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Clearance list

These Clearance Offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). These have a 12 month limited warranty (we may refund the purchase price in the event of failure rather than repair). All other products in the list carry a normal product warranty.

  • Stocks at these prices are limited. The Clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the Clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Bulk cable is priced per metre unless stated otherwise. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.

You may also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price Add to basket
TASCAM CD-500 CD PLAYER RCA, SP/DIF, RS232, 1U rackmount Stock code: 93-4247 1 £395.10£295.00each
CANFORD MICROPHONE SPLITTER 1 channel, 2 way (EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-389 2 £75.00each
EMO E345 MICROPHONE COMBINER (ex demo) Stock code: 98-114 1 £75.00each
EMO E545 DI BOX Passive, 6 channel, with earth lift, 3U rackmount Stock code: 20-034 1 £510.00£335.00each
CANFORD BALANCED TO UNBALANCED CONVERTER XMB Inline, low level, XLRM to XLRF Stock code: 49-223 1 £54.98£40.00each
CANFORD LINE ISOLATING UNIT Analogue, balanced, XLR in/out 10k ohms 4 channel rack mounting ex demo. Stock code: 98-119 1 £295.00per metre
LINE ISOLATING UNIT Analogue, balanced, XLR in/out 10k ohms, 8 channel, rack mounting (ex demo) Stock code: 98-118 1 £545.00each
EMO E370 LINE SPLITTER 1 channel, 3 way, free standing (EX DEMO/SCRATCHED) Stock code: 98-044 1 £110.00each
CANFORD BXM16 RACKMOUNT IMPEDANCE CONVERTER AES/EBU, 1U, 16x XLRM to BNC socket scratched panels . Stock code: 98-120 1 £225.00each
CANFORD CCM3 MIXER 220/240 volt (includes case & PSU) Stock code: 20-633 1 £507.00£145.00each
CANFORD CCM3 MIXER Spare 220/240 volt power supply (ex demo good condition) Stock code: 98-115 1 £5.00each
CANFORD HG8/1 SOURCE SELECTOR Passive 8 stereo inputs 1 stereo output 1U rackmount( SCRATCHED) Stock code: 98-745 1 £145.00each
CANFORD ACTIVE SCART RACK Scart in, audio pro interface with XLR out BNC video out ex demo/scratched Stock code: 98-064 1 £45.00each
CANFORD PRO-INTERFACE Mk.2 Bi-directional, dual stereo, 1U Rackmount (slightly scratched) Stock code: 98-715 1 £95.00each
RDL EZ-SD1 STORAGE DRAWER For EZ-RA6 or EZ-CC6 chassis, 1/6 rack width Stock code: 57-4986 2 £27.03£10.00each
RDL RU-NL2 DANTE INTERFACE Output, 2x line out, terminal blocks Stock code: 57-4805 3 £378.10£275.00each
RDL FP-PSB1A MOUNTING BRACKET For 1x PS-24V2 Stock code: 57-428 2 £35.22£25.00each
CANFORD UTILITY POWER AMPLIFIER ex demo/scratched Stock code: 98-122 1 £175.00each
INTER-M A-120 MIXER AMPLIFIER 120W/4, 70V, 100V slight dent back panel Stock code: 98-746 1 £95.00each
EMO E250 GUITAR HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER Stock code: 20-250 1 £124.00£45.00each
SONIFEX RB-HD6 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER Analogue, 6 stereo outputs slightly marked rackmount Stock code: 98-117 1 £275.00each
RDL TX-1W AUDIO AMPLIFIER Music on hold, adjustable gain, RCA I/O, 600R balanced terminal out Stock code: 58-484 1 £72.52£48.00each
RDL CP-1S COVER PLATE Single, for SMB-1/DC-1/WB-1U, stainless steel Stock code: 57-2568 1 £9.67£7.00each
RDL AMS-LED MODULE LED indicator, red Stock code: 57-445 1 £11.47£8.00each
RDL ST-VOX1 VOICE CONTROLLED RELAY Mic/line level (ex demo) Stock code: 98-055 1 £45.00each
INFINITY USB FOOT PEDAL (ex demo) Stock code: 98-001 1 £45.00each
EMO E720 PHANTOM POWER SUPPLY P48, 1 channel, PP3 battery powered (slight scratches) Stock code: 98-112 1 £45.00each
BULGIN (ARCOELECTRIC) C1553ATNAE AC mains power rocker switch, DPST, red Stock code: 58-249 458 £1.95£1.75each
C&K 7211MDZBE TOGGLE SWITCH Recessed metal toggle, 2 pole, 3 position on/on/on, solder tabs Stock code: 58-243 31 £9.83£4.00each
C&K 7207J21ZBE22 TOGGLE SWITCH Black plastic lever, bezel, 2 pole, 3 pos. on/off/mom, solder tabs Stock code: 58-244 85 £9.30£4.00each
C&K 7101J2V3BE2 TOGGLE SWITCH Black plastic level, 1 pole, 2 position on/on, PCB pins Stock code: 58-245 1,993 £4.87£3.00each
REAN T280 KNOB CAP Black Stock code: 58-850 14 £0.14£0.05each
REAN T150 KNOB CAP For C154, C156, black Stock code: 58-830 18 £0.18£0.05each
JST EH 4-PIN CONNECTOR Stock code: 58-287 482 £0.04£0.01each
JST EH 9-PIN CONNECTOR Stock code: 58-288 61 £0.08£0.01each
JST EH CONNECTOR Crimp contact Stock code: 58-289 5,294 £0.02£0.01each
EAO 99-909-3 SWITCH FILM For 99 series, Orange Stock code: 56-343 60 £0.20£0.02each
EAO 99-909-4 SWITCH FILM For 99 series, Yellow Stock code: 56-344 1 £0.67£0.02each
EAO 99-909-6 SWITCH FILM For 99 series, Blue Stock code: 56-346 48 £0.20£0.05each
EAO 99-908-9 SWITCH MARKING PLATE For 99 series, White Stock code: 56-337 18 £1.07£0.50each
EAO 99-920-8 SWITCH BEZEL For 99 series, Grey Stock code: 56-328 18 £1.51£0.75each
EAO 99-922-7 SWITCH LENS PLATE For 99 series, Concave, clear Stock code: 56-334 18 £2.13£1.00each
ROCKER SWITCH RBW2ABLKRILEF1 new Stock code: 98-9526 1 £1.00each
SIFAM IS14562 - Type 19B, 0-1mA, scaled 0-2.5 with caption kV and tab terminals new Stock code: 98-9685 1 £10.00each
SIFAM Spare glass for PPM 32AF and VU R32AF Stock code: 58-392 7 £15.15£1.00each
SIFAM Spare glass for PPM 34A and VU R34A Stock code: 58-394 1 £10.25£1.00each
MUXLAB 500000 Single channel video balun Stock code: 28-7000 1 £14.67£2.50each
MUXLAB 500054 COMPONENT VIDEO/IR PASS-THRU BALUN 3x male RCA, RJ45, terminal screws, male Stock code: 28-7054 2 £61.37£10.00each
LYNX C AD 3110 Mk2 A/D CONVERTER MODULE Video, 10-bit, YUV, CVBS, Y/C in, SDI out, 5V DC Stock code: 90-209 1 £725.00£95.00each
LYNX R PS 3601-3 INLINE POWER SUPPLY For one 3000 series module, 110-230V, IEC inlet Stock code: 90-252 1 £60.00£5.00each
RUIGE BATTERY PLATE For JVC 7.2V DV battery Stock code: 90-8864 4 £15.89£1.00each
BPR POWER SUPPLY For JEM/MEJ and JAM/MAJ, plug-in Stock code: 90-959 1 £37.17£1.00each
BLACKMAGIC BDLKULSDMBREC3G ULTRASTUDIO MONITOR 3G SDI/HDMI out, Thunderbolt 3 interface Stock code: 89-0057 1 £95.00£80.00each
BLACKMAGIC CONVCMIC/SH MICRO CONVERTER SDI to HDMI, with PSU Stock code: 89-0069 1 £59.00£50.00each
FOSTEX SPA11 (deep scratches C/W 'U' bracket and Pole Mount adapter) ex demo/badly scratched Stock code: 98-124 1 £25.00each
ANCHOR BEA-8000 BEACON LINE ARRAY SYSTEM AC/Battery, Bluetooth Stock code: 76-2071 1 £2,530.00£1,450.00each
ANCHOR RC-8000UK Power Lead new Stock code: 98-9678 1 £1.00each
APART MASK2CMT-BL CEILING MOUNT For MASK2, black Stock code: 76-1703 1 £7.00£1.00per pair
APART CM3T LOUDSPEAKER Ceiling, circular, 3-inch driver, 20W, 16ohms, 70/100V, white Stock code: 76-1781 1 £20.00£12.00each
APART E-MODON SURFACE BOX For ACP, ACPL, ACPR, DIWAC and E-VOL/E-VOLST volume controls Stock code: 76-1827 2 £7.00£4.50each
APART E-MODIN FLUSH BOX For ACP, ACPL, ACPR, DIWAC and E-VOL volume controls Stock code: 76-1828 2 £4.00£2.50each
CANFORD PHASE CHECK SYSTEM Mk.2(Ex (EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-749 1 £150.00each
LEN L3GCC10M VIDEO CABLE CLONE 3G SDI, 10m Belden 1694A Stock code: 90-6191 1 £215.00£45.00each
TECPRO BP111 Single circuit beltpack (XLR-3 connectors) EX DEMO/SCRATCHED) Stock code: 98-000 1 £80.00each
TECPRO BP114 Dual circuit beltpack (monaural) (XLR-3 connectors) (ex-hire) Stock code: 98-121 3 £80.00each
TECPRO LS312T Loudspeaker station, multi circuit, metal case ( ex demo badly scratched) Stock code: 98-393 1 £145.00each
TECPRO LS411T Loudspeaker station, metal case (ex demo scratched) Stock code: 98-123 1 £95.00each
TECPRO LSM1 Gooseneck mic, nickel (slight scratches on head) Stock code: 98-125 1 £75.00each
TECPRO MS721 Master station ( ex demo scratched & old) Stock code: 98-391 1 £345.00each
TECPRO SB901 Splitter box, 1 in, 2 + 2 out (EX DEMO, scratched) Stock code: 98-388 2 £55.00each
TECPRO HS125 Fixed headset station, electronics only Stock code: 27-125 2 £180.00£45.00each
TECPRO HS129FB Flush box for HS121 and HS122 Stock code: 27-129 15 £27.00£1.00each
TECPRO LI906 Line isolator Stock code: 27-906 2 £40.00£25.00each
TECPRO EC907 Master station extender link cable Stock code: 27-907 3 £40.00£20.00each
TECPRO TW408 SPARE BATTERY 2600mAh, rechargeable, for TW401 Stock code: 27-408 21 £39.00£5.00each
TECPRO TW409 SPARE BELT CLIP For TW401 Stock code: 27-409 21 £6.00£1.00each
TECPRO TW412 DIPOLE ANTENNA Stock code: 27-412 2 £125.00£10.00each
BOSCH PLE-1CS Plena All-cal cal station (EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-480 1 £10.00each
GREEN-GO GGO-MCXEXT RACK EXTENSION UNIT For MCX or MCXD intercom station, 24 channel, 1U Stock code: 26-787 2 £2,010.00£995.00each
GREEN-GO GGO-MCXDEXT EXTENSION UNIT For MCX or MCXD intercom station, 24 channel, desk top Stock code: 26-789 1 £2,010.00£1,500.00each
GREEN-GO MCD24 DIGITAL DESK STATION 24-channel, ethercon RJ45 connection (ex-demo) Stock code: 26-756 1 £2,560.00£995.00each
GREEN-GO GWP DIGITAL CUELIGHT PANEL Wall mounting, ethercon RJ45 connection Stock code: 26-758 1 £458.00£195.00each
RTS MRT327A4F Dual channel user station (26-929) (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-9540 1 £125.00each
RTS BTR-240 A4M WIRELESS BASE STATION ACCESS POINT 2.4GHz, multi-channel, A4M headset connector new Stock code: 98-616 1 £250.00each
CLEARCOM WTR670 WIRELESS BELTPACK Single channel frequency-agile UHF new Stock code: 98-9676 2 £75.00each
PRODYS PRONTO 3 ISDN Codec (28-263) (scratched on top panel, right front panel damage) Stock code: 98-041 3 £95.00each
PRODYS NOMADA Spare PSU, EU Stock code: 28-280 1 £14.44£1.00each
SONIFEX DIGITAL TELEPHONE BALANCE UNIT DHY02T (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-533 1 £245.00each
SONIFEX TELEPHONE BALANCE UNIT HY-03 including carry case (EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-403 1 £225.00each
WATSONLINC 650 TELEPHONE COUPLER Stock code: 28-122 1 £99.95£5.00each
C/L High Resolution Vandal dome Camera Vari-focal lens 3.7-12mm 15-CD45VAB-U x 1 new Stock code: 98-081 1 £10.00each
L-Type Bracket BK-J03S for CCTV Dome Camera Aluminium alloy in/outdoor wall mount Stock code: 98-072 6 £2.50per metre
15-CD08BW Wall Mount Bracket for 15-CD43 +15-CD45 Dome Cameras Impact Resistant Plastic construction Stock code: 98-073 2 £2.50per metre