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2 July 2022
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Clearance list

These clearance offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

You can also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price Add to basket
CANFORD CCM3 MIXER 220/240 volt (includes case & PSU) Stock code: 20-633 1 £475.80£145.00each
CANFORD CONNECTOR PLATE UK 1-gang, 1x NJ3FP6C, plastic Stock code: 49-513 1 £11.46£8.00each
CANFORD CUE LIGHT LENS Clear Stock code: 51-917 99 £9.00£0.50each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP G Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-091 137 £0.10£0.01each
CANFORD DESIGNATION STRIP H Plastic legend cover Stock code: 45-092 489 £0.10£0.01each
CANFORD DMH320RT HEADSET ex demo Stock code: 98-412 1 £145.00each
CANFORD DMH85 HEADPHONES with REAN NYS228 6.35mm stereo jack plug ex demo Stock code: 98-204 16 £10.00each
CANFORD DMH85 Spare ear cushion Stock code: 54-086 1,329 £2.70£0.50each
CANFORD ECONOMY VERSION SKELETON CABLE REEL TROLLEY, steel, powder coated Stock code: 98-183 2 £249.00£175.00each
CANFORD ES2940922 RACK BAYING KIT For two ES290, ES294 racks Stock code: 15-876 6 £9.07£0.50each
CANFORD ES4121502/B HALF-WIDTH MINI Pod 2U, 150mm deep, Beech Stock code: 15-1742 1 £73.64£51.00each
CANFORD ES4121503/B HALF-WIDTH MINI Pod 3U, 150mm deep, Beech Stock code: 15-1743 1 £75.75£53.00each
CANFORD ES4121503/O HALF-WIDTH MINI Pod 3U, 150mm deep, Oak Stock code: 15-1733 1 £75.75£53.00each
CANFORD ES4121504/B HALF-WIDTH MINI Pod 4U, 150mm deep, Beech Stock code: 15-1744 1 £77.85£54.00each
CANFORD ES4140802/A AV WALL RACK 2U, 82mm deep, Ash Stock code: 11-402 6 £79.09£50.00each
CANFORD ES4140802/B AV WALL RACK 2U, 82mm deep, Beech Stock code: 11-412 6 £79.09£50.00each
CANFORD ES4142205/A AV WALL RACK 5U, 225mm deep, Ash Stock code: 15-1005 3 £105.20£75.00each
CANFORD ES4142506/A AV WALL CABINET 6U, solid door, 250mm deep, Ash Stock code: 15-1306 2 £157.80£110.00each
CANFORD ES4142512/O AV WALL CABINET 12U, solid door, 250mm deep, Oak Stock code: 15-1322 1 £172.50£120.00each
CANFORD ES4154003/A DESKTOP SURFACE Pod 3U, solid door, 400mm deep, Ash Stock code: 15-1333 1 £157.80£110.00each
CANFORD ES4154004/A DESKTOP SURFACE Pod 4U, solid door, 400mm deep, Ash Stock code: 15-1334 1 £159.90£115.00each
CANFORD ES4155004/A DESKTOP SURFACE Pod 4U, acrylic door, 500mm deep, twin angles, Ash Stock code: 15-1634 1 £208.20£145.00each
CANFORD ES4155008/B DESKTOP SURFACE Pod 8U, acrylic door, 500mm deep, twin angles, Beech Stock code: 15-1658 1 £218.80£150.00each
CANFORD ES4186018/A AV PRESENTERS LECTERN 18U, 600mm deep, Ash Stock code: 15-1701 1 £1,050.00£725.00each
CANFORD ES4196612/O PREMIUM RACK CABINET 12U 600 wide, 600 deep, Oak (old design with recessed door) Stock code: 98-006 1 £495.00each
CANFORD ES5039116 SIDE PANEL For ES503 Open frame rack, 16U, 500d, Ash (pair) Stock code: 15-955 1 £133.00£75.00per pair
CANFORD ES7900727/G RACK CABLE TRAY 27U, 150mm, grey Stock code: 15-934 3 £30.00£15.00each
CANFORD ES7901520 CABLE MANAGEMENT PANEL Horizontal, 4 ring, black Stock code: 15-2592 1 £4.75£1.00each
CANFORD ES9823060/B RACK SHELF Ventilated, 600 deep, black Stock code: 15-878 6 £52.27£5.00each
CANFORD ES9823080/G RACK SHELF Ventilated, 800 deep, grey Stock code: 15-945 5 £57.04£5.00each
CANFORD EXTRUDED BOX BEZEL Green Stock code: 16-095 878 £1.67£0.45each
CANFORD GLASS-FIBRE FISHPOLE Replacement stud Stock code: 53-619 5 £4.48£0.25each
CANFORD GOOSENECK MICROPHONE C475PB Stock code: 53-168 1 £19.33£17.50each
CANFORD HEADSET SPLITTER CABLE BE-3MJP-3MJP Stock code: 38-051 247 £6.93£1.25each
CANFORD HST CABLE 1 pair, Blue (Mk1) (per metre) Stock code: 98-9666 1,747 £1.14£0.40per metre
CANFORD HST CABLE 1 pair, Green (Mk1) (per metre) Stock code: 98-9665 1,636 £1.14£0.40per metre
CANFORD HST CABLE 1 pair, Red (Mk1) (per metre) Stock code: 98-9662 2,830 £1.14£0.40per metre
CANFORD KEYSTONE CONNECTION PANEL 1U 1x8 modules, grey Stock code: 44-3795 4 £35.38£15.00each
CANFORD LEVEL LIMITED HEADPHONES HD480 93dBA, wired stereo, with A-gauge plug (ex-demo) Stock code: 98-030 1 £45.00each
CANFORD LEVEL LIMITED HEADPHONES SRH240 88dB wired stereo 3.5mm jack & 6.35mm adapter new,tatty box Stock code: 98-740 3 £145.00each
CANFORD LEVEL LIMITED HEADSET DT297PV 88dBA, wired stereo, XLR 3/M and 3-pole A-gauge plug new Stock code: 98-130 1 £295.00each
CANFORD LINE ISOLATING UNIT Analogue, balanced, XLR in/out 10k ohms 4 channel rack mounting ex demo. Stock code: 98-119 1 £295.00each
CANFORD MIC CLAMP Flexible, 34mm-40mm Stock code: 53-198 43 £9.85£1.00each
CANFORD MUSA 3G HD Resistive termination precision 75 ohm, 0.1% Stock code: 48-4446 1 £7.83£5.00each
CANFORD PRO-INTERFACE Mk.2 Bi-directional, dual stereo, 1U Rackmount (slightly scratched) Stock code: 98-715 1 £95.00each
CANFORD RACK SHELF 1U FRONT COVER Grey Stock code: 19-2931 10 £8.20£3.00each
CANFORD RACK-PAK ANCHOR STRAP Stock code: 16-130 5 £3.27£1.00each
CANFORD SCRIPT LIGHT Fluorescent 1200mm, black 50Hz, dimmable low voltage control (exdemo/scratched) Stock code: 98-474 1 £95.00each
CANFORD SCRIPT LIGHT Fluorescent, 1200mm, black, 50Hz, dimmable, DALI/DSI and switchDIM control Stock code: 98-128 1 £195.00each
CANFORD SKELETON CABLE REEL TROLLEY, steel, powder coated (twisted) Stock code: 98-062 2 £145.00each
CANFORD Spare key for ES262/408 series rear door and side panel, universal (set of 2) Stock code: 15-2624 34 £6.20£3.10per set
CANFORD Spare keys for CW series wall boxes Stock code: 15-2610 18 £8.00£4.00each
CANFORD SPARE RAW STEEL BOW For SMH310 headset Stock code: 27-030 12 £31.44£1.00each
CANFORD STAGEBOX End plate, 80mm, punched for Tourline 37 pin connector Stock code: 49-768 2 £7.50£0.10each
CANFORD TAILBOARD PANEL Angled 2U 5x MIL26 plug / socket, grey (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-467 5 £2.50each
CANFORD TAILBOARD PANEL Angled 2U 6x MIL26 plug / socket, grey (ex demo) Stock code: 98-489 1 £2.50each
CANFORD TCM141 LAVALIER MICROPHONE Stock code: 92-696 26 £17.28£3.00each
CANFORD THREAD ADAPTER 500M26-312F Stock code: 53-225 1,479 £0.95£0.10each
CANFORD UNIVERSAL MODULAR CONNECTION PLATE 1x IEC female, 1x male, grey Stock code: 45-3784 11 £2.64£1.50each
CANFORD UTILITY POWER AMPLIFIER ex demo/scratched Stock code: 98-122 1 £175.00each
CANFORD VCM CABLE Black Stock code: 36-330 63 £0.90£0.04per metre
CANFORD WIRELESS ICM20 IN EAR EARPIECE Beige ex demo no accessories Stock code: 98-091 1 £95.00each
CANFORD WIRELESS ICM21 IN EAR EARPIECE Brown ex demo no accessories Stock code: 98-092 1 £95.00each
CANFORD WIRELESS ICM30 IN EAR EARPIECE Beige ex demo no accessories Stock code: 98-093 1 £95.00each
CANFORD WIRELESS ICM31 IN EAR EARPIECE Brown ex demo no accessories Stock code: 98-094 1 £95.00each
CANFORD XLR BLANKING PLATE A- and B-series, dawn grey Stock code: 40-296 6,041 £0.98£0.07each
CLEARCOM WTR670 WIRELESS BELTPACK Single channel frequency-agile UHF new Stock code: 98-9676 2 £75.00each
COASTEL COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER DC charging cable Stock code: 55-875 1 £39.82£1.00each
COUNTRYMAN RPM320 SPARE Black replacement windscreens for WCE6B/B6B Stock code: 74-6987 2 £41.10£5.00each
CX 125 CABLE (as CT125 but foam dielectric) Stock code: 98-417 32 £0.05each
DRAKA CX167 CABLE Stock code: 36-168 385 £2.17£0.20per metre
DRAKA RUGGED DUPLEX PATCH OM3 MM 2.0mm Aqua Stock code: 46-4298 95 £1.30£0.10per metre
DRAKA TRIAX 11 HD PRO CABLE Stock code: 36-403 760 £10.37£3.96per metre
D-SUB 37 pin metallised plastic cover Stock code: 44-037 1 £1.48£0.01each
EAO 99-908-9 SWITCH MARKING PLATE For 99 series, White Stock code: 56-337 18 £1.07£0.50each
EAO 99-909-3 SWITCH FILM For 99 series, Orange Stock code: 56-343 60 £0.20£0.02each
EAO 99-909-4 SWITCH FILM For 99 series, Yellow Stock code: 56-344 1 £0.67£0.02each
EAO 99-909-6 SWITCH FILM For 99 series, Blue Stock code: 56-346 48 £0.20£0.05each
EAO 99-920-8 SWITCH BEZEL For 99 series, Grey Stock code: 56-328 18 £1.51£0.75each
EAO 99-922-7 SWITCH LENS PLATE For 99 series, Concave, clear Stock code: 56-334 18 £2.13£1.00each
EMO E345 MICROPHONE COMBINER (ex demo) Stock code: 98-114 1 £75.00each
EMO E720 PHANTOM POWER SUPPLY P48, 1 channel, PP3 battery powered (slight scratches) Stock code: 98-112 1 £39.00each
EMO RACK LIGHT RK1 TERMINATED WITH IEC PLUG (ex demo scratched) Stock code: 98-243 2 £95.00each
ERL CIRCULAR HOLE CUTTER Spare blade Stock code: 55-689 4 £15.75£7.50each
FISCHER 1051 DKE TRIAX HD pro+CONNECTOR Panel socket cable clamp front mount ( ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-767 20 £1.00each
FOSTEX 6301 FOAM RUBBER GASKET Stock code: 09-636 6 £0.60each
FRIWO PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY 3VA 24 Volt, UK Stock code: 23-974 24 £11.68£1.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL PLUG-TOP POWER SUPPLY 15VA 12 Volt with right-angle plug Stock code: 23-929 8 £27.50£9.00each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY 6VA 15 Volt Stock code: 06-954 16 £9.55each
FRIWO UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY 6VA 9 Volt Stock code: 06-952 4 £9.55each
GREENLEE GAC048 1.25mm LC ADAPTER FOR FIBRE OPTIC INSPECTION MICROSCOPE Stock code: 25-982 1 £49.80£35.00each
GROMMET S16 Stock code: 39-186 3,365 £0.28£0.01each
HARTING 09 14 000 9950 Blank module new Stock code: 98-9623 1 £0.25each
HARTING 09 14 004 4512 Han Multi module, 4 coaxial contacts female (Cable Connector) new Stock code: 98-9633 1 £1.00each
HEAT SHRINK SLEEVING Semi-rigid, transparent, 50.8mm, 0.2m length Stock code: 39-969 254 £1.00£0.30each
HEX KEY 0.0625 inch Stock code: 55-588 44 £0.56£0.15each
HEX KEY 1.5mm Stock code: 55-591 386 £0.32£0.10each
HEX KEY 2mm Stock code: 55-592 87 £0.32£0.10each
HEX KEY 4mm Stock code: 55-595 59 £0.36£0.10each
Clearance List

Overstocked, end of line and obsolete products reduced to clear


Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). These have a 12 month limited warranty (we may refund the purchase price in the event of failure rather than repair). All other products in the list carry a normal product warranty.

Stocks at these prices are limited. The clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Bulk cable is priced per metre unless stated otherwise. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.