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The Merlin PowerCentre is a sophisticated powerpack that allows DC powered appliances to be run anywhere. From wilderness to urban environments, PowerCentre will operate a wide variety of equipment - meaning that spare batteries and chargers don’t need to be carried individually. The 40 Ampere-hour battery capacity will keep equipment running for hours or even days. Not to be confused with jump-start packs, this unit is designed for professionals in demanding applications requiring continuous power. Applications include outside broadcast and lighting equipment, video surveillance, test and measurement, laptop computers and peripherals, communications and telecom equipment and CCTV systems.

The design brings benefits over other battery packs, most notably that it’s up to 60% lighter than comparable battery packs, and is one of the most compact available for the Ampere/Hr capacity. It is fully self-contained, with an integrated charging system, recharging from 230V AC power or 12V DC vehicle supplies (reverse-polarity protected), and optionally, solar power.

The heart of the unit is up to date 40Ah Lithium-Ion battery technology. In the past, obtaining high capacity Li-ion batteries involved soldering together (in series) strings of smaller 3.7V cells. Over-charging, overloading and physical damage of conventional Li-ion batteries can result in thermal run-away and an un-extinguishable fire of around 1000°C. PowerCentre’s battery uses patented technology which prevents these potentially hazardous situations. Internal electronics protect the battery from excess discharge, overcharge and overload. It can be discharged and charged around 2000 times. It is internally protected against being flattened and does not build a ‘memory’ if not charged regularly to 100% or if it is left discharged for a long period of time. In essence, there is little that the crew on the road can do to damage it.

It is housed in an unbreakable Peli Protector Case, type 1430 (see index – Peli Protector Cases – for further details). With the lid closed and locked, the unit is highly water-resistant. Even when being used, the PowerCentre’s lid can be closed. This ensures that the casing remains rain-proof for operations in the harshest of climate conditions. There are internal netting pockets for storing charging and output leads, user manual and other miscellaneous items such as video tapes, memory sticks etc. The overall weight is well within the 1992 Manual Handling guidelines at just 13kg. Neutrik connectors are used for all inputs and outputs. An easy to read bar-graph provides battery pack state of charge information and fault codes. Resettable circuit breakers are fitted for safety.

At the end of the internal battery’s life, most powerpacks are simply thrown away. Not only is this uneconomical but also environmentally unfriendly. PowerCentre is designed for rapid and easy internal battery replacement. During battery replacement, Merlin Equipment will fully service and test all internal parts, recycle the old battery and issue a new warranty certificate.

The PowerCentre is supplied complete with comfort-grip handle, shoulder strap, 230V AC charging cable, 12V DC vehicle charging cable, user manual. It has a manufacturer’s two year warranty.

Battery life:

30A (360 watts): 80 minutes
20A (240 watts): 120 minutes
10A (120 watts): 240 minutes
5A (60 watts) 480 minutes

Technical Specification:

Input voltage: 195 - 265V AC
Input connectors: Neutrik Powercon NAC3MPA (AC), Neutrik XLR 4-pin male (DC)
Output connectors: Neutrik XLR 4-pin female
Output current: 30A maximum, continuous (80A burst for 30 secs maximum)
Operational voltage: 12V DC nominal (low volt cut-out at 10V DC)
Battery type: Lithium-Ion, phosphate cathode technology
Battery capacity: 40Ah
Energy density: 84Wh/kg (110Wh/l)
Cyclic life: More than 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge
Memory effect: None - no loss of capacity at partial depths of discharge/charge
Safety: Built-in electronic protection - no thermal runaway
Overall weight: 12.6kg
Dimensions: 430 x 244 x 341 (h x d x l)mm

Usage note:

The PowerCentre cannot be taken on a commercial aircraft as the Lithium content is too high (Transportation Class 9 - Not Transportable On Commercial Aircraft). Do not expose to temperatures greater than 60°C. Do NOT attempt to use as a jump-start pack.

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MERLIN POWERCENTRE Replace and recycle internal Li-ion battery, fully test and clean   Stock code: 59-307
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Lithium-Ion battery: Express delivery services not available outside mainland GB.