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GLENSOUND SIGNATURE SD1+ SILENCE DETECTOR Primary and backup inputs, use for stereo or 2x mono
GLENSOUND SIGNATURE SD1+ SILENCE DETECTOR Primary and backup inputs, use for stereo or 2x monoGLENSOUND SIGNATURE SD1+ SILENCE DETECTOR Primary and backup inputs, use for stereo or 2x mono

The Signature SD1+ monitors an audio feed and in the event of that primary audio source falling below silence thresholds in level or time, switches to an alternative audio signal. This signal could be recorded material, or an alternative recorded program. While the obvious application is in radio broadcasting, the unit is equally capable in any situation where it is important that an outgoing signal is maintained at all times.

Intelligent modes can be set to allow for switching back to the primary audio source once a sustained audio level has returned. With a stereo audio source, if one channel should fail, the SD1+ can be set to switch this single input to both outputs, making a problem unnoticeable to many listeners, whilst at the same time still providing alarm outputs so the engineers can be alerted.

The SD1+ can also be configured as a twin, single-channel, silence detector. The backup source 'is usually coming from an audio player which can be remotely started by the SD1+ via a GPO should silence be detected'. A 'comprehensive set of GPIOs allow for triggering external devices when the secondary input has been triggered'.

Each channel can have the configuration parameters set independently. The threshold at which the unit detects a low level is configurable, as is the amount of time that the audio needs to be under this level before an alarm condition is triggered and the audio is switched to the backup input. Level thresholds may be set between -60dBu and -10dBu level and 5 seconds to 5 minutes duration. If the power fails, the primary input switches directly to the outputs via bypass relays.

Glensound's Signature Series have internal power supplies as standard, in addition every unit, other than the PS1 power supply, has an external 12V DC input which may be used used as a primary power source, or for backup when connected to an optional Signature PS1 power station. The Signature case is in rack-mounting format, 1U high, and has extruded sides to which rack 'ears' are attached. These may be removed and fixed to the rear of the unit if desired. The extrusion has 'wings' at the side which may be used to mount the case to a flat surface.

The front panel has two rows of indicators and push buttons, one for the left or 'A' channel, one for the right or 'B' channel. Each row has two LEDs indicating either that the 'Main' programme input is 'active' or that the 'Aux' programme input is 'active'. Each LED has an associated push-button, which is held down to 'force' the unit to switch to the related input. In this condition, the LED flashes; a short press will return the silence detector to automatic mode. An illuminated screen is accompanied by a rotary encoder 'Adjust' control and a 'Select' push-button. It is used for set-up and offers a display of the of the state of the main outputs with messages such as 'X seconds to fail' and 'X seconds to good'.

The rear panel has two pairs of 3-pin, female XLR connectors, one pair each for the 'Main' and 'Aux' inputs.The latter pair has an associated toggle switch to provide 10dB of gain for use when the back-up source is a domestic CD player or similar. A pair of 3-pin, male XLRs provide the outputs. A 25-pin male D-sub connector provides the general purpose input/output connections; '6 solid state relay outputs and 4 inputs to allow basic remote control and remote indication'. A 4-pin, male XLR connector provides the DC power connection while an IEC inlet provides the AC power input.

Inputs: Better than +24dB maximum. Inputs can be wired unbalanced if required. Distortion: 0.008%THD at 100Hz, 0.009% at 1kHz and 0.007% at 10kHz, referred to +8dBu output. Noise: -85dB RMS at unity gain, +8dBu output. Outputs: +24dB maximum. Power source: 100-240V AC, 2.8watts at 230V AC. Dimension: 445 x 123 x 44(l x d x h) mm without rack ears; 482 x 123 x 44(l x d x h)mm with rack ears. Weight: 1.16kg.

Included accessories: Power cable, with UK 13A connector. 4x rack screws.
Optional accessories: Signature PS1 redundant power supply, see GLENSOUND POWER SUPPLIES - Signature Series.

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GLENSOUND SIGNATURE SD1+ SILENCE DETECTOR Primary and backup inputs, use for stereo or 2x mono Stock code: 95-8978
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