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Clearance list

These Clearance Offers are products where we would like to reduce or clear our inventory. They may be end of line items, overstocked items, accessories for older products or ex-demo/exhibition items.
All products in this list are new and unused unless otherwise stated. Prices range from a decent discount to amazingly low!

Stock codes 98-*** are catalogue products which are in less than "new" condition, or products that have not been listed in the catalogue (for further information contact Tech Support). All carry a normal product warranty.

  • Stocks at these prices are limited. The Clearance price is ONLY applicable to stock in our warehouse that we want to clear. If you order more than we have in stock, we will reduce your order to the quantity we have available at the Clearance price.

All Prices shown exclude VAT at the standard UK rate. Offer sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.

You may also download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet:

  Description To clear Price  
GREEN-GO MCR12 DIGITAL LOUDSPEAKER STATION 12-channel, rackmount, ethercon RJ45 connection Stock code: 26-754 5 £2,090.00£1,358.50each
GREEN-GO GWP DIGITAL CUELIGHT PANEL Wall mounting, ethercon RJ45 connection Stock code: 26-758 2 £457.70£297.50each
RTS BP325 Dual channel beltpack, grey (26-901) (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-9538 2 £95.00each
RTS BP351 Dual ch.beltpack, black, XLR-4 h/p outlet Stock code: 26-937 2 £334.00£225.00each
RTS MRT327A4F Dual channel user station (26-929) (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-9540 1 £195.00each
RTS RM325A5F Dual channel binaural headset station Stock code: 26-918 1 £451.30£325.00each
RTS MCS325 Modular speaker station Stock code: 26-911 1 £273.60£195.00each
RTS MCS325 Modular speaker station (26-911) (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-9539 1 £125.00each
RTS HOL-240 HOLSTER For TR-240 wireless beltpack Stock code: 26-968 1 £37.00£25.00each
RTS BTR-240 A4M WIRELESS BASE STATION ACCESS POINT 2.4GHz, multi-channel, A4M headset connector Stock code: 98-616 2 £950.00each
RTS CHG-240 BATTERY CHARGER 4 bay, rapid, for BP-240 batteries Stock code: 26-966 1 £500.00£95.00each
TTI TX2000U PMR RADIO TRANSCEIVER 400-470MHz, with battery, charger, belt-clip, requires licence Stock code: 28-958 1 £128.50£89.00each
SHARMAN Headset with boom mic Stock code: 98-9549 1 £5.00each
Retell 650 Intelligent Recording Interface - 650 (Brand New) Stock code: 98-332 1 £10.00each
SONIFEX TELEPHONE BALANCE UNIT HY-03 including carry case (EX DEMO) Stock code: 98-403 1 £380.00each
SONIFEX DIGITAL TELEPHONE BALANCE UNIT DHY02T (ex demo/scratched) Stock code: 98-533 1 £975.00each
WATSONLINC 650 TELEPHONE COUPLER Stock code: 28-122 2 £99.95£55.00each
PRODYS PRONTO 3 ISDN Codec (28-263) (scratched on top panel, right front panel damage) Stock code: 98-041 2 £650.00each
PRODYS NOMADA Spare PSU, EU Stock code: 28-280 1 £14.44£5.00each
SA.3702.0001 KEYBOARD TRAY (NEW) Stock code: 98-365 1 £5.00each
KE-NL-4MODUL, NOTELOCKER, 4 MODUL PACK, LOCK PADLOCK Stock code: 98-267 1 £5.00each
KLOVER KM-09 MIK 09 PARABOLIC REFLECTOR 9-inch diameter, up to 50ft range Stock code: 53-3903 2 £333.00£280.00each