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The Cylcone introduces advanced design concepts to the traditional basket windshield, using modern materials to create the successor to the Rycote designs familiar since the late 60's. Consisting of a complete windshield and suspension kit, the durable yet lightweight design gives 'category leading wind and shock isolation performance', with the same overall volume yet lighter in weight than an equivalent Rycote modular windshield. The multiple suspensions provide 'complete isolation against handling noise and cable-borne noises, and windshield basket self-noise'.

The microphone is carried in the patented Rycote soft suspension 'lyres', seen before on some of Rycote's later designs, to isolate it from vibration passed from the pole, stand or handle to which it is attached. The suspension is supplied with a short, ultra-soft microphone cable, to avoid these vibrations by-passing the lyres, ready-fitted to the angled xlr-holder below the suspension.

The two-piece windshield surrounds the microphone and is itself mounted on a suspension system, inhibiting vibration from travelling from the boom to the basket and then to the microphone via the air as well as avoiding vibration, picked up by the windshield, transmitting to the primary suspension.

The windshield can be fitted to the suspension in just a few seconds. It locks together using magnets; sprung catches are also provided to prevent the parts separating under extreme acceleration on a boom. The cone-like shape combats standing waves inside the shield; the overall bulk is shifted to the basket front compared to previous designs. The exterior is covered in Rycote's '3D-Tex', a dual-layer synthetic material which combines 'excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise'. It is resistant to rain, and if it does get wet, the rain may be gently squeezed out; it is possible to dry the cover using a hair-dryer.

The result of all these advances is a combined suspension and windshield, which, as supplied, without fur cover, exceeds the combined wind-noise reduction performance of a Rycote modular-style windshield and fur windjammer, with a considerable increase in transparency and frequency range. The size and weight are similar.

Wind attenuation: 50dB without Windjammer, better than 60dB with Windjammer, measured total power, 10Hz - 20kHz, no weighting, under real wind conditions.
Handling isolation: Typically better than 10dB, dependent on microphone type and LF band shaping.
Frequency response: Substantially flat, 10Hz-20kHz, +0db, -3dB, measured with differential twin microphone technique.

Kit contents: Cyclone suspension, fitted with 72-shore Universal Lyres. Cyclone cable (fitted). Cyclone windshield, Large (consisting of left and right pods). Pair of Universal Lyres, 62-shore, for lightweight microphones. Hex key driver, for adjustment of Lyres.

Optional accessories: Extension handle with soft-grip, 53-288. A Cyclone Windjammer is available for use in absolutely extreme conditions.

Ordering note:
The Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large is suitable for shotgun microphones from 250mm up to 280mm in length and 19-25mm diameter with a 3-pin XLR connector including the following: Audio-Technica BP4073; Sanken CS-2, CS-3e; Schoeps CMIT-5u, SuperCMIT 2U; Sennheiser MKH 416, MKH 60, MKE 600; Neumann KMR 81i; Rode NTG-2, NTG-3.

Further Cyclone models, to suit smaller microphones and pairs, and those with MZL and Lemo connectors, will become available during 2015.

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RYCOTE 089101 CYCLONE WINDSHIELD KIT Large   Stock code: 74-9373
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RYCOTE 029101 WINDJAMMER For Cyclone microphone windshield and suspension, large   Stock code: 74-9377
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