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The MuxLab 500756 - 3G-SDI Extender over IP with RS232 consists of a transmitter and a receiver as well as an IR emitter and IR sensor for remote control applications.It offers 'easy extension and distribution of broadcast quality SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI video with embedded audio over local area networks'. It may also be used in point-to-point mode, without a network switch.

The 'low-latency and versatile extender kit consists of individual transmitter and receiver units which can be configured in a variety of combinations, as a cost-effective alternative to a dedicated SDI matrix switch'. The kit 'is ideal for many quality critical video/audio applications such as original video source contribution, live video delivery around the broadcast facility or running media exchanges between different studios within the facility'. Both transmitter and receiver are offered separately, for use in multi-point environments.

Used as a point-to-point link, without a network switch, the kit will provide transmission of 3G SDI video over a length of up to 120 metres of Cat5E or Cat6 cable.

When used with a network switch, point to multipoint, and multipoint to multipoint becomes possible by connecting several transmitters and receivers to the same network, up to hundreds of transmitters and receivers, depending on network traffic. This requires that the switch has gigabit ports, DHCP server capability, and IGMP communications protocol. MuxLab recommends using the Cisco SG300 Series managed switches.The 500756-TX transmitter and 500756-RX receiver also support PoE. Although the 500756 uses normal Ethernet technology, and technically could be used in a network with other traffic, Muxlab do not recommend this, due to the throughput of traffic generated by the extender.

Both the transmitter and receiver have LEDs for 'Link' and 'Power' on the front panel, as well as four miniature (DIP) switches for setting the address of the device. On the rear they have a female BNC for the video connection, a 3.5mm jack socket for on IR emitter or IR detector, a socket for power and an RJ45 connector for the network connection. A 9-pin D-sub connector provides the RS232 connection in each case, with a male version on the receiver and female on the transmitter.

Signals supported: SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI protocol, IR pass-through and RS232 bi-directional communication. Note that 3G-SDI level B is not fully supported. Embedded audio support. Bandwidth: 2.97Gb/s.
Maximum reach: As mentioned above, when used point-to-point, the video can be extended up to 120 metres. When used with a network switch, maximum reach is set by the design of the network. If it is a Cat5E wired network, then each segment of cable can be up to 100 metres, so a simple network with a single switch has a maximum reach of 200 metres, if the switch can be placed exactly in the middle. The introduction of extra switches and perhaps fibre cabling will increase the available extension.
Dimensions: 112 x 76 x 25mm, each unit. Weight; 0.5kg. Operating temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C. Power source: Both units may be powered by power over Ethernet where available, or 5V DC from two AC adapters. Power drawn: 2.9W transmitter, 1.8W receiver.

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MUXLAB 500756 VIDEO EXTENDER KIT 3G-SDI over IP, POE, RS232, 120m reach point to point   Stock code:
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MUXLAB 500756-RX VIDEO EXTENDER RECEIVER 3G-SDI over IP, POE, RS232, 120m reach point to point   Stock code:
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MUXLAB 500756-TX VIDEO EXTENDER TRANSMITTER 3G-SDI over IP, POE, RS232, 120m reach point to point   Stock code:
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