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CANFORD RACKS - ES402 Series - Wall cabinets - Reduced depth

This series of 19-inch, reduced-depth rack cabinets have been specifically designed to provide a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications where space is limited or where all items to be installed have relatively low depth requirements, such as patch panels and modems. With light weight, bolted construction for strength and rigidity, they are available in five heights and are supplied complete with a steel-framed, tinted, acrylic front door.

Alternative models are available. For similar cabinets, but with greater depth, see Canford Racks - Proline Series - Cabinets - Floor or wall, which have removable sides and rear plate, and see Canford Racks - ES404 Series - Wall cabinets.

The cabinet sides, base and top are constructed with folded steel sheet. Base and top have ventilation slots at the front and a 70x30mm cable entry knock-out at the rear. The front 19-inch rack-mounting profiles are M6 threaded, three per 1U and recessed 44.8mm from the front of the cabinet.

The simplified design of the cabinet allow it to be rotated 180 degrees prior to installation, to change the front door opening direction.

The front door is fitted with a cylinder lock. It sits flush with the cabinet top and base when shut.

Internal (usable) External Width Depth
height height (mm) (mm) (mm)
15-3131 4U 274 550 250
15-3132 6U 362 550 250
15-3133 9U 496 550 250
15-3134 12U 629 550 250
15-3135 15U 761 550 250

Maximum equipment depth: 190mm.

Finish: Black, RAL 9004, powder coat.