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18 August 2022
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75 ohm coaxial cables, designed for CCTV, CATV, satellite TV and RF signal distribution. CX100 have PVC jackets and is suitable for indoor cabling. CT125 and CT167 have water and UV resistant PE (polyethylene) jackets for external and underground duct use. Suitable F type and BNC connectors are available, see RF connectors and see BNC connectors for further details.

CX Series

The dielectric is an air foamed polyethylene which is easy to strip and offers low signal loss. These newer designs of foamed dielectric cables are more crush resistant and easier to strip than the ‘air spaced’ types which they replace.

CT Series

The dielectric is an air cell spaced polyethylene, which offers a more economical construction than foamed polyethylene.

Note: Air foamed types CX125 and CX167 are available manufactured to special order, minimum order quantity 5000 metres, price by quotation.
Note: CX and CT series cables are NOT suitable for SDI or HDTV signals.

Technical Specification:
Cable size group: Y (CX100), R (CT125), H (CT167)
Centre conductor: 1/1.00mm (CX100), 1/1.25mm (CT125), 1/1.67mm (CT167) plain copper
Dielectric: Air foamed polyethylene, OD 4.45mm (CX100); air spaced polyethylene 5.50mm (CT125), 7.28mm (CT167)
Screen 1: Plain copper tape
Screen 2: Plain copper braid
Screening efficiency: 54%
Jacket: PVC, 6.5mm OD (CX100); PE 7.8mm (CT125), 10.1mm (CT167), black
Impedance: 75 ohms
Attenuation dB/100m: 5MHz 50MHz 200MHz 600MHz 1GHz
CX/CT100 1.6 4.6 9.5 16.5 21.5
CX/CT125 1.1 3.4 7.0 12.5 16.5
CX/CT167 0.9 2.7 5.4 9.8 12.8
Return loss: 5-30MHz 30-470MHz 470-862MHz 862-2150MHz  
All types: 23dB 23dB 20dB 18dB  
Weight: 4.9kg/100m (CX100), 6.5kg/100m (CT125), 7.0kg/100m (CT167)
Reel length: 100m (CT125 & CT167 only), 500m (CX100 only)
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre
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