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Clearance list

These Clearance Offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). All carry a normal product warranty.

Bulk cable is priced per metre unless stated otherwise.

  • Stocks at these prices are limited. The Clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the Clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.

You may also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price  
M&M B-GAUGE JACKFIELD 2U 2x20 brass jacks, mono-pitch continuous, clear Stock code: 45-220 1 £246.60£145.00each
CANARE VJ2-V24-2U VIDEO JACKFIELD PANEL Unpopulated Stock code: 48-378 4 £205.10£50.00each
CANARE VJ-DC Video Patch Dust Caps, black (pack of 40) Stock code: 98-9558 26 £0.25each
CANARE VPC003-WC GREEN Video Patchcord, 300mm Stock code: 98-9566 6 £2.50each
TROMPETER JSMW64S JACKFIELD PANEL Unpopulated (ex demo) Stock code: 48-3002 1 £137.90£10.00each
TROMPETER HDVDPM MODULE Normalled Stock code: 48-3004 14 £25.61£2.50each
KINGS 7520-8 WECO-BNC Jackfield connector (terminated) (NEW) Stock code: 98-102 38 £1.00each
ADC YV-BK2VSTM MidSize Video patch assembly. 2ft, black Stock code: 98-9679 1 £5.00each
CANFORD CAT6 FEEDTHROUGH PATCH PANEL 1U 24 way, unscreened (legending panels not printed correctly) Stock code: 98-040 1 £10.00each
Mini5 SC Multi-Mode 1 x 24-way Simplex (ex demo/scratched top) Stock code: 98-143 1 £5.00each
DRAKA RUGGED DUPLEX PATCH OM3 MM 2.0mm Aqua Stock code: 46-4298 200 £1.30£0.25per metre
LOOSE TUBE FIBRE 4 CORE 50/125 OM4 LSZH, Black (reel of 200m) Stock code: 98-9657 1 £150.00per reel
OCC DX002VALT9KA-M054 Fibre (per metre) Stock code: 98-9646 48 £1.40per metre
OCC DX004VALT9KA-M054 Fibre (per metre) Stock code: 98-9647 48 £1.85per metre
SC-ST MM DUPLEX OM1 62.5/125 Fibre patch cable 1.0m, yellow Stock code: 46-4448 1 £5.82£0.25each
SENKO SCK-SS-125 SMART FIBRE CONNECTOR CLEANER Reusable, for 1.25mm ferrules, LC and MU(EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-531 3 £25.00each
SENKO SCK-SS-250 SMART FIBRE CONNECTOR CLEANER Reusable, for 2.5mm ferrules SC FC ST E2000 (EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-525 5 £25.00each
SENKO SCK-SS-M-125 SMART CLEANER MINI FIBRE CONNECTOR CLEANER Disposable, for LC, MU(EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-526 5 £25.00each
SENKO SCK-SS-M-250 SMART CLEANER MINI FIBRE CONNECTOR CLEANER Disposable, for SC, FC, ST(EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-527 5 £25.00each
SENKO SCK-CC-100 SMART CLEANER CASSETTE For PC and APC, LC, MU SC FC ST fibre connectors(EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-524 5 £25.00each
SENKO FIBRE OPTIC ST MM FEEDTHROUGH COUPLER Stock code: 50-0202 8 £0.93£0.75each
SENKO FIBRE OPTIC E2000 SM FEEDTHROUGH COUPLER, 'Universal' mounting, blue Stock code: 46-4141 1 £21.25£12.50each
SENKO FIBRE ATTENUATOR ST, UPC, 1dB Stock code: 50-1611 2 £14.29£5.00each
SENKO FIBRE ATTENUATOR ST, UPC, 13dB Stock code: 50-1623 1 £14.29£5.00each
SENKO FIBRE ATTENUATOR ST, UPC, 14dB Stock code: 50-1624 1 £14.29£5.00each
PANDUIT OPTICOM FAPBY BLANKING PLATE Black Stock code: 46-4278 8 £3.23£0.25each
OptiBox Small Wall Mount Fiber Termination Patch/Splice Box (ex demo) Stock code: 98-518 1 £2.50each
Mini5 SC DUPLEX / LC QUAD PANEL, 24 cutout, 1U (without couplers) sliding tray, fibre management(NEW Stock code: 98-141 2 £5.00each
LC SM PANEL, 48 way (24x Duplex) 1U with sliding tray and fibre management, black(slightly scratched Stock code: 98-743 4 £10.00each
LC MM DUPLEX PANEL COUPLER BLUE (also fits SC simplex panel cutout) (NEW) Stock code: 98-374 20 £0.50each
SENKO SPARE TIP For Smart Probe Wi-Fi inspection tool, 2.5mm PC-male Stock code: 98-9534 1 £25.00each
SENKO SMART POWER METER Multimode 850/1300nm fibre, 2 digits Stock code: 50-1537 2 £139.70£85.00each
SENKO SMART SOURCE SFP MODULE For Smart Source fibre light source, MM, 1300nm, VCSEL Stock code: 50-1547 2 £122.30£60.00each
CANFORD BANTAM PATCHCORD Neutrik plugs, 770mm Black Stock code: 98-235 8 £5.00each
CANFORD BANTAM PATCHCORD Neutrik plugs, 770mm Red Stock code: 98-206 3 £5.00each
CABLE 3.5mm 4-pole plug to 3.5mm 4-pole socket, 3 metres Stock code: 98-397 17 £0.75each
Twin RCA (Phono) - Twin RCA (Phono) Cable 1.2m Stock code: 98-9681 10 £1.00each
LUSEM OXLINX LHM-NL20 HDMI Active optical cable, 20 metres Stock code: 38-8803 1 £171.90£75.00each
CANFORD AO-HDMI2-A20 Active optical cable HDMI2.0, armoured deployable, 20 metre (ex demo) Stock code: 98-726 1 £125.00each
CANFORD CABLE 3FXX-3MXX-HST-1.5m, Black Stock code: 38-150 18 £8.60£6.50each
CANFORD CABLE 3FXX-3MXX-HST-2m, Red Stock code: 38-112 4 £8.89£6.50each
CANFORD CABLE 3FXX-3MXX-HST-3m, Green Stock code: 38-105 7 £13.34£7.00each
CANFORD CABLE 3FXX-3MXX-HST-5m, Red Stock code: 38-132 20 £10.60£8.00each
CANFORD CABLE 3FXX-3MXX-HST-5m, Green Stock code: 38-135 16 £10.60£8.00each
CANFORD CABLE 3FXX-3MXX-HST-5m, Blue Stock code: 38-136 20 £10.60£8.00each
CANFORD CABLE 3FRX-3MXX-HST-15m, Black Stock code: 98-9683 9 £15.00each
REAN CABLE XLR 3-pin female to 2-pole A-gauge jack plug, 9.15m, black Stock code: 37-6513 3 £11.60£4.50each
REAN CABLE XLR 3-pin male to 2-pole A-gauge jack plug, 6.10m, black Stock code: 37-6518 2 £8.88£4.50each
REAN CABLE 2-pole A-gauge jack plug to 2-pole A-gauge jack plug, 9.15m, black Stock code: 37-6525 3 £9.34£4.75each
CUSTOM CABLE 3FXX-3MXX-SQ-1m Black- Orange boots 1x Clear H/S (New) Stock code: 98-354 11 £5.00each
CANFORD CABLE NL2FX-NL2FX-GPS2-1.5-2m, Black Stock code: 38-8471 2 £17.44£10.00each
CANFORD XLR BREAKOUT CABLE 8x XLR3F - 8x XLR3M - FSJ8, 10 metres Stock code: 38-8201 6 £97.29£75.00each
CANFORD XLR BREAKOUT CABLE 8x XLR3F - 8x XLR3M - FSJ8, 30 metres Stock code: 38-8203 2 £150.40£110.00each
CANFORD CABLE NE8MC-1-RJ45-CAT5E-F-1m, Black Stock code: 46-9210 5 £14.46£11.00each
CANFORD CABLE NE8MC-1-RJ45-CAT5E-F-2m, Black Stock code: 46-9220 4 £14.83£11.00each
CANFORD CABLE FTF-FTM-VTFPUR-10m Stock code: 98-9682 8 £145.00each
AC MAINS POWER CORDSET IEC female - IEC male, 2.5 metres, black (hanked/new) Stock code: 98-498 11 £1.00each
AC MAINS POWER CORDSET IEC-Lock female - SCHUKO, 5 metre, black Stock code: 98-9516 49 £2.00each
CANFORD HEADSET SPLITTER CABLE BE-3MJP-3MJP Stock code: 38-051 272 £6.93£1.45each
LUSEM OXLINX LHM-PLAO Active optical cable, HDMI 1.4, Micro HDMI-D to A adapters, 100 metres Stock code: 38-8871 1 £596.00£295.00each
HDMI CABLE High speed with Ethernet, Mini C male to Mini C male, 2 metres Stock code: 38-8941 5 £3.68£1.50each
TELECOM CABLE CW1700, 4 pair Stock code: 33-819 2,703 £0.60£0.15per metre
CANFORD FSG4 CABLE (BBC PSF4/2) Stock code: 34-941 995 £0.86£0.25per metre
CORDIAL CGK 122 GUITAR CABLE 7/0.22mm (0.22 sq. mm), helical + CP screens, 7.2mm OD, Black Stock code: 98-9613 342 £0.20per metre
CORDIAL CIK 122 INSTRUMENT CABLE 7/0.2mm (0.22, Helical + CP screens, 6.1mm OD, Black Stock code: 98-9603 897 £0.20per metre
CORDIAL CIK 122 INSTRUMENT CABLE 7/0.2mm (0.22, Helical + CP screens, 6.1mm OD, Blue Stock code: 98-9601 268 £0.20per metre
CORDIAL CIK 122 INSTRUMENT CABLE 7/0.2mm (0.22, Helical + CP screens, 6.1mm OD, Green Stock code: 98-9602 505 £0.20per metre
CORDIAL CIK 122 INSTRUMENT CABLE 7/0.2mm (0.22, Helical + CP screens, 6.1mm OD, Red Stock code: 98-9605 907 £0.20per metre
CORDIAL CIK 122 INSTRUMENT CABLE 7/0.2mm (0.22, Helical + CP screens, 6.1mm OD, Yellow Stock code: 98-9604 168 £0.20per metre
CORDIAL CMP 4 INSTALLATION MULTIPAIR 4 foil screened pairs Stock code: 98-9620 224 £0.50per metre
CORDIAL CPK 220 PATCH CABLE 25/0.1mm (0.20 sq. mm), helical screen, 4.7mm OD, Red Stock code: 98-9612 385 £0.20per metre
CANFORD HST CABLE 1 pair, Red (Mk1) (per metre) Stock code: 98-9662 2,876 £1.14£0.75per metre
CANFORD HST CABLE 1 pair, Green (Mk1) (per metre) Stock code: 98-9665 1,678 £1.14£0.75per metre
CANFORD HST CABLE 1 pair, Blue (Mk1) (per metre) Stock code: 98-9666 2,156 £1.14£0.75per metre
CANFORD FST-HD-LFH CABLE 1 pair, cream (NEW) Stock code: 98-416 21 £0.20each
CANFORD KHJ-LFH CABLE 12 pair (BBC 'PIN' series design) Stock code: 98-540 157 £5.71£0.50per metre
CANFORD CABLE FTF-FTM-VTFPUR-50m Stock code: 38-905 5 £502.00£295.00each
CANFORD FSJ CABLE 4 pair (original analogue-only version) (Per Metre) (scratches to jacket) Stock code: 98-419 713 £0.75each
CANFORD BSU CABLE 4 core (DEF-STAN 7-2-4C) (reel of 100m) Stock code: 98-9597 1 £5.00each
DEF STAN 16-2-4A 4 core, unscreened (per metre) Stock code: 98-451 30 £0.10each
CX 125 CABLE (as CT125 but foam dielectric) Stock code: 98-417 132 £0.10each
CX167 CABLE Stock code: 36-168 1,155 £2.17£0.50per metre
CANFORD F TYPE PATCHCORD 300mm Black Stock code: 45-5700 2 £12.72£8.00each
CANFORD F TYPE PATCHCORD 900mm Black Stock code: 45-5720 5 £13.08£8.00each
CANFORD CABLE NE8MC-1-NE8MC-1-CAT5E-F-10m, Black Stock code: 46-9150 1 £14.99£15.00each
AC MAINS POWER CORDSET IEC C13 female - bare ends, 7 metres, orange Stock code: 42-3174 67 £5.62£2.75each
CANFORD CAT5E-F Ultramarine blue (printed 'VICON') Stock code: 97-103 1,973 £0.52£0.20per metre
CANFORD VCM CABLE Black Stock code: 36-330 163 £0.90£0.05per metre
CANFORD CVAP111 CABLE (BBC PIF8/1) Stock code: 36-011 17 £5.13£0.10per metre
CANARE V3-3C CABLE Black - 100m Stock code: 98-9632 1 £20.00per metre
BELDEN 1505ANH CABLE Blue Stock code: 60-1505ANH-6 340 £3.67£1.25per metre
BELDEN 1304A CABLE Grey Stock code: 98-9625 124 £0.20per metre
BELDEN 1347A CABLE Black Stock code: 60-1347A 102 £16.22£4.75per metre
CANFORD VTF CABLE 8.5 Red (Draka Triflex-PUR) Stock code: 36-453 3,315 £3.97£1.75per metre
CANFORD DST CABLE 1 pair, 110 ohms, Turquoise Stock code: 30-396 774 £1.52£0.95per metre
CANFORD KSM-LFH CABLE 25 pair (BBC PSN50/3 LFH version) Stock code: 31-575 8 £5.09£0.25per metre
MARCADDY CABLE DRUM SK-HD4602 (NEW) Stock code: 98-699 2 £175.00each
CANFORD ECONOMY VERSION SKELETON CABLE REEL TROLLEY, steel, powder coated Stock code: 98-183 31 £249.00£199.00each
CANFORD SKELETON CABLE REEL TROLLEY, steel, powder coated (twisted) Stock code: 98-062 2 £165.00each