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Dynamic types for a variety of studio applications, including broadcast on-air speech and high-quality recordings. Some models are also suited to use on stage for instruments and vocals.

All types are 200 ohm output, with XLR connector, and are supplied without stand clamp or windshield unless otherwise stated. Brochures and data sheets are available on request. All of the Beyerdynamic range is available, if not currently listed, to special order.


The classic dynamic, 'workhorse' microphone for vocal or instrumental applications. The M201TG preserves its place in history through sheer performance and reliability. A truly sensitive dynamic microphone with a range of applications including guest microphone in radio studios. The pressure gradient capsule with hyper-cardioid response is particularly effective when the microphone has to be placed at a distance from the sound source. It incorporates a hum-bucking coil that rejects mains borne interference introduced when using the microphone close to video monitors or other mains powered devices.

Included accessories: MKV8 clamp, WS101 foam windshield, zip pouch.


A dynamic studio microphone for vocals, and instrument, the M88 was evolutionary when it was first introduced in the 1960’s. Incorporating a new low-mass diaphragm element, the M88TG has earned its place in history in the kick drum. Sound engineers have found that the lightening-fast response of the microphone reproduces the complex sound patterns of this instrument resulting in the tight 'thump' without the need for complex signal processing. This characteristic works equally well on the spoken voice and it’s hyper-cardioid response plus excellent rear rejection make it ideal for applications in open-plan traffic and news studios.

Included accessories: MKV8 clamp.
Optional accessories: WS59 foam windshield.


For vocals, pure sound for guitar amplifiers, the M69TG has seen service in just about ever application one could think of. A classic all-rounder with a response characteristic making the human voice sound real be it spoken or sung, chanted or shouted. The unique shape and sound of the M69TG coupled to its high SPL capability make it a natural choice on brass instruments. The dynamic capsule has a hyper-cardioid response.

Included accessories: MKV8 clamp, zip pouch.
Optional accessories: WS59 foam windshield.


A large-diaphragm dynamic microphone for instruments and on-air broadcasting. Particularly popular for use by radio announcers and with 'kick' drum. The natural frequency response is extremely linear and there are three settings of equalisation; linear and two optimised settings for vocals and instrument pick-up. A second switch is for presence accentuation. Polar pattern is hyper-cardioid. The M99 can operate at very high sound pressure levels without loss of sound quality and virtually no distortion. The die cast casing is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and finished with an attractive metallic varnish.

Included accessories: EA90 elastic suspension, plastic hard case.
Optional accessories: WS740 foam windshield.

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BEYERDYNAMIC M 201 TG MICROPHONE Instrument   Stock code: 92-001
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BEYERDYNAMIC M 88 TG MICROPHONE live/recording, instrument   Stock code: 92-006
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BEYERDYNAMIC M 69 TG MICROPHONE Recording, instrument   Stock code: 92-007
No longer manufactured. See the product page for suggested alternatives.
BEYERDYNAMIC M 99 MICROPHONE Recording, instrument   Stock code: 92-083
No longer manufactured. See the product page for suggested alternatives.
BEYERDYNAMIC WS 59 WINDSHIELD Foam for M59, M69 microphone, grey Grey Stock code: 92-038
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BEYERDYNAMIC WS 740 Foam windshield for MC 740/840/834 and M 99 microphone, grey Grey Stock code: 92-039
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