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14 August 2022
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Ampetronic offer a range of support and design services and specialist products.

Low-Spillover Systems

Audio-frequency induction loops create a magnetic field which is not constrained to the area of the loop installation. Normal systems create enough spillover to be clearly audible some four loop sizes away. There are many instances where this is unacceptable, such as in multi-screen cinema complexes, conference room situations, council chambers or multiple common rooms in sheltered housing. Ampetronic have developed proprietary technologies to minimise loop spillover. Typically, in multiscreen cinemas most of the seating in each auditorium can be provided with full quality sound while keeping the crosstalk from adjacent cinemas more than 40dB down on normal signal level. For conference rooms, this is also applicable. Additional techniques can be used to create secure systems, where confidentiality is important.

The techniques all rely on using loop arrays that are designed to reduce the signal strength rapidly outside the loop layout pattern. For some of these patterns, there is a requirement to run two loop arrays, operated in phase quadrature, to obtain an even distribution without undesirable null areas. The design of the loop arrays can be undertaken by Ampetronic, employing advanced simulation software which can fully analyse a complex loop array. Ampetronic will collaborate with the installer of the system to advise on best layout, and will normally execute the detailed design.

Technical Support and Specialised Systems Consultancy

Ampetronic can design audio induction loop systems that are more complex than simple 'wire-around-the-wall' installations, based on 18 years of experience in a diverse range of environments. Ampetronic design experience includes systems from very large area requirements such as cathedrals and sports halls, to irregular-shaped areas, to vehicle and transport network systems, to loop systems requiring low spillover for confidentiality or proximity to other induction loops. Safety critical systems (e.g. voice alarm systems) may also require loop condition monitoring and remote signaling.

For these more complex situations, Ampetronic have a range of specialised equipment, not listed here, that enable these requirements to be met essentially with 'standard' products. In the majority of circumstances, these units are built and set up by Ampetronic for a particular location, this being part of their design support work. For specialised or complex installation Ampetronic offer a consultancy service.

Depending on the requirements, the support can range from advice given during a telephone call to extensive design work. Ampetronic will provide extensive support on a wide range of induction loop system issues, much of which is offered free of charge. Ampetronic can be contacted directly on 01636 610062, fax 01636 610063.