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The NEAL Transcription Player software, for use on a Windows PC, allows for simple and effective transcription of pre-recorded audio in applications such as transcribing evidential interviews, hearings and meetings. Police forces note that this software has been used successfully with both PACE recorders and files from the HOLMES system.

The Neal Transcription Player can float above any Windows application, such as Microsoft Word, allowing the user to transcribe whilst still seeing important interface features such as the playback counter. 'Compact' mode can be activated to reduce the size of the application's footprint on the desktop.

Advanced audio features include pitch-less speed-up and slow- down, channel balance, variable auto back-step and instant time-jump. Pitch-less speed-up and slow-down allow the user to vary the playback-speed without introducing a 'smurf effect'. Back-stepping rewinds the recording a little when the foot-pedal is released, so the user may repeat the last part of the recording easily. In addition to transcription controls, the software includes play list management features, allowing for better workflow when working with audio files.

The software builds facilities on top of Windows Media Player to provide easy transcription using the preferred word-processing software. It has been successfully tested with Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 versions. Popular file-based formats such as WAV, MP3 and WMA are supported, as well as disk-based formats such as Red Book Audio CDs. In fact, because it is built on top of Windows Media Player, it can provide transcription facilities for just about anything that Media Player can play. This includes DVD transcription if the appropriate codec (software decoder) is installed to allow Media Player to play DVDs. Most PCs with DVD drives come with appropriate software, but if not it is inexpensive and widely available.

The software can be controlled either with on-screen controls or with an optional NEAL USB foot pedal, item 58-202. It is also complemented by the NEAL headphone amplifier, item 29-931, which overcomes poor sound-card output and allows mono recordings to be played back through both speakers / headphones.

Platform and Hardware Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. Processor: 1.4GHz. RAM: 512MB. Windows-compatible sound card, CD-ROM drive for installation. Software: Windows Media Player. The optional USB foot pedal requires a free USB port.

Audio formats supported:

Windows audio file: Windows audio file: *.wav, *.snd, *.au, *.aif, *.aifc, *.aiff, *.wma, *.mp2, *.mp3, *.adts, *.adt, *.aac, *.mp4. Disk format: Red Book Audio CDs, some DVD formats.

Licensing and support

This product is licensed for use on a single computer. Multi-user licences are available to special order. For these and technical support please contact Neal on 0191 418 1199.

Included accessories: The software CD is supplied with an instruction card.
Optional accessories: 58-202 USB foot pedal, 29-931 Headphone amplifier.

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NEAL TRANSCRIPTION PLAYER SOFTWARE CD, Single user licence, PC   Stock code: 29-210
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INFINITY USB FOOT PEDAL   Stock code: 58-202
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NEAL PC HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER A-gauge and 3.5mm, 2 channel, mono switch   Stock code: 29-931
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