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The Dark1616M is a dedicated, rack-mounting, DANTE Ethernet interface, designed for use in demanding broadcast environments. It has sixteen inputs and outputs available as analogue balanced inputs, which may be selected to microphone, microphone with 48V phantom power and line levels and outputs, and also as eight AES inputs and outputs (sixteen digital channels). It can be used as a stand-alone interface into a DANTE network or in conjunction with a second, directly-linked, Glensound interface as an audio 'snake', or used as the network-connected or point-to-point interface to Glensound's DANTE commentator units.

It has both redundant network cable connections and redundant power supplies for extra resilience, and has redundant SFP slots, providing the option to use multimode, single-mode or single-core fibre connections for additional range. It is compatible with Glensound DARK series or AoIP44 DANTE interfaces when directly connected as a 'snake'.

DANTE is a software and hardware solution, offering high-performance audio distribution over standard IP networks, supporting hundreds of simultaneous channels of uncompressed audio with low latency and accurate synchronization. For further information, see DANTE Networking Basics. In a DANTE network, the DANTE Controller web interface controls audio routing. Any DANTE input can be routed to any other output on the network, or to multiple network output points.

The four network connections of the Dark1616 can be configured as a switch. In this configuration, if the primary and secondary redundant SFP/fibre slots have been used as the network link, the RJ45 connections can be used to loop out to further local DARK units or other DANTE devices that will all be shown separately on the network within the DANTE Controller configuration utility.

The DARK1616M contains a web server, 'allowing remote functionality to an engineer from any PC connected to the network via any web browser'. Remote control of the input switching (microphone / microphone with 48V phantom / line), input gain and microphone on/off is available. Network settings can be configured.

The front panel of the 1U high, rack-mounting chassis has eight LEDs to indicate the status of the DARK1616Ms primary and secondary redundant systems. PSU1, PSU2, primary link, and secondary link all have indicators to show either normal or fault mode. A nine-pin, D-sub connector is used to relay any fault information via GPO. This can be used to trigger alarms on other systems in the event of link or power supply failures.

A mini-B USB socket allows connection to a PC for performing firmware updates, in conjunction with 'Identify' and 'Update' buttons.Two SFP slots are provided to take optional primary and secondary SFP fibre interfaces for the network connection. Two Ethercon sockets provide primary and secondary copper Ethernet connections.

The rear panel contains six 25-pin, D-sub connectors. Two of these are for the AES input/outputs, AES 1-4 and AES 6-8. Two are for the analogue inputs, analogue in 1-8 and analogue in 9-16. The final two are for the analogue outputs, analogue out 1-8 and analogue out 9-16. All analogue and AES outputs are always available. On the inputs, any valid AES signal will have priority over the analogue inputs. Two IEC power inlets feed the main and secondary redundant power supplies.

Microphone level inputs: -67dBu to -15dB dBu, for-24dBFs line up, -61dBu to -7dBu, for -18dBFs line up, 2400 ohms. Input gain resolution: 1dB steps. Response: 40Hz to 22kHz, +/-0.25dB. Distortion: 0.002% THD, 1kHz. Noise: -127dB EIN, 22Hz-22kHz, terminated 300 ohms. Phantom power: +48 volts. Line level analogue audio: +18dBu / +18dBu, maximum, input / output, 20k ohms / 50 ohms impedance, Distortion: 0.0022% THD at 1kHz, referred to +8dBu output. Noise: -93dB at 'line up', RMS, A-weighted. Dynamic range: 111dB. Inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and can be wired unbalanced.
Digital audio: AES3. Response: 'Flat to 22kHz'. Maximum levels: 0dBFs, inputs and outputs, 110 ohms. Distortion: 0.00018% THD+N. Noise: -123dB RMS, A-weighted, residual. Inputs and outputs are transformer balanced. Dynamic range: 141dB. Input frequency: 16-192kHz (sample rate converted to meet DANTE network frequency). Output frequency: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192kHz (output matched Dante network).
Power source: 2x AC inputs,100 - 240V AC, 47-63Hz; 18W at 230V AC. Dimensions: Rack mounting, 1U x 300mm deep excluding connectors. Weight: 3.3kg.

Included accessories: 2x power cables, with UK 13A connectors.
Optional accessories: SFP modules: The 'DANTE/SFPS' is a single-mode module and the 'DANTE/SFPM' is multi-mode. The 'DANTE/SFP1' and 'DANTE/SFP2' are for use over distances up to 10km and are WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing) types, a multiplexing technology which can be used to enable bi-directional communication over a single fibre. The SFP1 should be used in a pair with the SFP2. DANTE 'breakout boxes': See Glensound DANTE interfaces.

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GLENSOUND DARK1616M DANTE INTERFACE 16 in, 16 out, balanced microphone/line-level and AES audio   Stock code:
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GLENSOUND DANTE/SFPS SFP MODULE For single-mode fibre   Stock code:
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GLENSOUND DANTE/SFPM SFP MODULE For multi-mode fibre   Stock code:
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GLENSOUND DANTE/SFP1 SFP MODULE For single-core, WDM, bi-directional fibre, use with SFP2   Stock code:
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GLENSOUND DANTE/SFP2 SFP MODULE For single-core, WDM, bi-directional fibre, use with SFP1   Stock code:
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