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The Ampetronic MLD range of multi-loop induction-loop amplifiers have been 'optimised for speech frequencies' and designed to suit spaces such as conference facilities, stadia and sports halls, cinemas and theatres, airports and train stations with dimensions up to 3,300 square metres. Available in three choices, differing in output, these dual amplifiers are housed in a single 19-inch rack-mounting unit to reduce footprint and cost in comparison to typical array systems where multiple amplifiers were required. Class G technology and thermal protection has been incorporated to add 'outstanding reliability' and reduce power consumption.

MLD multi-loop amplifiers are able to drive two channels, with a user-selectable, 90-degree phase shift. The loops create two phase-shifted magnetic-field patterns which can be overlaid on each other. A good loop layout can create an even field-strength for even the most complex applications. MLD multi loop systems are commonly used for providing level coverage in buildings with metal structures, for large-area systems and for installations in modern buildings with significant metal structures. They are used more commonly than perimeter loops for any rooms wider than five metres. They are also used to limit 'spill' from an induction-loop, for systems in adjacent rooms or for confidential applications.

The front panel of the units has rotary controls for inputs 1 and 2, rotary control for metal loss correction, and rotary controls for Channel A and Channel B outputs. A 6-stage LED 'tree' shows the status of the Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and individual 6-stage LED 'trees' display the output current status in 3dB intervals. Separate LEDs warn of signal-clipping and temperature/thermal protection. A 3.5mm jack socket can be used to monitor the loop output signal via headphones. The front panel also features a fan-assisted ventilation inlet with filter.

The rear has all input/output connectivity and switching. Channel A and B outputs are by way of Neutrik Speakon connectors - with output phase switchable to provide 90-degree phase shift between outputs via a latching push button. Inputs 1 and 2 are by way of 3-pin balanced XLR sockets - switchable between microphone and line levels via a latching push switch. Gain boost of +15dB can be applied to each input channel via independent miniature (DIP) switches, as can +48V phantom power. A 2-pin Phoenix style (5mm pitch, 90-degree header) connector can be used to provide remote fault-indication to compatible equipment. AC mains input is via IEC input connector whilst the DC output can be provided to ancillary Ampetronic units via a 2-pin Phoenix style connector. In addition, the MLD9 has slave I/O on 3-pole 6.3.5mm jack insert points.

Perimeter loop coverage (1): 2x 420 2x 700 2x 1300
Multi-loop area coverage (1): 360 840 3300
Frequency response 80Hz - 6.5kHz 80Hz - 6.5kHz 80Hz - 6.5kHz
Loop output drive current (2): 5A 6.4A 9.2A
Loop output drive voltage (2): 10.2V 17V 31.8V
AC Power requirements: 85W, 230V 160W, 230V 220W, 230V
Weight: 3.75kg 4.77kg 6.35kg
Dimensions (3): 430 x 220 x 44 430 x 250 x 44 430 x 330 x 44

Note 1: Maximum, in square metres. 2: Per channel, RMS. 3: Width x depth x height, mm.

Included accessories: Handbook and installation instructions, 197 x 252mm 'loop system present' sign (deaf logo), AC power cable, loop connector for each output, rack-mounting brackets, status connector, DC connector.

It is recommended strongly that before purchasing any of these systems, the purchaser makes use of the Ampetronic design or review facilities. Please contact Technical Support for assistance.

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AMPETRONIC MLD5 INDUCTION LOOP DRIVER Multiloop, 2x 5A RMS, for areas up to 360 square metres   Stock code: 93-7804
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AMPETRONIC MLD7 INDUCTION LOOP DRIVER Multiloop, 2x 6.4A RMS, for areas up to 840 square metres   Stock code: 93-7805
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AMPETRONIC MLD9 INDUCTION LOOP DRIVER Multiloop, 2x 9.2A RMS, for areas up to 3300 square metres   Stock code: 93-7806
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AMPETRONIC MAT1 MICROPHONE ADAPTER Electret, provides bias, phantom powered   Stock code: 93-670
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