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Now discontinued by Rycote, some parts of the S-series range are still available to purchase, whilst stocks last. For suitable replacement systems by Rycote, see Windshields, windscreens and pop screens.

Retaining the well known Rycote features of flexibility, balance and performance, the S-series is a semi-modular suspension and windshield intended to shock-mount most axial microphones and protect them from wind noise. They are available as complete kits, with additional components available so that different lengths of microphone can be used with a single kit. Lightweight, with a minimum of parts, they are tough enough to withstand the rigours of ENG and simple to use.

Windshields may be removed easily and quickly, to access the microphone, or when the suspension is to be used without wind protection.

S-Series Kits - Suspension, Windshield and Cable

Four kits are available, all accommodating cylindrical microphones with diameters from 19mm to 25mm, and to suit the majority of common microphones. The kits differ in the length of the ‘pods’, which clip to the suspension to provide wind shielding. These are selected to suit the length of the microphone. Additional pods may be purchased to suit longer or shorter microphones.

Each kit contains a suspension, with pistol grip and all fittings, two pods and a short, highly flexible microphone cable.

Kit Selection By Length
Kit Rycote code Shortest microphone Longest microphone
300 Kit 10301 200mm or less 255mm
330 Kit 10302 260mm 280mm
375 Kit 10303 285mm 325mm
450 Kit 10304 355mm 410mm

‘Shortest microphone’ refers to the approximate length for the shortest microphone suitable for the kit. Much shorter mics may be used without a reduction in windshielding, but the suspension may not be appropriate.

Kit Selection By Microphone
Manufacturer Model Length, mm S-series Kit
AKG C568EB 255 330 kit
AKG CK61 C460 B 177 300 kit
AKG CK63 460 177 300 kit
AKG CK68 ULS C460B RED 326 375 kit
AKG CK8 451 365 450 kit
AKG CK8 460 365 450 kit
AKG CK98 SE300 B 355 450 kit
AKG D130 210 300 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 4071a 395 450 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 4073 232 300 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 815ST 380 450 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 822 197 300 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 825 214 300 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 835b 368 450 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 835ST 263 330 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 877 280 330 kit
AUDIO TECHNICA AT 897 279 330 kit
AZDEN SGM-1X 300 375 kit
AZDEN SGM-2X LONG 400 450 kit
BEYER M58 260 330 kit
BEYER M69 176 300 kit
BEYER MC 716 284 375 kit
BEYER MC 726 284 375 kit
BEYER MC 736 294 375 kit
BEYER MC 836 248 300 kit
BEYER MC718 199 300 kit
BEYER MC728 199 300 kit
BEYER MCE 86 N (C) S 310 375 kit
BEYER MCE 87vs 248 300 kit
NEUMANN KMR 81 226 300 kit
NEUMANN KMR 82 395 450 kit
RODE NTG 1 217 300 kit
RODE NTG 2 278 330 kit
SANKEN CMS 2 176 300 kit
SANKEN CMS 7 195 300 kit
SANKEN CMS 9 235 300 kit
SANKEN CS 1 182 300 kit
SANKEN CS 3 270 330 kit
SANKEN CSS 5 300 375 kit
SCHOEPS CMC SERIES + CUT 1 202 300 kit
SCHOEPS CMIT 5U 251 300 kit
SENNHEISER ME62 K6 188 300 kit
SENNHEISER ME66 K6 315 375 kit
SENNHEISER ME80 K3U 315 375 kit
SENNHEISER MKE 44P 190 300 kit
SENNHEISER MKH 416 250 300 kit
SENNHEISER MKH 60 280 330 kit
SENNHEISER MKH 70 410 450 kit
SENNHESIER ME64 K6 200 300 kit
SHURE SM 81 212 300 kit
SONY ECM 670 226 300 kit
SONY ECM 672 304 375 kit
Kit Components
Kit Rycote code Overall length Front Pod (1) Rear Pod (1)
300 Kit 10301 305mm U180, 180mm U125, 125mm
330 Kit 10302 330mm U180, 180mm U150, 150mm
375 Kit 10303 375mm U225, 225mm U150, 150mm
450 Kit 10304 450mm U225, 225mm U225, 225mm

Note (1) : Type number, pod length.

S-Series Suspension

The S-series suspension is intended to provide isolation for the majority of axially firing microphones with body diameters ranging from 19mm to 25mm. The main structural element is a bar, moulded from high-grade engineering plastic, which runs parallel to the microphone. This is connected to a vestigial pistol grip, which may be rotated in the vertical plane and has a 3/8th inch Whitworth mounting-thread for stand or fishpole. The point of attachment to the bar can be varied to improve balance. A large circular moulding, the chassis-ring, mounts around the bar; this is to attach the windshield ‘pods’.

In the upper surface of the bar are a series of slots. The user inserts two ‘mic-webs’ into these, at a spacing to suit the microphone, and cable clamps to restrain the cable. The mic webs are one-piece suspension elements, moulded from Hytrel, which provide the elastic support for the microphone. The outer part of the web clips into the bar and supports the inner web, which incorporates a clip to hold the microphone body. The result is an elastic mount which is stiffer laterally than axially. The flexible microphone cable is clamped to the bar then led out through the chassis-ring; the male XLR locates in the pistol grip.

The cable is a PVC jacketed, helically screened, balanced twisted pair, made of ultra-fine stranded copper cores. It is fitted with three-pin Neutrik XLR connectors which have gold-plated pins.

S-Series Windshield - ‘Pods’

The windshield is made up of a pair of ‘pods’, which twist-lock into the chassis ring on the suspension. Overall diameter is 100mm, they are available in a series of lengths. Made of a plastic basket material, and covered with acoustic fur covering, they can give better than 30dB of wind noise suppression between 100Hz and 500Hz.

Pods are supplied in the S-series kits, and may be purchased separately in different sizes to allow an existing kit to take more than one size of microphone, or to allow the creation of a custom-length windshield. When ordering pods, the user should add the length of the microphone plus 50mm for the XLR connector and select two pods which will take the combined length without the microphone or connector touching the ends of the pods.

Pod U125, U150, U180, U225 have an internal tube length of 125, 150, 180, 225mm respectively.

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RYCOTE 048438 PISTOL GRIP For all Rycote suspensions, soft-feel, with star knob   Stock code: 74-9897
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Discontinued products

RYCOTE 010302 S-SERIES SUSPENSION AND WINDSHIELD KIT 330 Including cable   Stock code: 74-9890
No longer manufactured. See the product page for suggested alternatives.
RYCOTE 010304 S-SERIES SUSPENSION AND WINDSHIELD KIT 450 Including cable   Stock code: 74-9892
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
RYCOTE 010404 S-SERIES WINDSHIELD POD U125 To fit S-series suspension, 125mm long   Stock code: 74-9893
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
RYCOTE 010401 S-SERIES WINDSHIELD POD U150 To fit S-series suspension, 150mm long   Stock code: 74-9894
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
RYCOTE 010402 S-SERIES WINDSHIELD POD U180 To fit S-series suspension, 180mm long   Stock code: 74-9895
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
RYCOTE 010403 S-SERIES WINDSHIELD POD U225 To fit S-series suspension, 225mm long   Stock code: 74-9896
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
RYCOTE 010503 S-SERIES SPARE MIC WEB One piece suspension clip for S-series   Stock code: 74-9898
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
RYCOTE 010504 S-SERIES SPARE CABLE CLAMP For S-series suspension   Stock code: 74-9899
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.