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These are miniature single-circuit, change-over relays providing full broadcast quality switching, for data rates up to 12Gb/s. They are suitable for applications such as power-failure switching and source selection. They can be used to choose between two inputs or to have a single input and choose between two outputs, controlled by a 5V DC applied to the coil.

Three models are available: L4KR01 is for use with full 12G/4K UHD SDI video and all lower standards including 6G, 3G, HD and SD SDI. L3GR01 may be used with 3G, HD or SD SDI signals while LHDR01 may be used with HD or SD SDI. Each is built in an ABS enclosure fitted with three female BNC connectors, with mounting screws, which are also used to connect to the coil, on the same face of the relay as the connectors.

All LEN Video Relays can also be used with the ASI format.

LHDR01 L3GR01 L4KR01
Input and output impedance: 75 ohms 75 ohms 75 ohms
Return loss: (1) 15dB, 0.1-1485 MHz 15dB 0.1-3000 MHz 10dB 0.1-12000 MHz
Amplitude roll-off, 270 – 1485 MHz (2): -0.3dB -0.3dB -0.2dB
Amplitude roll off, 270 - 3000 MHz (2): N/A -0.3dB -0.3dB
Amplitude roll off, 270 - 12000 MHz (2): N/A N/A 0.3dB
Insertion loss (3): 0.4dB 0.4dB 0.4dB
Weight: 35g 35g 32g

Note 1: Worst case. 2: Maximum attenuation. 3: Maximum loss, DC - 360MHz. All measurements are quoted with the relay energised. Coil voltage: 5V DC, 80mA.

Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 15 (l x w x h) mm, excluding connectors.

Optional accessories: LMPR01 rack frame is a 1U 19-inch panel, finished in black, punched to take eight relays mounted from the rear by means of the mounting screws, the BNC connectors facing out of the rack. If it is desired to have the connectors facing into the rack, the relays may be reversed, revealing the relay modules which will protrude 15mm from the surface of the panel.

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LEN LSDR01 VIDEO RELAY 2x1, changeover, 3x BNC, SD SDI   Stock code: 90-6166
No longer manufactured. See the product page for suggested alternatives.
LEN LHDR01 VIDEO RELAY 2x1, changeover, 3x BNC, HD SDI   Stock code: 90-6167
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LEN L3GR01 VIDEO RELAY 2x1, changeover, 3x BNC, 3G SDI   Stock code: 90-6168
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LEN L4KR01 VIDEO RELAY 2x1, changeover, 3x BNC, 4K/12G UHD SDI   Stock code: 90-6169
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LEN LMPR01 RACK PANEL For 8x video relays, 1U   Stock code: 90-6203
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