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Clearance list

These Clearance Offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). All carry a normal product warranty.

  • Stocks at these prices are limited. The Clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the Clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.

You may also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price  
NEUTRIK NC3MXX-B-CRYSTAL XLR Male cable Stock code: 41-040 5 £15.04£7.50each
NEUTRIK NC4MX-B XLR Male cable connector, black shell, gold contacts Stock code: 41-422 39 £5.32£2.95each
REAN RT4MPR Male panel Stock code: 43-5079 94 £1.86£0.75each
NEUTRIK XLR NC3MK-H Male PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 40-364 12 £2.06£0.25each
NEUTRIK NC3FPR-H-0 XLR Female PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 40-376 38 £2.16£0.50each
NEUTRIK NC3FP-BAG-1 XLR Female panel Stock code: 41-338 76 £4.26£2.25each
NEUTRIK NC5MP-B XLR Male panel Stock code: 41-532 2 £7.52£2.00each
NEUTRIK NC3MAHL XLR Male PC mounting lateral Stock code: 40-170 34 £1.00£0.35each
NEUTRIK NC3FAHR1 XLR Female PC mounting lateral Stock code: 40-131 45 £1.22£0.45each
NEUTRIK NC3FAHR1-0 XLR Female PC mounting lateral Stock code: 40-132 100 £1.08£0.25each
NEUTRIK NC3FAHR2 XLR Female PC mounting lateral Stock code: 40-133 60 £1.12£0.25each
NEUTRIK NC3FAY XLR Female panel, IDC Stock code: 40-140 33 £1.26£0.45each
NEUTRIK NC5FAV-SW XLR Female PC mounting vertical, switched Stock code: 40-558 4 £6.76£2.00each
NEUTRIK NC3FAAV2-0 XLR Female PC mounting vertical Stock code: 41-812 56 £0.72£0.25each
NEUTRIK NC3FBH1-B XLR Female PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 41-211 220 £2.20£1.10each
NEUTRIK NC3FD-H-BAG XLR Female PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 41-383 10 £4.70£1.75each
NEUTRIK NC3MD-V-BAG XLR Male PC mounting vertical Stock code: 41-374 67 £4.24£2.10each
NEUTRIK NC3FBAH1-0 XLR Female PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 41-842 117 £1.90£0.60each
NEUTRIK NC3FBAH2-0 XLR Female PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 41-844 31 £1.90£0.85each
NEUTRIK XLR NC3MBAH-1 Male PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 41-851 3 £1.50£0.75each
NEUTRIK NCJ6FI-H-0 XLR combined with unswitched 3-pole jack Stock code: 40-062 28 £2.36£0.75each
NEUTRIK NCJ6FI-V XLR combined with unswitched 3-pole jack Stock code: 40-063 67 £2.52£0.95each
NEUTRIK NCJ6FA-H-0 XLR combined with unswitched 3-pole jack Stock code: 40-042 39 £1.28£0.50each
CANFORD XLR BLANKING PLATE A- and B-series, dawn grey Stock code: 40-296 7,681 £0.98£0.08each
TERMISAFE JUNCTION BLOCK Black Stock code: 43-448 19 £1.20£0.45each
4.1mm U-LINK Black, with test access Stock code: 43-481 19 £2.23£0.85each
4.1mm U-LINK Red, with test access Stock code: 43-482 18 £2.23£0.85each
DELTRON 332 RCA (PHONO) PLUG Black shell, gold contacts Stock code: 43-003 28 £2.61£1.20each
DELTRON RCA (PHONO) PLUG Blue ring (pack of 4) Stock code: 43-016 2 £0.05each
REAN NYS367-4 RCA (PHONO) PANEL SOCKET Gold contacts, yellow ring Stock code: 43-5064 13 £1.64£0.75each
REAN NYS367-5 RCA (PHONO) PANEL SOCKET Gold contacts, green ring Stock code: 43-5065 27 £1.64£0.75each
DELTRON 610 DIN PLUG 6 pin, nickel Stock code: 43-324 3 £1.55£0.70each
PREH DIN PLUG Spare neoprene bushes (pack of 10) Stock code: 43-598 10 £0.56£0.05each
NEUTRIK BSP-8 JACK PLUG GLAND Grey Stock code: 43-238 1 £0.54£0.05each
NEUTRIK PCR-2 JACK PLUG RING Red Stock code: 43-672 11 £0.22£0.05each
NEUTRIK BSTP-1 BANTAM PLUG GLAND Brown Stock code: 43-681 33 £0.26£0.05each
NEUTRIK BSTT-2 BANTAM PLUG GLAND Red Stock code: 43-132 45 £0.26£0.01each
NEUTRIK BSTT-0 BANTAM PLUG GLAND Black Stock code: 43-130 6,386 £0.26£0.01each
NEUTRIK NL4MD-V-1 SPEAKON Panel connector, PCB mounting vertical Stock code: 43-418 53 £2.68£0.75each
NEUTRIK NL8MD-V-BAG SPEAKON Panel connector, PCB mounting vertical Stock code: 43-086 64 £9.18£3.75each
LEMO RADIOMIC CONNECTOR Type 03 cable connector, 4 pin male, IP68 rated Stock code: 44-261 10 £17.44£9.50each
HIROSE HR10-7P-6P(73) CONNECTOR 6 pin male cable Stock code: 44-682 1 £14.00£3.00each
BAYONET-LOCK OB CONNECTOR 26 pin cable plug, with ring, black Stock code: 96-853 11 £26.16£9.50each
CONTACT 108 pin female insert Stock code: 47-841 19 £4.45£0.10each
EDAC 120FC/MC Spare hex screw Stock code: 47-038 10 £1.14£0.10each
EDAC Mini wire-wrap contact (pack of 1000) Stock code: 47-020 5 £228.60£35.00per pack
ELCO 20MC Grey (equivalent to EDAC 20MC) Stock code: 96-561 205 £1.45£0.10each
BTX CV-PBVCFG PROBLOX Coax contact, female, for Belden 1855A, 778xA, 1855S (pk of 10) Stock code: 47-054 5 £149.40£75.00each
BTX CV-PBVCMG PROBLOX Coax contact, male, for Belden 1855A, 778xA, 1855S (pk of 10) Stock code: 47-055 5 £156.30£75.00each
D-SUB 37 pin metallised plastic cover Stock code: 44-037 2 £1.48£0.05each
TELEPHONE SOCKET ADAPTER Japan (old) Stock code: 28-525 5 £1.02£0.05each
TELEPHONE SOCKET ADAPTER UK Stock code: 28-532 1 £2.00£0.05each
NEUTRIK NADB9MF Stock code: 98-9565 1 £1.00each
CATEGORY 5 TELECOM LINE ADAPTER PSTN Master Stock code: 46-639 5 £4.35£1.00each
KRONE 7015 1 008-01 Disconnection module, 8 pair Stock code: 98-9529 8 £1.00each
KRONE Paper insert for label holder 51A (each) Stock code: 46-223 5,503 £0.12£0.01each
KRONE RJ45 Outlet converter, secondary Stock code: 46-263 2 £8.80£0.50each
KRONE 6830 1 810-04 KM8 J STP CAT 6 RJ45 MODULE (new) Stock code: 98-377 10 £0.50each
KRONE RJ45 Outlet converter, full master Stock code: 46-261 1 £11.80£0.25each
NEUTRIK BNC NBNC75PVS11 Male cable, push-pull, group Y & Canare L-5CFB Stock code: 48-584 1 £3.42£2.00each
COAX CONNS 10-005-B36-FE BNC 3G HD Male cable, crimp, 75 ohm, Belden 1505F (pack of 100) Stock code: 48-5058 8 £93.33£72.00per pack
ADC BNC-25 BNC Male cable, group Z Stock code: 48-639 6 £6.30£0.50each
KINGS 7520-8 WECO-BNC Jackfield connector (terminated) (NEW) Stock code: 98-102 38 £1.00each
CANARE BCJ-C4 BNC (NEW) Stock code: 98-9505 18 £0.50each
BELDEN 1505ABHDL ICM RG59 HD BNC Connector (red), Nickel Stock code: 98-9552 200 £1.25each
COAXIAL CONNECTOR STRAIN RELIEF BUSH Group X, violet (new)(colour shade varies) Stock code: 98-500 767 £0.05each
BNC Female panel, insulating washer (panel hole 12.7mm, connector 9.5mm) Stock code: 48-556 200 £0.33£0.10each
CANFORD MUSA 4196 2U analogue U-link, moulded finger grip, green Stock code: 48-085 15 £3.75£0.05each
FISCHER 1051 DKE TRIAX HD pro+CONNECTOR Panel socket cable clamp front mount ( ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-767 20 £10.00each
COAX CONNS 67-054-B66-FA Micro BNC Straight Crimp / Crimp Jack 75 ohm ( 12GHz ) Stock code: 98-9514 90 £2.50each
DANIELS CENTRE CONTACT CRIMP TOOL (requires additional positioner 55-828 for ITT 1.0/2.3) Stock code: 55-827 1 £323.50£195.00each
LEMO RMA.4E.675.CTM FREE COUPLER (NEW) Stock code: 98-9501 23 £45.00each
LEMO TRIAX 8.5 Cable plug (FGG.4M.650.CTLC90Z) Stock code: 48-222 3 £100.00£70.00each
CANARE FP-C5 F CONNECTOR Male cable (for L-5CFB cable) (brand new) Stock code: 98-331 80 £0.50each
LEMO 3T TRIAX Metal cap for cable plugs (BFA.3T.100.NAS) Stock code: 48-1488 6 £15.33£2.50each
CANFORD MUSA 3G HD 2U U-LINK, Brown Stock code: 48-4421 16 £8.45£4.50each
ICM DB6U F CONNECTOR Compression, DB type, group Y Stock code: 48-8224 1 £0.65£0.10each
ADAPTER FF-FF Stock code: 48-881 16 £1.60£0.50each
ADAPTER FF-BNCM Stock code: 48-890 17 £7.18£4.00each
ICM FSNS59U F CONNECTOR Compression, nickel, group Q (pack of 100) Stock code: 98-9527 1 £65.00each
IKON USB-ST USB screw terminal breakout adapter Stock code: 44-114 1 £12.50£8.00each
TELEADAPT Mains plug world travel adapter set (missing PWR-111-south africa) Stock code: 98-337 1 £5.00each
LEGRAND 13A UK SOCKET 572630 Magnesium Stock code: 98-9519 10 £16.00each
BULGIN PX0686/SE IEC MAINS CONNECTOR Male cable, horizontal side entry (NEW) Stock code: 98-9524 49 £1.00each
NEUTRIK NAC3FPX-ST POWERCON TRUE1 Power output panel connector, screw terminals Stock code: 42-0405 98 £9.96£6.50each
BULGIN PX0695/15/28 IEC MAINS CONNECTOR F type, female, panel, un-shuttered, snap-in fixing Stock code: 42-157 1,843 £1.07£0.05each
BULGIN PX0783/15/28 IEC MAINS CONNECTOR F type, female, panel, shuttered, snap-in fixing Stock code: 42-147 55 £1.98£0.05each
CANFORD ES78806620-T PDU vert 20way IEC 2mtr lead UK13A 3pinPlug (onoff switch guard broken) Stock code: 98-739 1 £30.00each
CANFORD ES78806620-T PDU, vertical 20-way IEC, 2 mtr lead UK 13A 3pin plug (NEW) Stock code: 98-794 2 £30.00each
CANFORD ES7880578-T PDU, vertical, 8-way, UK Stock code: 98-520 4 £15.00each
CANFORD MDU1S AC MAINS POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT Switch, green, grey( ex demo/scratched front panel) Stock code: 98-613 1 £95.00each
MK K899ALM 1-Gang steel surface box, 38mm (Metalclad series) (NEW) Stock code: 98-025 49 £0.75each
FLOOR MOUNT CONNECTOR PLATE SS XLR 3 pin female (slight scratch on face) Stock code: 98-479 2 £5.00each
RPP EASYCLIP MODULE PE529 250W dimmer, half module, white Stock code: 49-4093 1 £36.16£5.00each
MK K0190WHI Modular system blank module Stock code: 42-590 2 £1.84£0.05each
MK K1800WHI REPLACEMENT FILTER CASSETTE (NEW) Stock code: 98-338 1 £1.00each
RECESSED FLOOR BOX Stock code: 49-691 1 £108.20£45.00each
CANFORD STAGEBOX End plate, 80mm, punched for Tourline 37 pin connector Stock code: 49-768 3 £7.50£0.50each
RPP EASYCLIP MODULE BKDE311 Blank, quarter module, black Stock code: 49-4101 3 £0.26£0.05each
RPP EASYCLIP FACEPLATE DE366 2-gang, 2 full modules, white plastic, 22mm deep style Stock code: 49-4209 4 £5.46£3.65each