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Gov 9 is designed for 'governmental organisations that need to efficiently record and manage meeting information'. Features include multi-channel recording, maintenance of recorded archives, and a free transcriber program for multiple departments to use for review and transcription. Offering digital recording, this is software for use on a Windows PC or laptop, to provide an 'easy to use' multi-channel audio recorder for meetings, briefings and non-evidential interviews. The software is supplied on a CD and with the supplied USB key can be used as a 'floating' solution for use on any computer or locked to a particular computer. The Government 9 recorder removes the need for note taking and prevents any disputes as to what has been said in larger meetings, conferences and courtrooms.

The unobtrusive microphone supplied is omni directional and is 'ideal where a group of people are present'. Up to 12 microphones may be recorded simultaneously using a suitable additional hardware interface.

High quality digital recording ensures maximum clarity; there are options to set the level of quality required. Audio recordings are saved automatically to prevent accidental erasure. Recordings of meetings may be shared; they can be 'burned' to disk to provide a copy or e-mailed or uploaded.

Gov 9 also offers automated backup and file sealing. Files are automatically copied to a back-up location on the local network while recording and automatically validated to ensure reliable storage. They are digitally signed automatically while recording, creating a 'File Seal'. The file seals are validated to prevent tampering. Files can be recorded and archived to a network location.

Easy to use controls for 'Record', 'Stop', 'Play' and 'Pause' are provided on screen; an adjustable slider provides control of recording level. A tri-coloured level meter shows recording level and low recording level is detected automatically. The recorded audio may be monitored via the level meter and headphones during recording. Up to 24 markers per recording may be added simply during recording; they may be deleted when no longer required. Agenda notes may also be added. The duration of recording is shown on-screen; the date and time of the recording is added automatically added to the file.

A 'Transcriber' program is included, for multiple departments to use for review and transcription. The software can play back dual-channel and multi-channel recordings; channels may be selected during playback and toggled, with toggle using a foot pedal. Playback speed may be changed without changing the pitch of the voice. A 'virtual' foot pedal may be simulated using keystrokes. The 'Voice boost' facility offers separate control over a noise gate, volume, rumble filter, mid filter and high filter.

Minimum PC requirements: Windows 7 or newer. PC or laptop with i3, i5 or i7 processor or equivalent (note multi-channel recording requires verification of DPC latency performance). Processor:1.5GHz or faster. Hard disk space: 5MB for program, 158MB per hour (variable) for audio recording. Microphone input: 3.5mm jack plug. Standard internal sound card (with MMe or WDM drivers) or Windows compatible USB audio device or external audio interface.

Included accessories: USB key, microphone with jack plug suitable for use with most PCs and laptops. Instructions.
Optional accessories: Dual Omni-directional USB microphones.

Alternative product - Meeting 9

This is very similar to the Gov 9 version, but has a reduced feature set, lacking multi-channel recording and other advanced features, as in the table below. See SONICLEAR RECORDING SYSTEMS - Meeting 9.

Comparison chart:

Features Meeting 9 Gov 9
Digital recording: Yes Yes
Transcription playback: Yes Yes
Take notes while recording: Yes Yes
Share recordings on CD: Yes Yes
Share recordings on network drive: Yes
Multi-channel recording: Yes
Free transcription software: Yes
Webcast recordings on demand: Yes
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SONICLEAR GR9FL1 Government 9 Recording System   Stock code: 29-8020
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SONICLEAR SC10D Dual USB Omni-directional microphones   Stock code: 29-8012
This item is discontinued. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.