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The PVD 1800 is a 'compact, broadcast quality, SDI frame synchroniser and scaler/up/down/cross (UDX) converter for professional applications in broadcast, post production, pro a/v, industrial, commercial, educational and medical environments'. It features 'multi-format support, with auto detection, of SDI formats up to 3Gbit/s as standard on BNC coaxial cable and has the capacity for an optional SFP fibre optic in/output'.

The module can be configured to auto-detect an electrical or optical input and can automatically switch between them if signal loss is detected. Input changeover can also be triggered manually or automatically (by LYNX APPolo Control or a third-party control system) using the GPI input. Any input (coaxial or fibre) is automatically routed to both coaxial and fibre outputs, provided a fibre TX (transmitter) or TR (transceiver) SFP is fitted. Video processing utilises a 'cross lock' compatible reference input with robust 'flywheel' synchronisation that will accommodate a wide variety of low-quality, asynchronous SDI sources and locks to the last provided reference signal if the external synchronisation is lost or intermittent.

The PVD 1800 includes an integrated broadcast quality Scaler/Up/Down/Cross Converter that converts between 3G, HD and SD formats. A selectable fast scale mode will deactivate the frame synchronizer and can reduce the processing delay to less than 10 lines. In addition, the converter can be automated by the incoming format description of the SDI (AFD, WSS or VI). In addition, the converter has a powerful Region of Interest (ROI) scaler that allows the user to extract a specific region of the incoming video and output this as a full format SDI output.

YelloGUI software application for Yellobriks

Many of the PVD 1800 frame synchroniser settings can be configured via DIP switches and the delay can be set using on-screen menus via the rotary / push encoder on the module. Additionally the yelloGUI software application provides graphical, on-screen setting of all parameters and enhanced information. A virtual image of the module is displayed, showing controls and status information. The internal signal-flow is displayed graphically and changes dynamically when a setting is changed. YelloGUI is available for PC or MAC OS and connection is via USB. YelloGUI can be downloaded free of charge (and run in device simulation mode without a yellobrik connected) from:

Firmware updates are always provided free of charge by Lynx Technik and can be downloaded from or by connecting the registered yellowbrik to a web connected PC or MAC and following the ‘update’ instructions.

Cross-lock and frame-rate conversion

The PVD 1800 frame synchronizer is fully 'cross-lock' compatible, meaning it can cross-lock between different standards. With a specific reference signal connected the synchronizer will drop or add frames to achieve a correctly synchronized (frame-rate converted) SDI output. During all conversions precise audio video timing is preserved and is free from 'pop and click' disturbances even when dropping or adding frames.

Note. This conversion simply drops and adds frames to achieve the desired output frame rate and will not provide the performance typical of a costly sophisticated standards converter.

Details of the conversion possibilities may be found in the Product resources.

SDI inputs: 1x 75 ohm, BNC electrical; 1x optional fibre SDI, requires SFP.
SDI Input standards: SMPTE 292M, 424M, 259M with automatic video format and standard detection; 10-bit 4:2:2 (Y,Cr,Cb); Multi-standard input. SDTV (525/625), 720p and 1080p (23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 Hz) 1080i (50/59.94/60 Hz).
Electrical return loss: Better than 15dB at 270Mbit/s, 10dB at 2.97 Gbit/s.
SDI outputs: 2x 75 ohm, BNC electrical. SMPTE 292M, 424M, 259M, 1x optional fibre output, requires SFP. Note: The SDI output follows the input format.
Timing jitter: Less than 0.2 / 1.0 / 2.0 UI at 270Mbit/s / 1.5Gbit/s / 2.97Gbit/s.
Alignment jitter: Less than 0.2 / 0.2 / 0.3 UI at 270Mbit/s / 1.5Gbit/s / 2.97Gbit/s
Cable equalisation: 270Mbit/s - up to 340m using Belden 8281; 1.485Gbit/s - Up to 150m using Belden 1694A; 2.97Gbit/s - Up to 110m using Belden 1694A.
Fiber input/output: Optional plug in SFP for optical SDI I/O, see fiber options table, SMPTE 297M - 2006
Reference input: 75 ohm BNC connector. SDTV - analogue 525 or 625 bi-level sync; HDTV - All tri-level sync standards (exceptions 1080p 50/59.94/60Hz); cross-lock compatible. SMPTE 274M, SMPTE 296M
Video delay: Up to 30 frames, manually adjustable in frame / line / pixel or millisecond increments.
GPI: RJ45 connector with 4x external GPI inputs: GPI 1 - used for electrical / optical SDI changeover; GPI 2 - used to 'freeze' the SDI output; GPI 3 and 4 - functions are user-assigned using yelloGUI application (PC or MAC).
Configuration: Mini USB type B connection used for yelloGUI PC/MAC control and firmware updates.
Power source: +12V DC; 5.5W nominal; AC adapter supplied. Supports 7 - 24V DC input range.
Dimensions: 138 x 90 x 22mm including connectors.
Weight: 230g.
Operating temperature: 5 - 40 degrees C at 90 percent humidity (non condensing).

Included accessories: All yellobrik modules are supplied with a plug-top power supply, complete with UK, US, Australian and European plug fittings, and hook and loop pads for easy attachment to a suitable surface and a USB cable where appropriate.

Optional accessories: Fibre transmitter, receiver or transceiver SFP modules may be plugged into the cage on the side of the modules, see below. Power adapter cables for 12V working, alternative power supplies and a rack-mounting frame for up to 14 yellobrik modules are available. Please see Lynx Yellobrik Power Supplies And Mounting Accessories.

Fibre SFP Modules

The transmitters provide an SDI output over fibre. The 'transceivers' can receive one SDI signal from one fibre and transmit an SDI signal over a second fibre simultaneously. The receivers enable the module to receive a fibre optic input signal.

Transmitters Connector Cable Type Wavelength TX Power Distance (1)
OH-TX-1-LC LC Singlemode 1310nm -5dBm 10km
OH-TX-1-SC SC Singlemode 1310nm -5dBm 10km
OH-TX-1-ST ST Singlemode 1310nm -5dBm 10km
Transceivers Connector Cable Type Wavelength (TX) TX Power RX Sensitivity Distance (1)
OH-TR-1 LC Singlemode 1310nm -5dBm -19dBm, 1260-1620nm 10km
Receivers Connector Cable Type Wavelength RX Sensitivity    
OH-RX-1-LC LC Singlemode 1260-1620nm -16dBm    
OH-RX-1-Y-SC SC Singlemode 1260-1620nm -16dBm    
OH-RX-1-Y-ST ST Singlemode 1260-1620nm -16dBm    
OH-RX-0-850-MM LC Multimode 780-880nm -15dBm    

Note (1): Maximum at 3Gbit/s.

In addition to those listed above, a range of CWDM fibre SFP modules may also be fitted where multiplexing or transmission distances up to 40km or 80km are required, please contact Technical Support for further information.

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LYNX YELLOBRIK OH-TX-1-LC FIBRE OPTIC SFP MODULE Transmitter, 10km, SM, 1310nm, LC   Stock code: 90-3121
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LYNX YELLOBRIK OH-TX-1-SC FIBRE OPTIC SFP MODULE Transmitter, 10km, SM, 1310nm, SC   Stock code: 90-3122
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LYNX YELLOBRIK OH-RX-0-MM FIBRE OPTIC SFP MODULE Receiver, 300m, MM, 850nm, LC   Stock code: 90-3129
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