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IDX IA-60a 60W Power supply
IDX IA-60a 60W Power supplyIDX IA-200a 100W Power supplyIDX IA-300a 210W Power supplyIDX CA-4XLR Power cable, XLR-4M to XLR-4F

IDX AC adapters are designed specifically for the tough rigours of location work. They are portable, compact, strong and lightweight. All IDX stand-alone power supplies are made with metal cases to ensure reliability and long life.

Mechanically and electrically they are designed for 'low ripple noise' to ensure non interference with the camera video signal. They feature adjustable output voltage and 'fall down' PSU design, where, should the unit be subjected to a load greater than its rated capacity, the power supply will automatically shut down. All supplies automatically sense input voltage, 100 to 240V AC, 50 or 60Hz.

IDX IA-70a 70W Power Supply

With durability, lightweight and reliability as prime design features, the IDX IA-70a is the `shooters’ power supply. Used to support many camera manufacturers, the IA 70a is suitable for world wide operation and is designed to power any portable camera. One XLR-4 male to XLR-4 female cable is included.
DC power output: Approximately 70W, 14.3V~15.8V adjustable. Dimensions: 90mm(w) x 50mm(h) x 190mm(d). Weight: Approximately 748g.

IDX IA-200a 100W Power Supply

With dual outputs this will easily power two cameras, a camera and monitor combination or one very power hungry camera. Up to 100W may be drawn from one channel, or any combination equaling 100W from the two outputs. One XLR 4 male to XLR 4 female cable is included.
DC power output: Approximately 100W, 13.8V. Dimensions:115mm(w) x 500mm(h) x 270mm(d). Weight: Approximately 1.3kg.

IDX IA-300a 210W Power Supply

Supporting three XLR-4 output connectors the 210W IA 300a power supply is for the most demanding of applications, including lap top video editors. It is designed to feed any combination of power up to 210W from one, two, or three outputs. One XLR 4 male to XLR 4 female cable is included.
DC power output: Approximately 210W, 13.8V. Dimensions:125mm(w) x 75mm(h) x 245mm(d). Weight: Approximately 2kg.

IDX AC-100 100W On-Camera Power Supply

A multi-function 100W AC adaptor that can be used to provide DC power, mounted to the rear of a camera, via the V-mount battery connector. Alternatively, it can be used off-camera. The power supply has been designed to power HD broadcast camera set-ups that include multiple accessories, such as a monitor, an on-board light and transmission devices. A parallel XLR4 output is included for powering camera accessories. The AC-100 uses 'Power Base' mode, which allows the operator to connect two Endura batteries, in 'Powerlink', and use the AC-100 as a power source independent of AC mains supply. 'Power Base' mode also provides a battery backup station to the camera should the mains AC become disconnected or fail. A recessed power switch with 90-degree AC cord prevent accidental cord detachment. Constant power output is 100W at 14.5V DC. It can be powered from any AC supply worldwide. The unit runs silently at low loads with a temperature-activated low noise fan at higher loads. Over voltage, over current and temperature protection are included.

IDX CA-4XLR Power cable

Uses Neutrik gold plated, black, 4 pin, XLR connectors. Male to female. Length: 3 metres.

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IDX IA-70a 70W Power supply, 14.3-15.8V adjustable, 1 XLR Stock code: 59-530
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IDX IA-200a 100W Power supply Stock code: 59-532
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IDX IA-300a 210W Power supply Stock code: 59-533
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IDX AC-100 100W ON-CAMERA AC POWER ADAPTER V-mount style Stock code: 59-537
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IDX CA-4XLR Power cable, XLR-4M to XLR-4F Stock code: 59-534
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