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CLOUD DCM1 DIGITAL MIXER 8x zone outputs, 8x stereo line, 4x remote mic, 1x paging mic in
CLOUD DCM1 DIGITAL MIXER 8x zone outputs, 8x stereo line, 4x remote mic, 1x paging mic inCLOUD DCM1 DIGITAL MIXER 8x zone outputs, 8x stereo line, 4x remote mic, 1x paging mic inCLOUD CDR1F-B REMOTE CONTROL MODULE Source, level, grouping, flush mount, blackCLOUD ME-1B INPUT PLATE 2x XLR3F mic in, balanced, level controls, adjustable LF/HF, blackCLOUD BE-1B INPUT PLATE 2x XLR3F line in, balanced, blackCLOUD LE-1B INPUT PLATE 2x RCA line in, 1x 3.5mm jack, unbalanced, gain control, blackCLOUD PM4 PAGING MICROPHONE Console, gooseneck, 4x zone, digitalCLOUD PM16 PAGING MICROPHONE Console, gooseneck, 16x zone, digital

The DCM-1 is an analogue audio multi-zone mixer. A digital control system, using an LCD display and a simple, minimal set of controls, replaces the relatively large number of switch and rotary controls found on conventional units, yet provides 'far greater flexibility of configuration than would be possible with such units'. Designed to provide a simple and elegant method of providing audio in a number of different zones, typically the various areas of shops, bars, hotels, schools, conference centres, offices, factories and even private residences, a single DCM-1 can provide a practical multi-zone audio system, but system flexibility and ease of operation will be greatly enhanced by the addition of optional remote controls and local input modules in the various zones, using standard Cat 5 cabling with RJ45 connectors, perhaps installed in the building by other infrastructure installers. The DCM-1 has been accredited by Crestron which allows full integration with all Crestron control systems.

This is a highly sophisticated design, and a full description is not possible here. In order to appreciate the full potential of the system, it is recommended that the user manual is downloaded from What follows is an overview.

DCM-1 - Digitally Controlled Mixer

The DCM-1 is the system 'core' and all the primary audio input sources, zone amplifier inputs, paging microphones and all remote controls are connected directly to it. The DCM-1 mainframe should ideally be rack-mounted along with the audio sources and zone amplifiers, in a central equipment area. Local, per-zone, remote control of music source and level can be simply provided in as many of the zones as necessary.

The mixer has been designed to allow easy integration with microphone and line external inputs, paging microphones and fire alarm systems. Once set up, the DCM-1 allows zones to be combined, and separated, simply, as space utilisation of the building demands. An important aspect of the DCM-1 design is that it is completely self-contained, and requires no computer interface of any kind, either to configure or control it.

Up to eight line-level sources such as CD players, audio jukeboxes, PC sound cards, radio or TV tuners can be connected. Both Cloud CDPM Series paging microphones and third-party paging systems may also be connected directly. Each of the eight outputs is intended to supply audio to a separate zone, two of which are available in stereo. Any one source can be routed to any zone, and the music level in each zone can be adjusted independently.

The DCM-1 has the following inputs: One analogue paging microphone input with contact- closure zone selection. An RJ45 interface for CDPM Series digital paging microphones, four dedicated ports for optional remote line input modules and four for optional remote microphone input modules, eight stereo line inputs, one balanced. There are eight zone line outputs, two stereo and 6 mono, all balanced. Four RJ45 ports are provided for multiple optional CDR-1 remote-control panels, in any wiring configuration, which provide local control of source, level, EQ and group enable.

The front panel has 2x 16-character LCD dot-matrix display, similar to the one used on the CDR-1, which is used, in conjunction with push buttons, to set up and operate the mixer. LEDs indicate remote access. Microphone paging to all zones is provided, with fully programmable override logic. Inputs, zones and groups can be named, four zone groups may be defined and any line input may have priority in any zone; operation is also configurable per-zone. A key-protected 'Installer' mode on both the DCM-1 and CDR-1 remote panels prevents user access to configuration menus.

An external music mute input provides for interfacing with emergency systems; any input, microphone or line, may be assigned as emergency input, overriding music mute. An RS232 interface is available for control by third-party control systems, Bose EQ cards may be fitted, multiple DCM-1s may be cascaded for larger systems.

DCM1e - Digitally Controlled Mixer with Ethernet

The DCM1e is a recently introduced Ethernet version of the popular DCM1 Digital Control Zone Mixer. The addition of an Ethernet port on the rear panel of the new DCM1e allows its own on-board web-server to be connected via an RJ-45 socket to an independent or existing switch or router. This feature means the new DCM1e can be configured and controlled remotely by any mobile device or PC connected to the same network.

Using the web browser of any mobile device, users have 'limited installer defined' controls via simple and intuitive interface pages. 'Power' users are provided with additional installer-defined controls, whilst installers have administrator status via a password protected 'Configuration Options' screen.

Multiple devices can connect and operate the DCM-1e concurrently, providing complete flexibility and control for up to eight separate zones, if required.

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CLOUD DCM1 DIGITAL MIXER 8x zone outputs, 8x stereo line, 4x remote mic, 1x paging mic in Stock code: 93-0721
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CLOUD DCM1e DIGITAL MIXER 8x zones out, 8x stereo line, 4x remote mic, 1x paging mic in, Ethernet Stock code: 93-0722
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