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Clearance list

These clearance offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

You can also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price Add to basket
HEX KEY 4mm Stock code: 55-595 59 £0.36£0.10each
HIROSE HR10A-10R-12S(73) CONNECTOR 12 pin female panel Stock code: 44-593 2 £8.62£1.00each
HPRC HPRCPF-002-01 PANEL FRAME Kit for HPRC2200 or HPRC2250 case Stock code: 15-6542 1 £17.77£1.00each
HPRC HPRCPF-004-01 PANEL FRAME Kit for HPRC2400 case Stock code: 15-6545 1 £23.68£1.00each
HPRC HPRCPF-008-01 PANEL FRAME Kit for HPRC2700 case Stock code: 15-6548 1 £28.77£1.00each
HPRC PF2250 PANEL FRAME KIT For 2250 case Stock code: 15-6543 1 £14.12£0.50each
HPRC SPARE HANDLE for HPRC2100E case, blue new Stock code: 98-9559 1 £0.50each
BELDEN FS59BNCU BNC CONNECTOR Compression, group Q Stock code: 48-8245 162 £4.93£2.50each
ICM FSNS59U F CONNECTOR Compression, nickel, group Q (pack of 100) Stock code: 98-9527 1 £20.00each
IKON 15HD-90 HDD 15 pin male-female 90 degree adapter Stock code: 44-110 11 £12.83£10.00each
IKON CONNECTION MODULE EP-GC25 HDD15-HDD15 Stock code: 44-1435 1 £18.33£1.00each
IKON CONNECTION MODULE EP-HDMI50-ST HDMI-Screw terminals Stock code: 44-1409 1 £27.50£20.00each
IKON CONNECTION MODULE EP-PC50V HDD15-HDD15/90 plus three RCA(phono) Stock code: 44-1403 1 £20.63£2.50each
IKON DVI-ST DVI Screw terminal breakout adapter Stock code: 44-115 1 £17.42£14.00each
IKON FBA-1B Floor box HDD15-BNC breakout adapter Stock code: 44-112 2 £24.57£19.00each
INFINITY USB FOOT PEDAL (ex demo) Stock code: 98-001 1 £39.00each
INTENSO A5200 POWERBANK 5200mAh, Li-ion, aluminium, black Stock code: 59-5701 1 £7.71£7.00each
INTENSO A5200 POWERBANK 5200mAh, Li-ion, aluminium, silver Stock code: 59-5702 4 £7.71£7.00each
INTENSO S5000 SLIM POWERBANK 5000mAh, Li-polymer, integrated micro-USB, black Stock code: 59-5705 10 £7.85£5.00each
INTER-M A-120 MIXER AMPLIFIER 120W/4, 70V, 100V slight dent back panel Stock code: 98-746 1 £80.00each
ISTORAGE DATASHUR PRO 8GB USB 3.0 DRIVE, IP57, hardware encryption Stock code: 82-0732 3 £65.20£35.00each
JST EH 4-PIN CONNECTOR Stock code: 58-287 482 £0.04£0.01each
JST EH 9-PIN CONNECTOR Stock code: 58-288 61 £0.08£0.01each
JST EH CONNECTOR Crimp contact Stock code: 58-289 5,294 £0.02£0.01each
K&M 01-05-105-00 SPARE REINFORCING SLEEVE new Stock code: 98-9635 2 £0.50each
K&M 01-37-870-55 SPARE CONNECTING PLATE Stock code: 53-873 7 £7.10£3.50each
K&M 01-89-710-55 SPARE FINGER GUARD new Stock code: 98-9636 2 £5.00each
K&M 02-80-050-01 SPARE LEG Stock code: 53-780 6 £2.30£1.50each
K&M 03-02-310-29 SPARE SOCKET SCREW M8 x 12 Stock code: 53-866 10 £0.55£0.25each
K&M 03-02-320-25 SPARE SOCKET SCREW M8 x 16 Stock code: 53-867 6 £0.55£0.25each
K&M 03-15-140-00 SPARE COMPRESSION SPRING new Stock code: 98-9639 2 £0.25each
K&M 23751 FISHPOLE CARRYING BAG 635mm Stock code: 53-378 63 £5.87£1.00each
K&M 6-86730-1-55 SPARE RIBBED PLASTIC LOCKING SPACER new Stock code: 98-9641 6 £0.25each
K&M 6-86731-1-55 SPARE PLASTIC LOCKING SPACER new Stock code: 98-9642 6 £0.25each
K&M 7-118-100355 SPARE EXTENSION SWIVEL Black Stock code: 53-729 8 £15.00£5.00each
K&M 7-259-030401 SPARE EXTENSION ROD ASSEMBLY Stock code: 53-864 4 £6.95£3.50each
K&M SPARE FOLDING LEG Stock code: 53-720 1 £1.73£0.25each
KINGS 7520-8 WECO-BNC Jackfield connector (terminated) (NEW) Stock code: 98-102 35 £0.50each
KRONE Paper insert for label holder 51A (each) Stock code: 46-223 3,954 £0.16£0.01each
LAB GRUPPEN E 2:2 POWER AMPLIFIER Class D, 2x 100W, 70V or Low-Z, auto standby Stock code: 93-0913 1 £615.00£400.00each
LANDE CABLE MANAGEMENT PANEL Vertical, for 800w ES362, ES462 rack, 47U, grey (pair) Stock code: 12-7254 2 £65.22£12.00each
LANDE FRONT STEEL DOOR for Proline series, 12U, black Stock code: 15-5523 3 £29.62£2.50each
LANDE PLINTH KIT for ES362, ES462 rack, 600 wide, 1000 deep, grey Stock code: 12-7114 1 £79.69£33.00each
LANDE PLINTH KIT for ES362, ES462 rack, 800 wide, 1000 deep, black Stock code: 12-7121 4 £109.80£58.00each
LANDE PLINTH KIT for ES362, ES462 rack, 800 wide, 1000 deep, grey Stock code: 12-7120 2 £109.80£45.00each
LANDE PLINTH KIT for ES362, ES462 rack, 800 wide, 600 deep, grey Stock code: 12-7116 2 £69.06£27.00each
LANDE PLINTH KIT for ES362, ES462 rack, 800 wide, 800 deep, grey Stock code: 12-7118 2 £79.69£33.00each
LANDE PLINTH KIT for ES455 rack, 600 wide, 600 deep, grey slight dent on corner Stock code: 98-129 1 £5.00each
L-COM ECF504-BAS PANEL MOUNT KEYSTONE COUPLER USB 2.0 B-female (front) to A-female (rear), screened Stock code: 44-9269 154 £6.00£1.00each
LEMO FUW.3K.93C.ZLMC96W SMPTE FUW.3K.93C FIELD REPAIR KIT, with pre-terminated F2 contacts Stock code: 50-0911 10 £130.00£105.00each
LEMO GMA.2B.060.DN Strain relief, black (new) Stock code: 97-078 74 £3.00each
LINE ISOLATING UNIT Analogue, balanced, XLR in/out 10k ohms, 8 channel, rack mounting (ex demo) Stock code: 98-118 1 £545.00each
LINTEC UNIVERSAL ANTENNA CLAMP Stock code: 28-840 1 £6.72£5.00each
LITTLITE 12XR-HI-4 GOOSENECK LAMP 12-inch, halogen bulb, 4-pin right-angled XLR Stock code: 51-817 1 £79.55£30.00each
LITTLITE LTE12W S2-T Miniature desktop PSU (new) Stock code: 98-9644 7 £2.50each
LITTLITE RLX-E RAKLITE LAMP Rackmount, 2x 3-pin panel mount XLR connectors, dimmer, EU PSU Stock code: 51-6758 1 £146.10£110.00each
LOOSE TUBE FIBRE 4 CORE 50/125 OM4 LSZH, Black (reel of 200m) Stock code: 98-9657 1 £75.00per reel
L-Type Bracket BK-J03S for CCTV Dome Camera Aluminium alloy in/outdoor wall mount Stock code: 98-072 6 £2.50each
LUSEM OXLINX 611-R0016B REPLACEMENT DISPLAY DVI-D ADAPTER Micro HDMI type-D to DVI-D Stock code: 38-8876 4 £14.68£10.00each
LUSEM OXLINX 611-T0015B REPLACEMENT SOURCE DVI-D ADAPTER Micro HDMI type-D to DVI-D Stock code: 38-8875 7 £14.68£10.00each
LUSEM OXLINX LAT-00100 CABLE PULLING TOOL For use with LHM-P and LHM2-P pluggable cables Stock code: 38-8878 5 £5.36£3.50each
LUSEM OXLINX LHM-PL10 Active optical cable, HDMI 1.4, Micro HDMI-D to A adapters, 10 metres Stock code: 38-8861 4 £162.80£99.00each
LUSEM OXLINX LHM-PL15 Active optical cable, HDMI 1.4, Micro HDMI-D to A adapters, 15 metres Stock code: 38-8862 4 £182.50£109.00each
LUSEM OXLINX LHM-PL20 Active optical cable, HDMI 1.4, Micro HDMI-D to A adapters, 20 metres Stock code: 38-8863 3 £218.30£150.00each
LUSEM OXLINX LHM-PL50 Active optical cable, HDMI 1.4, Micro HDMI-D to A adapters, 50 metres Stock code: 38-8866 2 £323.90£225.00each
LUSEM OXLINX LHM-PLAO Active optical cable, HDMI 1.4, Micro HDMI-D to A adapters, 100 metres Stock code: 38-8871 1 £655.00£175.00each
M&M B-GAUGE JACKFIELD 1U 2x24 brass jacks, mono-pitch continuous, black New (old design) Stock code: 98-363 1 £185.00each
M10 PLAIN WASHER Fibre, red (pack of 10) Stock code: 14-747 266 £0.40£0.05per pack
M5 POZI SCREW Pan, MS, BZP, 10mm (pack of 100) Stock code: 14-196 58 £2.00£0.50per pack
MARCADDY CABLE DRUM SK-HD4602 (NEW) Stock code: 98-699 2 £145.00each
MicW CB012 SPLITTER CABLE For headphones and iSeries microphone Stock code: 74-6882 1 £8.56£2.50each
MK K1800WHI REPLACEMENT FILTER CASSETTE (NEW) Stock code: 98-338 1 £0.05each
MUXLAB 500054 COMPONENT VIDEO/IR PASS-THRU BALUN 3x male RCA, RJ45, terminal screws, male Stock code: 28-7054 1 £61.37£10.00each
NEAL Cassette head cleaning kit Stock code: 29-910 3 £8.95£5.50each
NEAL earpads for stethoscope headset (pack of 10) Stock code: 29-923 1 £10.00£5.00per pack
NEUTRIK ACRF-0 XLR Escutcheon for A- and BA-series, black Stock code: 40-890 34 £0.18£0.05each
NEUTRIK ACRF-8 XLR Escutcheon for A- and BA-series, grey Stock code: 40-898 45 £0.18£0.05each
NEUTRIK ACRM-1 XLR Escutcheon for A- and BA-series, brown Stock code: 40-781 4 £0.18£0.05each
NEUTRIK ACRM-3 XLR Escutcheon for A- and BA-series, orange Stock code: 40-783 54 £0.18£0.05each
NEUTRIK ACRM-7 XLR Escutcheon for A- and BA-series, violet Stock code: 40-787 56 £0.18£0.05each
NEUTRIK ACRM-8 XLR Escutcheon for A- and BA-series, grey Stock code: 40-788 2 £0.18£0.05each
NEUTRIK BSTT-0 BANTAM PLUG GLAND Black Stock code: 43-130 6,361 £0.26£0.01each
NEUTRIK DIE-BNC-U DIE SET For HX-BNC crimp tool Stock code: 48-579 1 £139.40£65.00each
NEUTRIK LCR-2 SPEAKON Coding ring for Speakon SPX, red Stock code: 43-632 10 £0.36£0.10each
NEUTRIK LCR-9 SPEAKON Coding ring for Speakon SPX, white Stock code: 43-639 42 £0.36£0.10each
NEUTRIK MMI MINICON Male insert for MINICON Cable housing Stock code: 40-853 110 £0.94£0.55each
NEUTRIK MPS MINICON Male solder contact Stock code: 40-858 258 £0.28£0.17each
NEUTRIK NBNC75BHK7 BNC 3G Male cable, rear twist, Canare L-3CFB Stock code: 48-6302 3 £2.62£1.60each
NEUTRIK NC3FAHR1 XLR Female PC mounting lateral Stock code: 40-131 21 £1.32£0.20each
NEUTRIK NC3FAY XLR Female panel, IDC Stock code: 40-140 19 £1.26£0.10each
NEUTRIK NC3FD-LX-HA-BAG XLR Female panel, crimp Stock code: 41-125 46 £4.22£2.50each
NEUTRIK NC3MD-H-B XLR Male PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 41-382 54 £5.42£2.50each
NEUTRIK NC3MD-V-BAG XLR Male PC mounting vertical Stock code: 41-374 19 £4.48£1.25each
NEUTRIK NC3MPR-H XLR Male PC mounting horizontal Stock code: 40-378 65 £1.08£0.40each
NEUTRIK NKO4S-L-0-3 OPTICALCON LITE QUAD Cable assembly SM, 3m, coil new Stock code: 98-013 2 £175.00each
NEUTRIK NL2MDXX-H-3 SPEAKON Panel connector, PCB mounting horizontal Stock code: 43-408 35 £3.10£1.00each
NEUTRIK NR3F-S NANOCON Female panel complete with insert and contacts Stock code: 40-885 27 £9.98£3.00each
NEUTRIK NRJ4HH JACK SOCKET Stock code: 43-5024 78 £0.36£0.10each
NEUTRIK NSC3M Cable housing with male insert, solder contacts Stock code: 40-888 46 £12.24£5.90each
NEUTRIK ORP8F-NI NEUTRICON Panel socket, nickel, with insert and NEUTRICON Female solder contacts Stock code: 40-836 3 £7.84£3.00each
Clearance List

Overstocked, end of line and obsolete products reduced to clear


Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). These have a 12 month limited warranty (we may refund the purchase price in the event of failure rather than repair). All other products in the list carry a normal product warranty.

Stocks at these prices are limited. The clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Bulk cable is priced per metre unless stated otherwise. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.