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16 August 2022
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Designed for installation in commercial properties including restaurant, conference, shop, or transport station, LD Systems IMA mixer amplifiers offer a 'visually discrete design' whilst being 'flexible and versatile' in their functionality.

A pre-amp version of the IMA 30 and IMA 60, without the amplification stage is available in the way of LD System PRE ST 1, see LD SYSTEMS PREAMPLIFIERS

IMA 30 - 35W, 70/100V/4ohms

IMA 30 is a 35watt mixer amplifier that has a 4ohm low-impedance output along with option to switch to 70V or 100V line output. An array of audio inputs, including Bluetooth for wireless connection, allows the user to connect multiple microphones or playback options. Four priority levels are included to allow the management of playback during emergency or priority announcement, and an automatic standby mode can be employed to reduce power consumption in period whereby no audio is required.

In total there are 2x microphone/line level inputs, 1x balanced line emergency input, 1x Bluetooth wireless audio input, 1x line output, and 1x amplified output.

The front facing panel houses controls and visual identification of signal/clipping including rotary controls for channel 1 and channel 2 inputs, and a rotary controller for the music input. Each controller has associated 'signal' and 'clip' LEDs so that the input level can be identified and adjusted accordingly. A touch sensitive control button enables the selection of music source, whilst a second touch sensitive button allows Bluetooth pairing. A large rotary controller allows the adjustment of the summed signal of all channels with the exception of the emergency channel - which bypasses the master volume control and routes directly to the amplification stage and speaker output. A LED ring around the main output controller illuminated white when a signal is present, yellow when the internal limiter is activated, and red when protection mode is activated - normally due to a technical problem such as short circuit in speaker cable. Priority and Emergency LEDs illuminate yellow when either is active. Finally, a power button and associated LED allow identification of power on. This LED illuminates white when turned on, and red when in standby mode. The time to auto-standby is 20 seconds.

The rear facing panel of houses all input and output connectivity. An emergency input is by way of 5-pin terminal block input and has associated gain and 'Vox' control to set up the threshold for the emergency trigger. Pins '+', '-', and 'G' form the balanced input whilst pins 'C' and '+' are for a separate mute switch connection. Mic/line channel one is by way of 5-pin terminal block or combo jack/3-pin XLR connection. Associated buttons allow the selection of phantom power on/off and mic/line level switching. A rotary controller allows the adjustment of the 2 second, 12-bit chime level, and a 'Vox' control allows the setting of audio threshold for the channel 1 input. Mic/line channel two has dual RCA (phono) input connections along with 3-pin terminal block. Associated phantom power on/off and mic/line input level switches are positioned between the input connection types. The music channel has two dual RCA (phono) inputs, designed to input two separate music sources - albeit only one can be selected at any time via the selection switch on the front facing panel. Standby mode can be activated via a switch. A 3-pin terminal block allows auxiliary output for either music or full mix. A 5-pin terminal block output connector allows connection to low impedance or 70/100V line, with a switch determining which is selected. Bass and treble controls allow adjustment of +/-10dB at 100Hz and +/-10dB at 10kHz.

Operating voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz. Power consumption: 70watts, maximum; 7watts, idle. Dimensions (WxDxH): 210 x 266.76 x 96.5mm, including rubber feet. Weight: 2.39kg.

IMA 60 - 65W, 70/100V/4ohms

IMA 60 has all the features and audio specification of IMA 30, however with a 65watt amplification section it is able to cater for larger venues.


A rack or under-table mounting kit for IMA 30 or IMA 60 amplifier. The 1.5-2mm steel manufactured kit allows the user to mount a single IMA device in a 2U high, 19-inch rackmount space; a single IMA device under a table top, shelf or counter; or two IMA devices together in a 2U high, 19-inch rackmount space. Weight: 0.58kg.

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LD SYSTEMS IMA 30 MIXER AMPLIFIER 35W, 70/100V/4ohms, 2x mic/line, 2x stereo in, 1x emergency input Stock code: 93-0962
Ordered on demand, available in 1‑2 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
LD SYSTEMS IMA 60 MIXER AMPLIFIER 65W, 70/100V/4ohms, 2x mic/line, 2x stereo in, 1x emergency input Stock code: 93-0963
Ordered on demand, available in 1‑2 weeks. Need it sooner? Call us
LD SYSTEMS IMA RK MOUNTING KIT For IMA 30/IMA 60 Stock code: 93-0969
No longer manufactured. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives.