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NEUTRIK OPTICAMSWITCH - NOCS-WL-X4-1310 fibre and power camera switch

The opticamSWITCH allows 8x4 routing of both fibre optic and power for cameras within broadcast studios, outside broadcast vehicles and location facilities. The unit accommodates 8 camera inputs and offers 4 cross-point outputs. It eliminates the need for high cost and bulky matrix patch fields using SMPTE patch cables. Units may be combined to offer switching of 'unlimited' camera positions, possibly across several studios or locations and control rooms. In addition to sealed front panel routing switches the supplied LAN-based remote control software shows switching and reports camera status and may be integrated into existing broadcast production automation systems to allow real-time control of complex wiring structures.

Based on state of the art, silica-based PLC (planar lightwave circuits) equipped with TO (thermo optic) switches, the innovative and patent pending design guarantees rugged and safe parallel switching of both camera fibre and power circuits, with no moving parts. By avoiding the need to expose and reconnect fibre faces and power conductors during patching, the opticamSWITCH eliminates mechanical wear, costly maintenance, and possible mechanical failure. Simultaneous instant power switching avoids camera power-down and re-boot delays. When switched off the opticamSwitch saves the router settings which are restored on reboot, a valuable feature when preconfiguring outside broadcast events.

Fibre connections are via standard LC duplex fibre connectors and Wieland terminals for camera power up to 400V DC/240V AC.

Units are powered by 12V DC universal plug top power adaptor connected via a rear mounted XLR4. An auxiliary 12V redundant power supply inlet socket and earth terminal are also rear mounted. A universal plug top power supply fitted with the appropriate DC connector is separately available for both of these roles. This may be combined with a 'daisy chain' connection loom so the redundant supply can be shared across multiple units. LAN connection is via Neutrik etherCON socket which will also accept a standard RJ45 cat5e patch cord.


Fitted with 8 inputs and 4 outputs via LC duplex connectors for 9/125 SM 1310nm fibre, plus 4 inputs (from CCU) and 8 outputs (to camera) via Wieland connectors for 400V DC power and sensor connection. The mating Wieland cable type connectors are GST15i5S S1 ZW1V WS male and GST15i5S B1 ZW1V WS female, available to special order.

Operating wavelength 1310nm SM
Fibre compatibility 9/125um SM PC (LC duplex)
Maximum insertion loss 3dB
Maximum insertion loss uniformity 1dB
Maximum return loss 45dB
Switched maximum voltage 400VDC (240VAC)
Switched maximum current 3A
Sensor maximum voltage 50V DC
Sensor maximum current 0.2A
Software status refresh 1/s
Ambient operating temperature 0 to 40 Deg C

Included accessories: Universal 100-240V UK/EURO/US connection DC power adapter.
Optional accessories: Redundant Universal 100-240V UK/EURO/US connection DC power adapter. Wieland power connectors.

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NEUTRIK NOCS-WL-8x4-1310 OPTICAMSWITCH Wieland/LC FO connection   Stock code: 46-4072
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