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11 August 2022
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TECPRO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Beltpack and Headsets - IP Rated

TECPRO BP167 Single circuit waterproof beltpack, IP67 rated
TECPRO BP167 Single circuit waterproof beltpack, IP67 ratedTECPRO BP167 Single circuit waterproof beltpack, IP67 ratedTECPRO BP167 Single circuit waterproof beltpack, IP67 ratedTECPRO BP167 Single circuit waterproof beltpack, IP67 ratedTECPRO SMH217 Single muff headset (for use with BP167)TECPRO DMH227 Dual muff headset (for use with BP167)

BP167 - IP67 Rated Tecpro Beltpack

Designed for the offshore industry, the IP67 rated Tecpro BP167 beltpack has been designed to withstand harsh, wet weather conditions and to be operated with ease while wearing heavy gloves.

Back on dry land, the BP167 is also suitable for outdoor events where operators will be working in the rain.

The BP167 shares the same electronics as our popular Series 2 beltpacks. The electronics are housed within a robust aluminium case with sealed top and bottom plates.

The top plate is fitted with a rotary volume control for the headset and a 'Mic' On/Off button with latching and PTT operating modes. A red LED in the centre of the button illuminates when the mic is switched on. A momentary low level confidence tone indicates that the mic has been switched on or off.

If a 'Call' alert signal is received, the red LED in the Mic button flashes and low level audio tone is heard in the headset. The beltpack does not have a 'Call' button so alerts can’t be initiated.

The bottom plate supports a single IP rated Neutrik XLR 3-pin for linking to the intercom ring. To avoid a potential point of water ingress, there is no loop through connector, so daisy chaining of beltpacks is not possible. Headset connection is via an IP rated Neutrik XLR 4-pin.

A removable belt clip is secured to the back of the aluminium case by a circular stainless steel 'mushroom' anchor point.

The BP167 beltpack is a sealed unit. Adjustments to side-tone and audio alert levels should be carried out by a qualified technician.

IP67 Standard: the device will withstand immersion in water at a depth of 1m for 30 mins.

NOTE: the IP67 rating should not be confused with ATEX certified systems which are designed for use in the vicinity of oil and gas platforms or where explosive atmospheres may be present.

Dimensions: 110 x 93 x 51mm (d x w x h)mm (bezel to bezel)
With mounting stud, add 4mm to height
With volume knob, add 5mm to depth
Weight: 304g

Series 200 Headsets with IP67 Rated XLR 4-pin Connector

SMH217 - Single Muff headset (for use with BP167)

DMH227 - Dual Muff headset (for use with BP167)

  • Very robust construction with only two moving joints
  • Hidden fixings hinder tampering while allowing easy repairs
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • Noise cancelling microphone on flexible steel-reinforced boom
  • Steel core cable for extra strength
  • Soft comfortable cushions
  • Wide, smooth response for reduced listening fatigue

Designed to mate with the Tecpro IP67 rated BP167 beltpack, SMH217 single muff and DMH227 dual muff headsets have similar specifications to Tecpro 200 series headsets except for the IP67 rated Neutrik XLR 4-pin female connector that is fitted.

Both headset types are comfortable to wear and offer clear, intelligible audio. The microphone has a tailored frequency response to reduce low frequency rumble when used in high winds.

Sadly, it is not possible to IP rate the actual headset, so a suitable water-proof jacket with hood is recommended to be worn during inclement weather.

Technical Specification
Nominal impedance: 400 ohm each at 1kHz
Frequency response: 20–20,000Hz
Sensitivity: 94dB s.p.l. for 1mW
Distortion: Less than 0.5%
Max. rated power handling: 0.5 watts
Microphone: Dynamic type, uni-directional
Nominal impedance: 200 ohm at 1kHz
Frequency response: 300–11,000Hz
Approx. weight: DMH227 250g
SMH217 210g
Cable: 1.5m steel braced.

For spare parts for 200 series headsets, see CANFORD AND TECPRO HEADSET SPARE PARTS - 200 series.

Wiring Conventions

Headset connectors:

XLR 4-pin
Pin 1 Microphone earth/screen
Pin 2 Microphone signal
Pin 3 Earphones earth/screen
Pin 4 Earphones signal
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