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Klark Teknik has a reputation for providing signal processing equipment of the highest quality. The company's innovative electronic designs, sophisticated production techniques and stringent quality control ensure products of outstanding sonic quality and reliability. The products have a strong following in sound reinforcement, broadcast, recording and post production studios and permanent installations.

This group of products are manufactured from steel and designed to convert differing signal types including AES, USB, Dante, Ethernet and VNET to interface with Tannoy QFlex speakers.


This interface has been designed to connect a Windows PC with VNET software to a VNET loudspeaker network such as the Tannoy QFlex. The Ethernet connection along with VNET input and link are via RJ45 connections. Power can be provided on PoE or via the optional VNET INTERFACE POWER SUPPLY. The interface can be positioned on a desktop, or installed into the optional VNET INTERFACE RACK MOUNT to enable mounting in 1U space or rack.


VNET2-Dante Bridge is designed to enable compatibility between VNET2 products, such as Tannoy QFlex, and Dante enabled digital audio networks. The interface can be used to bridge Dante audio to AES3 with VNET control, Dante audio to analogue audio with VNET control, or as a Dante break-out box. The front facing panel has green LED power indicators for EXT, when used with the optional VNET INTERFACE POWER SUPPLY, and PoE when powered via compatible equipment. A red LED indicates VNET data present, whilst Dante sync and data are represented by yellow and red LEDs respectively. The rear facing panel has two 3-pin XLR analogue audio outputs along with RJ45 connections for Dante and VNET. A single 3.5mm jack connection allows external powering.

Dimensions: 43 x 116 x 116 (HxWxD)mm. Weight: 0.6kg


VNET2-AES interface is designed to give a break-in into the VNET network from an AES3 source. Two channels of digital audio can be transported via a single AES3 stream on Cat5 cable up to 600m. Multiple VNET2-AES units can be used within a single network to create separate zones.

The front facing panel of the unit has a single LED that illuminates green to illustrate power. The rear of the unit has a single 3-pin XLR for AES3 input, and three locking Neutrik EtherCON connections for VNET connections. These three inputs include one ‘VNET IN’ for daisy-chaining from another VNET2 device, a ‘NET LINK’ connection to take a link of the input signal, and a ‘NET OUT’ that outputs a copy of the network control data. Power is taken from the VNET input. The VNET INTERFACE POWER SUPPLY is not compatible with this unit.

Dimensions: 45 x 117 x 121 (HxWxD)mm. Weight: 0.5kg


This device has been designed to connect a computer with USB or RS232 output to a VNET network interface or device such as the Tannoy QFlex loudspeakers. The front facing panel of the interface has two green LEDs that indicate external or network power supply present, a yellow LED to indicate USB connection active, and two LEDs to signify VNET data and transmission (TX) – using green and red LEDs respectively. The rear facing panel hosts all I/O connectivity including USB type B connection, 9-pin serial connection, and single RJ45/Neutrik EtherCON connection for VNET link. Power can be taken from a connected VNET INTERFACE POWER SUPPLY via 3.5mm jack connection, or via PoE. Compatible with VNET INTERFACE RACK MOUNT.

Dimensions: 43 x 115 x 115 (HxWxD)mm. Weight: 0.5kg


This power supply can be used to power up to two VNET accessories or interfaces via 3.5mm jack to jack cables.


This rack mounting hardware allows the user to mount up to three VNET interfaces, usually two interfaces and a single VNET INTERFACE POWER SUPPLY, within a 1U rack space. The hardware is provided with blanking sheets which require removal before mounting of the modules via includes screws.

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KLARK TEKNIK VNET ETHERNET INTERFACE Ethernet to VNET converter   Stock code:
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KLARK TEKNIK VNET2-DANTE BRIDGE INTERFACE Dante to VNET converter, 2x analogue audio output   Stock code:
Ordered on demand, cancellations may incur charges.
Ordered on demand.
KLARK TEKNIK VNET USB/RS232 INTERFACE For Tannoy Qflex loudspeakers   Stock code:
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KLARK TEKNIK VNET INTERFACE POWER SUPPLY For up to 2x VNET interfaces   Stock code:
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KLARK TEKNIK VNET INTERFACE RACK MOUNT For up to 3x VNET interfaces, 1U   Stock code:
Ordered on demand.