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14 April 2024
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WHARTON CLOCKS - Time Zone Clocks - 4700N, 4700NIL Series

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WHARTON CLOCKS - Time Zone Clocks - 4700N, 4700NIL Series
WHARTON CLOCKS - Time Zone Clocks - 4700N, 4700NIL SeriesWHARTON CLOCKS - Time Zone Clocks - 4700N, 4700NIL Series

Offering simple, economical installation, using Network Time Protocol (NTP), Ethernet networking technology and RJ45 style connectors via an existing local area network, 4700N series time-zone clocks can be automatically synchronised via NTP from a local or internet time server with automatic seasonal time changes and programmable time-zone offset.

NTP is a time synchronisation protocol for inconsistent latency packet-switched computer networks. It abides by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) standard.

In addition, 4700 series clocks can be synchronised using satellite or w482 time code.


The 4700 series time-zone clocks provide a precise and elegant display of time, or time and date, using bright and clear LED characters with both manual and automatic brightness control for energy efficient use. The various display formats are available in a wide variety of sizes with character heights from 14mm to 220mm and suitable for use at maximum viewing distances from 3 to 100 metres. Some of the more popular types are held as stock items, but others are available to special order, on short lead time.

Time zones

Up to 15 different time-zones can be specified. Location labels can be either lower-cost printed or user programmable (maximum 10 characters per location). Models with programmable locations can display two or three sequential zone times and location names at any or all time-zone positions (NIL30 and NIL50 with up to 10 zones).

Stopwatch function

The clocks may be used as stopwatch, programmable timer or up/down time counters when controlled with supplied infrared handsets or via network messages.

4700 series time-zone clocks can also have a zone programmed to provide an elapsed time or other time count function, either as a four digit count for standard units or with a six digit display specially incorporated.

Most versions can be specified for one or more zones to have seconds digits or a stopwatch/timer display.

Synchronisation and control

Time-zone clocks have a 10/100Base-t Ethernet NTP interface port. They can be used as stand-alone, slave or secondary displays. Time-zone clocks can be synchronised with a Wharton 5000 series or other local or remote NTP network time-server across a TCP/IP Ethernet network. See Wharton Clocks - NTP Time Servers - Ethernet - 5000 Series. Alternatively, they can be synchronised with a time code receiver; 488HS4-GPS, see WHARTON CLOCKS - Time Code Receivers - Satellite. Time-zone clocks are compatible with w482 time code from a Wharton 5000 Series time server, as well as MB serial and MobaLine time codes. They can be used as master clocks -one time-zone clock can control up to 5 similar units.


The 4000 range clocks are supplied in cases suitable for surface mounting on a wall, flush mounting in a panel or with a mounting box for installation in a solid wall. Single and double sided ceiling suspended cases are available. Clocks may be supplied with different case colours and finishes to special order. Special outer cases, providing protection to IP65, can be supplied for use in difficult environmental conditions.

Power supply

4000E versions are normally powered from an internal 110-230V AC, 50-60Hz AC mains supply. The power lead has a UK plug. A non-rechargeable internal Lithium (Li) battery provides a standby supply to maintain the time-keeping in case of a power supply interruption for approximately 1 year and can be easily replaced. 12V or 24V DC operation is available as an extra cost option, please contact Sales.


Time-zone clocks can display the date using one, two or three selections from 21 languages:
Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish or Welsh (other languages may be available to special order).

The clocks have the ability to display alternative languages sequentially automatically.

Wharton Clock Dimensions & Weight
Model Case Case Case Panel Panel Weight
Width Height Depth Width Height (kg)
4010x.02.FP 32 58 145 145 72 1.0
4010x.05.FP 305 90 58 317 92 1.6
4010x.05.S 305 90 58 - - 2.5
4010x.100.S 670 180 58 - - 3.9
4200x.05.S 240 90 58 - - 2.0
4200x.100.S 480 180 58 - - 3.2
4500x.05.S 550 90 58 - - 2.2
4580x.27.S 450 240 58 - - 4.0
4700N/5.05.S 525 750 66 - - 10.0
474xNIL30/5.05.S 1504 180 66 - - 17.0
4900x.02.S 144 144 58 - - 1.1
4900x.05.S 300 300 58 - - 2.7
.02 = 20mm character height, viewing distance approx. 7m
.05 = 50mm character height, viewing distance approx. 20m
.57 = 57mm character height, viewing distance approx. 25m
.100 = 100mm character height, viewing distance approx. 50m
.FP Flush Panel Mount
.S Surface Mount

All dimensions in mm.
Panel mount front face thickness, 3mm. Panel mount, max surface thickness to mount onto 22mm

Ordering note:

All Wharton products are available from Canford. If the item required is not in this selection, please contact Sales for assistance.

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WHARTON 4740NIL30/5.05.R.S.UK TIME ZONE CLOCK Horizontal, 50mm red characters, surface mount Red Stock code: 58-5177
Special order product, cannot be cancelled or returned, available in 1‑2 months. Need it sooner? Call us
WHARTON 4700N/5.05.R.S.UK TIME ZONE CLOCK Vertical, 50mm red characters, surface mount, mains powere Red Stock code: 58-776
Special order product, cannot be cancelled or returned, available in 1‑2 months. Need it sooner? Call us