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Klark Teknik has a reputation for providing signal processing equipment of the highest quality. The company's innovative electronic designs, sophisticated production techniques and stringent quality control ensure products of outstanding sonic quality and reliability. The products have a strong following in sound reinforcement, broadcast, recording and post production studios and permanent installations.

DN530 Creative Quad Gate

Four high quality gates in 1U of rack space, for use as noise and spill gates or for creative gating of percussive sources (such as drums, percussion or even acoustic guitars), via the 'accent' control that accentuates the initial transient that opens the gate by adding an overshoot characteristic with up to +12 dB of gain as the gate opens. Each gate side chain has a band pass filter and can be fed from an external source.

DN540 Creative Quad Compressor

The DN540 offers a full function four channel compressor in 1U of rack space, for critical dynamic control, with manual or auto (RMS) sensing, 'soft' or 'hard' knee compression, 'Dynamic Enhancement' to reduce the compression ratio on critical harmonic content and each channel also has full LED status displays. Additional features include gain reduction meters, 2,3 or 4 channel link function, as well as attenuation, output or input (switchable) level meters.

DN9848E Loudspeaker Processor

A complete four input eight output loudspeaker processor in 1U of rack space. All inputs and outputs are on balanced XLR connectors and can be freely configured; from a 4 way FOH system to four bi amped channels and anything in between. The front panel includes individual input and output level meters and front panel control is very simple and intuitive, with PC remote control and programming access available via free proprietary software, which now includes the ability to link with SMAART analysis software for optimum configuration. Available processing includes 96 parametric EQ filters, 12 delay lines, 16 all pass filters, 12 full function compressors and 8 look ahead limiters, plus all standard crossover filters in up to 48dB / octave slopes. Audio inputs are analogue and AES/EBU digital, outputs are analogue with enough signal processing inside for all the functions to be used simultaneously.

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KLARK TEKNIK DN530 CREATIVE QUAD NOISE GATE 4 channel, 1U rackmount   Stock code:
This item is discontinued. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
KLARK TEKNIK DN540 CREATIVE QUAD COMPRESSOR 4 channel, 1U rackmount   Stock code:
This item is discontinued. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.
KLARK TEKNIK DN9848E LOUDSPEAKER PROCESSOR 4x input, 8x output, 1U rackmount   Stock code:
No longer manufactured. Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer an alternative.