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A high flexibility multiquad cable for all microphone and line level applications, offering the greatest level of immunity to external noise. Each core comprises a balanced quad (“starquad”), which is used as a twisted pair. Four insulated conductors are twisted together over a Kevlar (Aramid) “synthetic steel” core, with a very short lay length, the insulation thickness on each conductor being closely controlled to match capacitance as closely as possible. The screen is braided, with 95% optical coverage. Each quad is then jacketed with ultraflexible soft PVC, and is numbered along its length for unambiguous termination. A number of these quads are then laid up together with a separate drain wire, and textile filler strands where required to hold the cable shape and achieve the lowest mechanical noise. This is then jacketed overall with matt finish black soft PVC.

Technical Specification:
Conductors: 7/0.127mm (0.088mm²) tinned copper wire
Insulation:: Polyethylene - red, green, blue, white
Centre core: Kevlar (Aramid) filament approx. breaking strength 200NLay up: Four wires twisted together over core, interwoven with four synthetic fillers to reduce microphony, lay length 17.5mm
Screen: 80/0.127mm tinned copper wire, braided
Quad jacket: PVC, blue, OD 3.5mm
Drain wire: 48/0.12mm (0.61mm²) bare copper wire
Overall jacket: Soft PVC, matt black
Max. conductor resistance: 250 ohms/km
Overall diameter: SQJ2 9.1mm, SQJ4 11.1mm,
SQJ8 15.1mm, SQJ12 17.5mm,
Weight: SQJ2 9.0kg/100m, SQJ4 16.0kg/100m,
SQJ8 25.5kg/100m, SQJ12 36.0kg/100m,
Reel lengths: 100m, 500m
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre
USAGE NOTE: Red + Blue for A leg
Green + White for B leg
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CANFORD SQJ CABLE 2 quads   Stock code: 31-602
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CANFORD SQJ CABLE 4 quads   Stock code: 31-604
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CANFORD SQJ CABLE 8 quads   Stock code: 31-608
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CANFORD SQJ CABLE 12 quads   Stock code: 31-612
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