness, flexible enough to handle sweeping bends, rigid enough to span most open voids and strong enough to push through most obstructions.

6mm rods

These are considerably stiffer, to cope with insulation materials, building debris and obstructed conduits and ducts. They are also the optimum type for long open runs as their stiffness gives better directional control.

4mm rods

A very flexible rod, and allows a high degree of bending without risk of snapping, although retains adequate stiffness for pushing cables into place.

Extra-flexible rods

These nylon rods are so flexible that they can be tied in knots, but are made from a ‘no memory’ material so will straighten without kinks or bends. They can be used on their own, or with a short ‘rod train’ to reach really awkward places or to weave a way through multiple obstructions. 5mm diameter.

Swivel-end rods

These solve the hassle when cable or flexible conduit keeps twisting as it tries to re-coil, either forming kinks or causing the rods to unscrew. Using the most suitable attachment, the cable or flexible conduit is attached to the swivel end and enough rods added to make the necessary reach. As the cable or conduit is pulled into place, the swivel end will rotate, relieving the torsional stress.

Luminous rod

Useful when working in dark voids, these are supplied complete with a swivel end as standard. 5mm diameter


Flexi leads

These are made from a flexible ‘spring-back’ material, and are very short leader pieces to help a single rod or rod train around tight corners. They are also useful between a rod end and a cable handling attachment when exiting an aperture too abrupt for the rods. Length 330mm.

‘Shape-it’ Flexi leads

These retain their shape when bent, so are useful when a ‘kinked’ leading end is needed to find an awkwardly placed aperture. Supplied as a pack of two pieces 300mm long together with a 330mm lexi lead (supplied as a 250mm length as part of the Mega Kit).


This is a balloon-shaped open frame assembly, that attaches at the head of a rod train. It skips over all sorts of obstructions and is particularly successful at routing cable over ceiling insulation and joists. It is also possible to fit further attachments to the front of the unit, for example the SuperBeam LED illumination at the front, and a cable grip at the rear, so a cable can be ‘pushed’ into place.

Cable grips

Self-tightening mesh grips that are attached to rods to pull cables, and are available in a variety of sizes to accept cables from 4mm to 30mm diameter.

Bullet heads

The domed bullet has a rounded nose which deflects off obstructions and pushes through congested areas without snagging or causing damage. The flat bullet is designed to act like a snow-plough, to enable rods to be pushed through gritty and dirty areas without jamming. The flat bullet also incorporates a thread cleaning tool to release dirt from the female threads on rods (not available separately).

Gender changer

Most attachments have male threads, so a gender changer is available for use when the male end of a rod has to be used as the leading end (not available separately).

Hook attachments

The ‘Tuff Hook’ is designed to grab cables or flexible conduit to re-route them, for example to pull a cable in a ceiling void down to an aperture. As this hook is steel, it can also be used in conjunction with the magnet accessory (not available separately). The ‘Mini Hook’ is a smaller version, useful for smaller cables or when access is restricted.

Mini eye and ring

This provides a simple method of attaching a small cable onto a rod end to allow it to be pushed or pulled into place. The cable is twisted or knotted onto the ring. Alternatively, if the ring is removed, a small wire or cable can be threaded through the eye (not available separately).

‘Super Beam’ and ‘Flexi Super Beam’

‘Super Beam’ LED light, 12mm diameter, that screws onto the end of a rod, and provides illumination of where the rod is going, or what is in a void. ‘Flexi Super Beam’ is the same light but fitted on a length of gooseneck to enable more precise illumination in confined spaces.

Magnet heads

These can be used to ‘pick up’ the steel Tuff Hook on the end of another rod and pull it across a void and into the cable run exit, or retrieve lost tools and components. The single magnet (not available separately) lifts up to 1kg, and the double magnet 2.5kg. Double magnets are supplied in packs of two. A rod connection is made in a ceiling void or under floors by attaching the magnets onto separate rods, the magnetism will facilitate the location of the other magnet and then enable the second rod to be pushed or pulled into place.


This can be attached to one rod, for example in a void, and then a magnet fitted on another rod. The magnet will ‘find’ the chain and pull it to a cable run exit. Length 450mm.

Brush set

A pair of circular brushes of differing diameters and stiffnesses, that convert the rod train into a cleaning tool for ducts and conduits. The multi-disciplinary technician may also find these useful for clearing blocked drains. Dimensions: 25mm diameter with 0.35mm filaments, 50mm diameter with 0.90mm filaments.

Inspection mirror kit

To help find out what is hidden in the voids and why the cable is getting stuck, this kit contains a 50mm round mirror, a 50mm high rectangular mirror and a 200mm gooseneck.

Accessory set

A kit of accessories comprising one each of flat bullet, gender changer, single magnet, mini eye and ring, flexi lead and chain.


Mega kit

This offers an extensive multi-purpose cable installation tool, including 16 metres of rods, including all flexibility types, and a wide selection of accessories.

Deluxe kit

Includes 10 metres of rods of 3 flexibility types, 7 cable handling attachments, plus the Super Beam LED light attachment.

Standard kit

Includes 5 metres of rods, of 2 flexibility types, and 5 cable handling attachments.

Handy Kit

A kit for users regularly working where full length rods are a little unwieldy or where predominantly short runs of cable are being installed. Includes four 500mm rods plus a 330mm flexi-lead to give over two metres of reach and all four flexibilities. The three most frequently used attachments, mini hook, domed bullet and mini eye are included.

Kit contents Mega Deluxe Standard Handy
kit kit kit kit
5mm rod, red, 1 metre 6 6 4 -
5mm rod, red, 500mm - - - 2
6mm rod, black, 1 metre 3 2 - -
6mm rod, black, 500mm - - - 1
4mm rod, yellow, 1 metre 3 2 1 -
4mm rod, yellow, 500mm - - - 1
5mm rod, extra-flexible, 1 metre 1 - - -
5mm rod, extra-flexible, 330mm - - 1
5mm rod, red, with swivel end, 1 metre 1 - - -
4mm rod, yellow, with swivel end, 1 metre 1 - - -
5mm rod, luminous, with swivel end, 1 metre 1 - - -
Flexi lead, 330mm 1 1 1 -
Shape-it black flexi lead, 250mm 1 - - -
Cable grip 6-10mm 1 - - -
Cable grip 11-15mm 1 - - -
Domed bullet 1 1 1 1
Flat bullet 1 1 - -
Gender changer 1 1 1 -
Tuff hook 1 1 1 -
Mini hook - - - 1
Mini eye and ring 1 1 1 1
Super beam LED light 1 1 - -
Double magnet 1 - - -
Single magnet 1 1 - -
Chain, 450mm 1      
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SUPER ROD Deluxe kit   Stock code:
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SUPER ROD Standard kit   Stock code:
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SUPER ROD Handy kit   Stock code:
SUPER ROD 5mm rod, red, 1 metre (pack of 2) Red Stock code:
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SUPER ROD 6mm rod, black, 1 metre (pack of 2) Black Stock code:
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SUPER ROD 4mm rod, yellow, 1 metre (pack of 2) Yellow Stock code:
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SUPER ROD 5mm rod, extra-flexible, 1 metre (pack of 2)   Stock code:
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SUPER ROD 4mm rod, yellow and 5mm rod, red, both swivel ends (pack of 1 of each) YellowRed Stock code:
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SUPER ROD Flexi lead, 330mm plus 2 Shape-It Flexi leads, 300mm   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Glider   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Cable grip 4-6mm   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Cable grip 6-10mm   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Cable grip 11-15mm   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Cable grip 16-22mm   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Cable grip 23-30mm   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Flexi Super beam LED light   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Double magnet  kit   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Chain and magnet set   Stock code:
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SUPER ROD Brush set   Stock code:
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SUPER ROD Inspection mirror kit   Stock code:
SUPER ROD Accessory set   Stock code:
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