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Microgen are manufacturers of FM Broadcast monitoring equipment, providing FM modulation analysers, AF spectrum analysers and RDS decoders for radio broadcasters around the world. The FME100 series are the latest models to be available, replacing previous designs.

These are highly technical specialist devices, and Microgen are extremely proactive in updating their products. Consequently, a brief overview is offered here. The latest developments are posted at, on the home page at the time of writing, where the latest specification may be found, a highly recommended read before purchase.


The FME120 FM Modulation and AF Spectrum Analyser, has been designed for precision monitoring of FM Radio Broadcasts. Connected to a standard Windows PC, via the USB port, the user-friendly interface displays comprehensive modulation data, for live 'off-air' analysis.

It has twin A to D converters, one 16-bit, sampling the base band signal, and a dedicated 12-bit converter for measuring the multi-path distortion.

With an advanced ultra linear demodulator, containing dual feedback loops, it maintains accuracy over time and temperature, by comparing deviation amplitude and phase to a 20ppm voltage reference band-gap diode. This effectively 'provides a calibration-free instrument'. The demodulator itself is 'virtually distortion-less', leaving only the IF filter response to determine the demodulation.

The supplied application, iLog, now Windows 10 (Build 1709) compatible, provides full GPS support with Mark 4 high performance SiRFstarIV GPS magnetic receiver modules.

The iLog GPS mapping software, records FM measurements to a standard ACII text file. These files can then be converted to Google Earth compatible .kml files. Various user options can be selected in how to display the recorded data on the Google map.


This is as the FME120, but includes a Mark 4 SiRFstarlV USB GPS magnetic receiver.

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