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Klark Teknik has a reputation for providing signal processing equipment of the highest quality. The company's innovative electronic designs, sophisticated production techniques and stringent quality control ensure products of outstanding sonic quality and reliability. The products have a strong following in sound reinforcement, broadcast, recording and post production studios and permanent installations.


This audio processor has been designed for installation into boardroom, council chambers, courtrooms to provide eight channels of AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), as well as a range of DSP such as EQ, filters, delays, routing, feedback suppression, and auto-mixing. The factory preset library processing modules can be controlled externally from a Windows based PC using Klark Teknik’s software up to a distance of 100m via CAT 5e cable. The option for 3rd party control is provided via RS232 and GPIO ports. An Ethernet connection gives the option of connecting multiple DM8000s to a single network for multiple rooms or zones that exceed a DM8000’s six output channels.

The front facing panel of the unit has visual indications of the unit’s status, including and ‘I/O’ LED that illuminates green for ‘OK’ and red when an error is detected on the RS232 and GPIO ports. A ‘COM’ LED indicates the connection of the Ethernet port with green indicating ‘OK’ and red for error. A third LED illuminates when the overall system status is ‘OK’ (green) or if an error has been detected (red). A further backlit LED logo illuminates blue when the switch mode type power supply senses a voltage of 100-240V AC and automatically turns on.

The rear of the unit has all input and output connectivity along with mains IEC connection. From left to right – a single RJ45 Ethernet connection is followed by two RJ45 connections for Ultranet in/out. A type B USB port allows the user to stream two channels of digital audio to and from a compatible PC or Mac, whilst RS232 and 6 channels of GPIO have type-specific connectors. The six balanced analogue audio output channels are via 3-pin Euroblock connectors, and the ten audio inputs which offer +48V phantom power, eight of which also have AEC, are also via balanced 3-pin Euroblock connectors.

Analogue inputs: 10, electronically balanced. Impedance: 10kohm. Maximum input: +24dBu. Gain range: 0 to +66dB. Phantom power: +48V. Analogue outputs: 6, electronically balanced. Impedance: 100ohm. Maximum output level: -31dBu to +24dBu, configurable in six steps. Consumption: 48W. Dimensions: 49 x 483 x 300 (HxWxD)mm. Weight: 3.9kg.


DM80-Dante expansion module allows the user to replace the factory installed DM80-ULTRANET board and give Dante compatible protocol connectivity. Along with the two RJ45 Dante connections, this expansion board has a single RJ45 connection for Ultranet connection, and a single RJ45 connection for Ethernet connection – giving a total of 16 x 32 channels.


This expansion module allows the user to expand the DM8000 to a total of 16 x 16 channels of networked audio.

Ordering note: As standard the DM8000 is shipped with a DM80-ULTRANET module installed.


The Klark Teknik DM8008 is a 1U rackmount output processor with Ultranet connectivity. Designed for the distribution of audio in hotels, houses of worship, casinos, airports and train stations, up to seven DM8008s can be linked in series via an Ultranet cable up to 75m in length, to offer 8 x 8 analogue audio outputs. 24-bit D/A (digital to analogue) convertors using a 48kHz sample rate process the audio with a latency of less than 0.5ms.

The front facing panel has a status LED that illuminates green when ‘OK’ or red when an error is sensed. A blue logo illuminates to signify mains power is being sensed and that the power is on. The power is switch mode in type and automatically turns on when a mains voltage of 100-240V AC is sensed. The rear facing panel has all I/O connectivity, with two RJ45 connections for Ultranet in and out, and 8x 3-pin balanced Euroblock connectors for the eight analogue audio output channels. Mains 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz input is via IEC connection.

Analogue audio channels: 8. Output impedance: 100ohms, balanced. Ultranet channels: 16, in; 16, out. Sampling rate: 48kHz. Latency: less than 0.5ms. Cable type required: CAT 5e, TIA/EIA 568B. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-4dB. Distortion: less than 0.004%. Dynamic range: over 110dB. D/A conversion: Multi-bit Sigma-Delta. Consumption: 12W. Dimensions: 49 x 483 x 165 (HxWxD)mm. Weight: 2.0Kg


This control unit has been designed to be mounted into a single-gang wall back box, and allows the user to select from six sources using press-buttons, and adjust the volume using a single rotary control.

Installation note: The fixing screws for the CP8000EU are top and bottom, therefore a suitable wall box is required. Please reference the Quickstart guide for more information.

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KLARK TEKNIK DM8000 AUDIO PROCESSOR Digital, acoustic echo cancelling, auto mixer, 10x in, 6x out   Stock code: 93-8602
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KLARK TEKNIK DM80-DANTE EXPANSION MODULE 16x 32 channel, for DM8000   Stock code: 93-8603
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KLARK TEKNIK DM80-ULTRANET EXPANSION MODULE 16x 16 channel, for DM8000   Stock code: 93-8604
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KLARK TEKNIK DM8008 OUTPUT BOX INTERFACE 8-channel, 24bit D/A convertors, Ultranet I/O, analogue out   Stock code: 93-8605
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KLARK TEKNIK CP8000EU REMOTE CONTROL For DM8000, volume control, 6x source selection, white White Stock code: 93-8606
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